Psoriasis Treatment in IsraelChronic, inflammatory skin disease - psoriasis - is growing rapidly in recent decades. According to the WHO, the disease covers approximately 125 million people in the world, or every 25th inhabitant of the planet. These include not only adult men and women, but also children, including newborn infants. The main foci of lesions are the elbows, knees, nails, scalp, hands and torso. Unfortunately, the disease is dangerous because it affects not only the physical but also the psychological state of a person, often not allowing him to live a full life in society.

Among the countries to pay more attention to the disease and its treatment, is Israel. Psoriasis is not spared and its citizens - this disease is suffering from 2,2% to 3,5% of the population. It can manifest itself at any age, but most often occurs in the period from 16 to 30 years.

psoriasis risk factors

On World Psoriasis Day, held on October 29, 2014, edition of «Jerusalem Post» interviewed famous Israeli dermatologist, Michael David, a former head of the dermatology department at Beilinson Medical Center. Today he heads a number of studies in this clinic. Professor David said that psoriasis in Israel and most of the world often occurs in people with high cholesterol, suffering diabetes , celiac disease, hypertension.

Least of all her residents are subject Africa and China - to 0.5%. Most often, it affects the representatives of the Nordic countries and northern Europe - from 5% to 7%. Over the years, the clinic group of professors studied more than 1,000 patients treated for psoriasis in Israel, and came to the conclusion that the disease is often seen in people who are prone to chronic metabolic diseases. Many of today's doctors and scientists claim that this is a systemic disease, rather than just a skin disease.

According to Michael, David, to the causes and risk factors also include stress, alcohol abuse and smoking, the unfavorable environment, tonsillitis, certain infections, cold climate and a number of medications, for example, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, lithium salt, beta-blockers and other .

In the development of this disease plays a significant role, and genetic predisposition. According to statistics, about 35% of patients have a family history of psoriasis. However, each person, there are many reasons that can cause an outbreak.

Symptoms and disease form

Psoriasis is characterized by bright pink scaly rashes in the form of spots, slightly elevated above the skin, and called plaques. In some cases they are accompanied by an unpleasant itching, sometimes burning. They may be located in any part of skin, but usually first appear in places plaques are more subjected to pressure and friction. At the initial stage of their number increases, then the rash coalesce and form large spots. Also, depending on the varieties of psoriasis, other symptoms may be silvery white scales on the skin, porous, as if corroded corroded nails, arthritic joint pain.

Forms of the disease are very diverse. However, choose a psoriasis treatment in Israel is possible for any of them. The most common include:

  1. Average or spotted psoriasis. It is found in more than 80% of cases. Most often places its localization are the elbows, knees and body.
  2. Exudative psoriasis unlike ordinary manifested in the form of smooth and not scaly patches. It is characteristic of patients with obesity.
  3. Guttate psoriasis appears as a drop of water red. Usually it exposed children and young girls and boys. This form is often a consequence of stress, throat infections and skin lesions.
  4. Pustular psoriasis - the most dangerous form of the disease and occurs in no more than 1% of patients. Its characteristic feature is the sudden appearance of lesions in the form of white blisters with non-infectious pus. Quite often it is accompanied by fever, malaise, fever and headache. The main places of rashes - folds and flexor surface of the vulva.
  5. Erythroderma also notes quite rare. Arising specific focal, it merges into a single section of red color, which affects a large part of the surface of the skin. For a given temperature increase characteristic of the disease, high levels of fluid loss, itching and pain.
  6. Another feature of psoriasis is that almost any kind of it may be accompanied by arthritis. It occurs in 6-10% of patients and is most common in men with pustular form of the disease. Usually it affects the knees, but it can also occur in the hand joints, spine and sacrum. The treatment of psoriasis includes Israel and therapy of the variety of the disease. However, prevention of irreversible damage to the joints may preferably with early diagnosis.
  7. In 5-8% of patients say "nail psoriasis." By type is divided into spot and diffuse. In the first case for psoriasis are characteristic point depressions on the nail plates. The second type of change is different surface plate which becomes turbid and greyish.

There are also other forms of the disease - including psoriasis, mucous membranes, seborrheic, and other chronic.

Diagnosis of psoriasis in Israel

Unfortunately, this disease is amenable to complete recovery is extremely rare. However, the accumulated experience in this field allows very effectively cope with its manifestations and to control them. Despite the fact that 95% of the diagnosis can be made during a visual inspection, the main method of diagnosis is still a skin biopsy. This makes it possible to distinguish psoriasis from other pathologies and install a variety of individually in each case. In addition, its symptoms often resemble eczema, although there are some differences.

Before the appointment of treatment of psoriasis in Israel, doctors are required to familiarize themselves with the history of the disease, specify the probability of its genetic conditions and identify possible factors that contributed to the development. Methods and assigned treatment differ depending on the diagnosis. One of the best specialists in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases is Professor Eli Sprecher .

Israel's undoubted advantage is such an effective way, as a treatment for psoriasis on the Dead Sea . Incidentally, the state insurance program pays for 28-day ticket to its health resorts every citizen suffering from this disease.