Tlv.Hospital ( «U-nims» - U. International medical service) - Coordination Center (medical service) - a link between the patient and the doctor. We are a team of professionals in the field of medical tourism in Israel, "the tourist ambulance!"

Our mission

Our goal - to bring the maximum benefit to help a person regain health, find a cure or at least alleviate the disease. We provide high-quality services, which provide the most effective diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of our clients, bringing together medical and tourism professionals.


Tlv.Hospital Center has an excellent selection of well-functioning system, the best doctors, hospitals in Israel and the organization of health services from them, we have extensive professional contacts. In turn, the patient can choose the doctor, in its sole discretion.

At the stage of making a decision, our experts are assessing the medical problems, figuring out whether to help (unfortunately, this is not always possible), so as not to be misleading. After that find the most optimal price and quality medical services and hospital. As a result, the patient receives 100% the quality and quantity of health care, for which it counts. Treatment in Israel with the help of center takes place in the shortest possible time, the best specialists in the most comfortable conditions.

On the medical tourism market we are working since 2004. Number of customers amounts to several thousand.

«Tlv.Hospital» Medical Service is the Israel Association of Medical Tourism Companies ( Director General of the service - Yevgeny Vasilyev is a member of the office of the Association.

Our center operates under the Ministry of Health standards of the country and the Association of Physicians of Israel, we comply with all ethical standards and are accountable for the results and the quality of diagnosis and treatment organization.

KC cooperates on a contractual basis with the leading medical institutions in the country:

  1. Assuta - clinic premium, a private network of medical centers.
  2. Ichilov (Sourasky) - State, multidisciplinary hospital.

Our organization is also working (on contract basis) with the medical institutions of Israel, such as:

  • Hospital Asaf ha Rofé;
  • Rabin Center;
  • Clinic Ramat Aviv;
  • Herzliya Medical Center;
  • Hospital name Haiba Sheba.

On request, we provide services of any doctor in Israel.

As a private health provider, we are not tied to any specialist or clinic, in a better position when choosing a doctor and a medical center in the top corner put above all the interests of the patient - it is our advantage.

Further important this moment. Public and private hospitals in Israel have departments of medical tourism. If the patient is directly drawn there for treatment, in case of any misunderstanding, disagreement, physician errors international departments will be on the side of the institution, because it is his own department and the staff. You can learn more about medical tourism especially in Israel, about the treatment of discountshere .

In Russia our partner is a private clinic in Moscow of "Medicine".

The list of services focal point

israeli visa

The service is available to citizens of the following countries: Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Note that citizens of Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia and Latvia, there is no need to design an Israeli visa for medical treatment in Israel.

finding housing

Organization of the future place of residence is discussed with the client prior to arrival. We select the best housing option, according to the needs and financial situation. This can be a room in an expensive hotel, or a small, cozy furnished apartment. In addition, our specialists take care of that apartment had a great location in relation to the medical center, which is undergoing treatment.


KC shuttle service "location - clinic - a place of residence." At the airport meets the representative of the center of the patient and delivers the vehicle to the pre-arranged location.


Health service professionals who speak several languages, accompanied at all stages of diagnosis and treatment and in accessible language clarifies all the doctors say. It monitors implementation of the commitments clinic to the patient, otherwise ensure the return of the corresponding amount. If there is any dissatisfaction with the hospital or doctor, the question of replacement.

Additional services

We help in solving all the everyday problems that can occur in a person temporarily residing in a foreign country.

We also provide:

  • VIP-services;
  • transport services;
  • clock care;
  • legal assistance for the protection of patients' rights;
  • various options for recreation programs;
  • We produce an expert evaluation of the proposed course, giving objective and complete information.

diagnosis and treatment program

The patient sends medical records. It is in If printed form, provided all the necessary survey results, a preliminary diagnosis and plan of treatment is for 1 hour . Our center advisors are turning to specialized professionals - head / professor. If necessary, communicate directly with the attending physician in the country of residence. Based on the conclusion calculates the budget of the whole course of treatment, the date agreed upon arrival at the clinic, fully planned organization.

It should take into consideration the fact that the level of trust in Israel to the diagnosis, put in another country is quite low. In addition, according to the law, doctors do not have the right to appoint a treatment program based on the results of analyzes carried out of the state. For this reason, a preliminary survey in Israel itself, which will confirm or refute the earlier diagnosis.

price policy

Prices for the same procedures in different hospitals of the country can differ by several times. Specialists of our center will choose a clinic that provides the most reasonable cost. This is possible thanks to direct contracts medical services directly with doctors and hospitals in advance.

Please note that payment for the treatment is carried out already in the territory of Israel, before the diagnosis and course of treatment. And taken in any convenient form:

  • in cash at the health facility;
  • using a credit card;
  • by wire transfer to the bank account of the clinic.

Payment shall be made in the implementation of measures in accordance with the specified value. Learn aboutthe treatment of prices in Israel .

Our range of services is possible treatment at the lowest cost in the case of financial problems. This option also includes the choice of the provincial medical institutions, where a very wide range of diseases treated at a high level, but the level of comfort will be lower.

Benefits of treatment with «Tlv.Hospital» Medical Services:

  1. Experience in the market of medical tourism for over 10 years.
  2. The status of an independent private provider. Interaction with 7 medical centers in Israel on the basis of contractual obligations.
  3. Competence - a deep knowledge of the organization of the services market specificity of treatment and diagnosis.
  4. Membership in the Association of Israeli medical tourism companies. The head of our company is one of the board of directors of the Association's office.
  5. Speed ​​organizations of various kinds of tests and treatments. For example, the diagnosis of cancer takes an average of 3-4 days with the help of our center, in the case of self-treatment - 2 - 3 weeks.
  6. Cost optimization requires no additional procedures, long waits, extra costs for accommodation and meals in a foreign country.
  7. The opportunity to consult with another specialist - a "second opinion."
  8. Special conditions for the patient, regardless of whether undergoing treatment in a private or public hospital. If necessary, the combined holding of diagnosis and treatment in different medical centers.
  9. Tlv.Hospital Consultants are "connected" 24 hours a day.
  10. Completion of treatment of After Organized support, the link with the doctor is the when the the patient returns home .

We are interested in the success of diagnosis and treatment, impeccable organization, a high level of patient comfort.

Talk to us: to submit an application, please call! We will answer all the questions and choose the best options for diagnosis and treatment in Israel.