One of the main methods of treating psoriasis in Israelhas long been climatotherapy. Nature took care of this itself, creating a unique environment onthe Dead Sea. It is here that many of those who suffer from this chronic disease, find a cure against him. Such places in the world - a little. According to one of Israel's leading dermatologists, Professor Michael David, similar conditions can be found in Iceland and the Canary Islands. But still, therapy in these places does not allow such a result.

The best season for psoriasis at the Dead Sea to the period April-October. The basis of this is consistent climatotherapy influence ultraviolet sunlight on the affected skin, which should take place within a few weeks. Professor David conducted a number of studies on the subject of what effect the UV rays of the Dead Sea on psoriasis, as a result of which was confirmed by a conclusion on the effectiveness of such therapy without the risk of skin cancer.

Incidentally, it is worth emphasizing that another effective way to treat psoriasis in Israel is phototherapy, which is also based on the use of ultraviolet wavelengths. This once again confirms indirectly benefit climatotherapy at the Dead Sea.

Prices of treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea in Israel

Rates due to severity of the disease, goal of therapies (light therapy, biological therapy and so forth.) Worth of drugs lasting therapy course. Below are the rates for a number of procedures:

  1. Consulting a dermatologist - $ 560.
  2. Biopsy - $ 985.
  3. Developed analyzes of blood - 965 $.
  4. Phototherapy - $ 56.
  5. Abdominal ultrasound - $ 490.

The cost of treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea starts from thousands of dollars a week, it depends on factors such as:

  • Procedure and their number;
  • rates room (due to seasonal, comfortableness and hotel class);
  • medical consultations;
  • recreation program, and so forth.

We will create for you a course of treatment, taking into account all the wishes. You can familiarize with the prices of one of the extended therapy programs psoriasis at the Dead Sea.



Acceptance of a dermatologist: receiving further therapy plan, the recommendations of the stay at the Dead Sea.


Observation of patients during their stay at the resort. If necessary, the doctor adjust the course of therapy.


Medicinal products are prescribed as needed: creams, salves and shampoos.



Cleansing the skin with the help of exfoliation. It consists of medicines and cleaning components including Dead Sea salt and aroma oils. Apply the mask from algae.



Peloidotherapy (mud wraps) - is carried out on all of the lesions.



Therapeutic massages and relaksoterapiya.



Physical therapy procedures.



seaweed wraps procedure (thalassotherapy) - all over the body and scalp.



phototherapy treatment (head area), fiziobrabotkoy (rashes on the body surface).


Last reception dermatologist. The results of the treatment and subsequent treatment plan. Recommendations for receiving preparations and the use of ointments.


Price for the package - 2450 for a period of 2 weeks.

Treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea

Psoriasisis a skin disease for which the minerals, the atmosphere and the sun Dead Sea have a positive impact. This fact is confirmed by in-depth studies, which were carried out here in different years. They included works by such scholars as Stone and Paz in 1996, Halevy and schoolchildren in 1998, and many others, who were able to prove the link between this unique region and the relief of the disease. As a result of their investigations revealed that about 76% of patients receiving treatment for psoriasis at the Dead Sea, there are significant improvements that the average result is stored for at least 23 weeks after therapy.

No less important is the fact that climate therapy does not cause pathological addiction skin cells. And, then, as opposed to medical treatment, it can be treated more than once - as many times as necessary. In this case, reduce the effectiveness of therapy was observed. Curiously, the treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea recommend medical organizations from around the world. For example, it supports the Psoriasis Association of Great Britain, although it warns its citizens about the white-skinned that they are not too abused by the sun, even where its rays are largely filtered out.

The minimum duration of treatment that most doctors recommend that their patients is two weeks. However, the best effect is still achieved at 3-4 weeks stay at the Dead Sea. It is even enshrined at the level of the official Israeli medicine - health insurance covers the cost of psoriasis patients 28-day trips to the resort clinic.

The healing factors of the Dead Sea in the treatment of psoriasis

Dead Sea without reason called natural healing spa. This region is unique in the number of strong and highly natural resources. Therefore, treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea, and are among the most effective methods. What does the therapy is so effective?

The sun and the atmospheric environment

This is the lowest place on Earth, which adds to it an additional 400 meters of the atmospheric environment in comparison with other areas. For this reason, the vast majority of harmful sun rays are filtered out, and the rest do not pose danger to the skin. The radiation level is reduced primarily due to the fact that air saturated with bromine and other substances. In addition, the level of oxygen in the air is 5% higher than on the other coast, and 10% higher in comparison with the surrounding terrain. The combination of these two factors is a fundamental in the treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea. It allows you to stay in the sun longer - up to six hours a day - and reduces stress, which is often the cause for the exacerbation of the disease and its recurrence.


In the treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea plays an important role, and water. Rich in minerals and salts in the saturated 10-fold increase compared to other seas, it contains 345 grams of mineral salts in each liter. Among the substances which give a high therapeutic result - magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. In general, the sea water was found 21mineral, and each of them has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body and increases the therapeutic effect.

mud therapy

Mud, extracted at the Dead Sea is rich in minerals with antiseptic properties. Therefore, patients often prescribed mud during which nutrients are absorbed into the body and simultaneously purified by the upper layer of the skin, eliminating it from external signs of the disease. During treatment removes dead cells, excess body fat, pores are cleaned. This results in improved metabolism of the skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and decrease inflammation. In other words, dirt on the skin acts as a natural antibiotic.

other factors

At the conclusion of physicians, a significant role in the treatment of psoriasis plays a psychological factor at the Dead Sea. This is due to the fact that patients are less worried about the appearance of new psoriatic spots and see real improvement in the condition of the skin. And since found that the disease and its exacerbations are stress dependent decrease the anxiety level gives the desired effect. However, it also has a scientific explanation: the high level of bromine (about 20 times higher than in neighboring areas) and oxygen in the air contributes to the relaxation that has a positive effect on the psychological state of patients.

Clinic at the Dead Sea specialized in the treatment of psoriasis in Israel. Doctors are studying a medical history, conduct the necessary diagnosis and prescribe individual therapy program. Much depends on the extent of skin lesions, form of the disease and its complexity, the patient's age and even overall health.