Treatment in Israel

Treatment in Israel has become a kind of brand, has established itself as a high quality and high performance. However, it should take into account that self-treatment at any medical institution in Israel will not provide 100% the volume and quality of medical care, which had been counted and in which the person needs.

So before you go to Israel for treatment, it is necessary in the country to assess the medical problem, figure out which specialist and a medical institution are the most optimal quality and price. To help in this matter experts will be our center, have extensive professional contacts.

Medical service (International medical service) set up perfectly organized system of selection of the best doctors and hospitals in the country and the organization of their health services.

A few facts about the center

  1. In the market of medical tourism, we are working since 2004.
  2. We cooperate on a contractual basis with 7 clinics in Israel - Assuta, Ichilov, Rabin Center, Asaf ha Rofé, Herzliya Medical Center, out by Shiba, Ramat Aviv.
  3. It will be held at the Israel Association of medical tourism companies. CEO of service - Evgeniy Vasiliev - is part of the board of the Association's office.


Special features center and customer benefits

Competence of our company - is the knowledge of the Israeli Health specifics and extensive professional network.

What is the benefit to the customer?

  1. His medical problem adequately evaluated immediately give a positive or negative response (not in all cases it is possible to provide assistance).
  2. Taking into account all the factors are taken as closely as possible a highly professional doctor and clinic. We also offer an opportunity to consult with another specialist - a "second opinion."

Speed ​​of action - pre-treatment and the availability of professional contacts significantly reduce the time spent in Israel.

What is the advantage for the customer? As soon as possible made the organization of diagnosis and treatment process. For example, cancer screening with our company will take 3-4 days, when the self-handling - 2-3 - weeks. In the case of force majeure connected all the possibilities of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures - can be employed the services of several hospitals.

Ethics and responsibility. In our work we follow the standards of the Ministry of Health of the country. Tlv.Hospital Center is a member of the Israel Association of medical tourism companies.

That it gives the customer? We are conscientious about their duties, worked out follow generally accepted standards and are accountable for the quality of work.

Cost optimization - no unnecessary expenses of the client.

It can be long waiting and the need to stay in Israel (approximate cost $ 100-300 per day), the presence of additional procedures for self-treatment in a public hospital. Transportation services at our company is cheaper than using a taxi and transportation services provided by the international departments of hospitals.

Special comfortable stay in Israel.

Our center is guide for foreign patients in the Israeli health system. While being treated in Israel, you will be under the care and protection of our organization. Center coordinators are "in touch" 24 hours a day and are always ready to provide support. Apart from organizational issues, service professionals help in dealing with all the complexities of household, according to the patient's request is possible to organize a variety of recreation programs and to provide VIP-service.

Several hundred customers have already benefited from our services on the organization of treatment in Israel, to regain health, even in the most difficult situations. Among them are ordinary people and famous people, athletes, artists and cultural entrepreneurs. You can follow their example!

Detailed steps on the diagnosis and treatment organization in Israel

  1. Your treatment will take one of the experts of the center.
  2. Program will be medical doctor and head of the Center / Professor profile branch of an existing health problem.
  3. Response to the appeal was received within the period from 1 hour to 48 hours.
  4. You will receive specific medical program of the visit with a list of activities, duration and cost.
  5. diagnosis and treatment programs in Israel will take place in a uniquely short time, as is done preliminary planning.
  6. Your doctor will be one of the leading physicians in Israel, the head of the department / professor, a summary of which will be sent in advance.
  7. For diagnosis and treatment will be used the best equipment and the Israeli medical technology, as parallel to the treatment process involved the possibility of several clinics.
  8. Throughout the period of diagnosis and treatment in the patient's medical supervisor accompanies Israel, wielding Russian, Hebrew and English.
  9. Additional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are organized as soon as possible.
  10. Upon completion of the treatment program in Israel for two weeks provided translations of medical documents.
  11. After the departure of the patient from the country is maintained communication with the center of the curator: when you want to send medicines, provided the recommendations of the attending physician, the analysis of follow-up examinations.
  12. Tlv.Hospital center provides full service in the course of treatment in Israel, from the plane to be sent to the airport, including all organizational issues, domestic, recreation program.
  13. The cost of the same procedures in different health care settings may differ 2-3-4 times. Our company will choose the clinic with the lowest price. Having a direct contract with the hospital administration and doctors, instead of international departments, center is able to compete with the price offers of any medical institution of the country.
  14. diagnosis and treatment programs in Israel paid in the course of implementation of measures in accordance with the specified value.
  15. Each patient center surrounded by a warm family atmosphere, attention and care. Experts of the company interested in the success of treatment that maintains a high reputation for the center.

