psoiraz IsraelPsoriasis- a disease which affects about 3-4% of people in the world - is not considered amenable to final cures. However, choose an individual method of effective treatment is still possible. For many patients, successful treatment of psoriasis is in Israel. In this country recorded from 2.2% to 3.5% of people exposed to the disease. It is about 250 thousand people, which does not allow the official medicine to ignore the problem. Doctors and scientists conduct regular research in this area and improve therapies. State attention to this issue is so great that every patient has the right to an annual 28-daytreatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea by health insurance.

Methods of treating psoriasis

Disease psoriasis in Israel, as in other countries, due to the variety of factors. These include genetic predisposition, and poor environmental conditions, stress, smoking and alcohol abuse, and various skin lesions, reception of a number of medications and other types of risks. Unfortunately, they can not be controlled properly. However, starting treatment, it is possible to learn how to avoid the occurrence of the factors exacerbating the disease.

The basis of the treatment of psoriasis of any species is changing its approach to lifestyle, because its development is often dependent on certain conditions. For example, the disease or its exacerbation can be caused by lack of humidity in the room in winter or deficiency of sunlight undertreated infectious diseases and other factors, which in most cases can be influenced.

Methods of treatment of psoriasis were formed a long time, and a lot depends on its shape, the degree of complexity of the disease, age of the patient, his medical history and other things. It may include the following main treatment methods.


Clinics and medical centers are using a fairly wide variety of different tools that are effective in the fight against this disease. Israeli doctors practice an individual approach, which is the combination of methods and products and can achieve success. At the beginning of the treatment of psoriasis are usually given lighter tools that help normalize the metabolism and have a positive effect on the immune system. One example of a glucocorticoid therapy are capable to suppress autoimmunity and inflammation.

In systemic therapy in the treatment of psoriasis in Israel are also actively used cytotoxic drugs that have a lasting impact on the body, reducing the number of white blood cells involved in the pathological changes. Other tools include retinoids and modern immunomodulating drugs. In addition, widely practiced assignment vitamins B, vitamin C, D, and P, as well as means for stabilizing the nervous system, because it plays an important role in the pathogenesis of the disease. Very effective combination of oral and external preparations.

Physiotherapy treatment of psoriasis in Israel

Physical therapy for psoriasis includes a number of methods that assigns the attending physician depending on the location and form of the disease. In exacerbations and on the stage of rehabilitation often prescribe phototherapy. This radiation of medium and long-wave ultraviolet prevents proliferation of the affected tissues, thereby often becomes the basic method. It is global and local. One of its varieties are safe UHF-therapy, which is used even in the treatment of children.

Another effective method - photochemotherapy or PUVA - represents the effect of long-wave UV light in combination with a photosensitizer (psoralen). The latter is a drug substance that increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV radiation, which contributes to the greatest effect of the treatment. Taking psoralen in the form of tablets or applied topically as an ointment or cream. In recent years, an increasingly popular method of PUVA-baths, where the patient is immersed in a solution of psoralen, followed by the procedure itself. The effectiveness of treatment was 90-97%.

Almost the same efficiency as PUVA is considered to UV-B therapy. This uzkovolnovoe radiation at a wavelength of 311nm has a selective effect on the skin and almost no side effects.

Laser therapy and cryotherapy

In the treatment of psoriasis is well established and these innovative methods. Laser inhibits the action of free radicals on the skin and acts locally. In addition, it can be used in hard to reach places.

As for cryotherapy, it is a completely new approach to the treatment. Exposure to cold stabilizes metabolism and inhibits the growth of abnormal cells. For this method, invented a special cryo, where doctor's prescription will be several sessions that activate the body's defense system. Their duration does not exceed several minutes, and the treatment gas temperature is about -15 C0.

Balneotherapy and climatotherapy

Not the last method of treatment of psoriasis in Israel is balneotherapy at the Dead Sea. Its results are most impressive, and healing effect is observed in about 90% of cases. According to the well-known Israeli dermatologist Professor Michael David the best season of the treatment here is the period from April to October. Many patients achieve complete remission, but still total cure is not at all.

Innovations in the treatment of psoriasis in Israel

In search of new methods of dealing with this as yet incurable disease, Israeli researchers and doctors develop new products and technologies and conduct their clinical trials. One of the latest studies, the first results of which were received in 2013, it is the work of the team at the University of Ben-Gurion University, in collaboration with Teva Pharmaceuticals. In the study, researchers concluded that the key to controlling the disease may be the inhibition of the immune system protein, called Interleukin 17 or IL-17. Two and a half years of studying proteins proved that the recombinant IL -17RA receptor demonstrates a high effect in the treatment of mice were podsazheny psoriasis cells. At the moment, research is ongoing. The method developed for those patients who do not show a positive reaction to the current methods of treatment.

Another finding was expecting biotechnologists from Israel Tech Transfer Organization (ITTN), which in the course of the study skin biopsies taken from patients before and after treatment, have discovered a gene that acts primarily on the epidermis. This discovery allows the development of entirely new methods of treatment of this chronic disease.

Doctors believe that modern science and medicine will soon make a full recovery from psoriasis possible.