department of andrology

Andrology is specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of the reproductive system of males. In the recent past it separated from the discipline of urology with the main task - to preserve reproductive health.

Andrology has integrated knowledge of plastic surgery , Microsurgery, endocrinology . urology, Pathology. Israel Hospitals perform efficienttreatment of the following diseases:

  • Prostate abscess;
  • BPH;
  • balanoposthitis;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • fertility problems;
  • orchitis;
  • sclerosing lichen;
  • spermatotselle;
  • epididymitis;
  • malignant and benign prostatic tumors.

It is possible to designate such areas in andrology Israel as reproductive, oncology, child and surgery reconstructive and aesthetic.

Diagnosis in Andrology Israel

The purpose of the diagnosis in andrology Israel - to identify and carry out the correction of disorders of the male reproductive system. Andrology uses a wide range of diagnostic procedures: ultrasound, Doppler scan, electrophysiological, laboratory tests, diagnostic puncture biopsy.treatment andorologii

Ultrasound examinations reveal diseases of the genitourinary system, tumor formation, the cause of infertility. , The following types of ultrasound: transrectal and transabdominal ultrasound of the prostate; Ultrasound of the penis and scrotum organs; Doppler ultrasound of the penis, scrotum blood vessels, prostate.

X-ray diagnostics in Andrology provides a planar image by X-ray radiation with or without contrast agents. This type of research is needed to detect organic lesions (obturation, tumors, strictures), prostate, urethra, vas deferens, testicular, and vascular structures of the penis. Penile apply selective arteriography, urethrography, cavernosography, prostatography, angiography, epididimografiya et al.

Imaging studies in Israel, of Andrology is a noninvasive and highly informative method of layering the study of tissues and organs of the male reproductive system by means of magnetic fields (MRI) and X-ray (CT). To increase the informativeness intracavernous or intravenous use opacification. The main advantage - high resolution, by which the projection images are different.

  1. MRI prostate prostate examines layers by means of nuclear magnetic resonance. Indications are suspected tumor or inflammation of the prostate. Is determined by the structure of the body, the prevalence and localization of the pathological process, MRI can select optimal method of surgical treatment in andrology.
  2. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) of the prostate is a technique that determines the biochemical changes prostate tissue in the presence of tumoral lesion. It makes it possible to identify the preclinical stage of prostate cancer diagnosis using metabolic disorders citrate and choline into tissue.

Electrophysiological studies in andrology Israel are additional diagnostic procedures. Fixed tissue bioelectric potentials with special electrodes and registration apparatus. Erectile dysfunction of neurogenic origin and angiogenic diagnosed by cavernous electromyography studies bulbocavernous reflex reofallografii.

Diagnostic tests in case of problems with erection are used as complementary techniques that objectively assess the physiological mechanisms involved in the processes of emergence and maintain an erection. To monitor nocturnal erections, Kaverdzhekt - test.

In the andrology laboratory diagnostics Israel includes a wide range of studies: cytological, morphological, biochemical, bacteriological, PCR studies of blood, separated the urethra, prostate secretions, semen. may also carry out research of hormones (testosterone) level globulin, tumor markers (PSA); pathogens of sexual infections in smears cytomorphological analysis of biopsy and aspirate et al.

In the offices of Andrology Israel used surgical procedures for diagnostic purposes - different types of biopsies (incisional, excision, puncture).

Methods of treatment in Israel, of Andrology

Allocate therapeutic (conservative) and surgical treatment in andrology.

Conservative therapy involves a medicinal courses (anti-inflammatory, immunnokorrektiruyuschih, antiviral, hormonal), installation of the bladder / urethra, physiotherapy use (LED and laser, electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy, ozone therapy, tsvetoimpulsnoy therapy, thermotherapy, manual and hardware massage ), psychotherapy, etc. . indications are chronic and acute inflammatory diseases of the genitalia (prostatitis, orchitis, balanoposthitis, epididymitis), STI, benign iperplaziya prostate, sexual dysfunction (impotence, premature ejaculation); hormonal, inflammatory, immunological, mixed infertility ; androgenodefitsitnye conditions, etc ..

Of the field with In surgical treatment AT the offices of Israel Andrology use little traumatic Methods - laser, cryological, endoscopic, a radio-wave, do not Violate the Integrity of the skin and minimize the incidence of the Complications.

Also in the clinics in the country to apply unique author's technique Shock-Wave therapy - shock wave therapy. Special device produces a wave effect on the genitals, improving blood circulation and promoting the development of new blood vessels. Currently in clinics around the world are more than 1,000 similar devices.

Israeli doctors had developed a method for the treatment of male infertility - the method of Gata-Goren, based on the treatment of varicocele. The disease is considered to be the primary cause of male infertility and testicular disturbing blood flow reduces sperm quality and quantity. By using local anesthesia, a catheter by the spermatic cord administered substance selectively closes the damaged vessels.