Thanks to competent and responsible approach to each client, the focal point positioned in the organization of treatment in Israel as a reliable and proven company that is trustworthy patients.

Treatment in Israel - facts and a bit of history

Israel's health

Health care in Israel is laid in the thirties in Palestine doctors immigrant from Germany. With the formation of the state in the clinics of the country was adopted by the American School of evidence-based medicine.

quality of collateral accepted in Western countries, it is a system of evidence-based medicine, globalization and scientific developments. Thanks to her, there are common algorithms and treatment standards, which are based on statistical information across the globe.

That is, referring to a doctor in Israel, America or Germany, people actually receive the same diagnosis and treatment. The same tests, medical equipment, therapies and outcome.

In 2012, the Israeli health care system checked OECD Organization (OECD), which includes in its membership all the developed countries of the world. It was noted in the final report that the Israeli health care system is the most successful over the past 15 years.

Separately were marked by achievements in the following areas:

  • in the early diagnosis of diseases;
  • oncology;
  • in cardiology;
  • in the treatment of infertility;
  • in patient care;
  • an integrated and effective approach to treatment.

These achievements are attributed to a number of factors:

  • with intellectual potential;
  • with the generous funding of Medicine;
  • with high requirements for obtaining medical education;
  • with further internship doctors in the best medical centers in the world;
  • with the leadership of the world's medical protocols and the United States technology;
  • with the active use of innovation.

Financing Israel's medicine

The financing program of medicine in Israel is carried out through a variety of channels: the government (state) budget, tax receipts - insurance premiums in the health insurance companies (the parallel tax), donations from non-governmental organizations and individuals in Israel and abroad.

Israeli doctors: the level of education and monitoring activities

Israeli medicineGet medical profession in Israel is very complex. In the state of 4 educational institutions that teach medicine. Requirements for admission are some of the highest standards in the world. At one place claimed by more than 700 people.

Education at the University lasts for 7 years, then training for several years, and the exam for licensed general practitioner. For specialization in any field requires additional education and training for 5 years, after an examination on a specialist. That is, the training period is not less than 16 years.

Israeli doctors every few years to go internship abroad. On average, three times a year, they attend conferences and workshops, participating in the globalization process and the exchange of knowledge.

Every week there is a refresher course for physicians dedicated to the innovative treatment techniques and discoveries.

Public health centers in the country regularly conduct the certification of doctors. It aims to establish a level of competence and the degree of awareness of medical innovation.

Any doctor in Israel in the event of negligence or medical malpractice is criminally responsible.

In addition, the importance of acquiring such factors as the size of the country. Israel - a small country, where there is virtually no room for dishonesty and abuse. Correct ruffled reputation seems to be very difficult. Tight control almost become a tradition in the country.

Medical equipment in Israel

Israel is engaged in the development and supply to the world market of high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic equipment: Medical mikrovideokamer, tomographic and magnetic resonance computer systems, ultrasound scanners, surgical lasers.

Therapeutic institutions in the country has the best medical equipment.

Israeli medicine - pharmaceutical industry

In the top 20 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world includes the Israeli company "Teva» (Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd). It is a manufacturer of generic drugs (drugs developed by other companies with expired patent) medicines and proprietary active pharmaceutical ingredients are used to produce ten thousand medicines.

The cost of treatment in Israel for foreign patients

The cost of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in Israel for foreign nationals to 50% lower compared with the United States, 30% lower than in Europe. In general, it is a key factor when choosing a treatment in Israel.

Israel Medical institutions provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of many diseases in the fields of medicine such as: