Israel diagnosticsWith many years of targeted financing from the state medicine in Israel has reached unprecedented progress. To date, the level of medical care in Israel is recognized as one of the best in the world. Therefore, Israel is a leader in the field of so-called "medical tourism". Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients arriving in the country to pass a quality diagnosis and treatment. Using the most modern techniques and high precision equipment enables not only to fully cure the patients of their ailments, but also to identify the disease in its early stages. Early diagnosis in Israel is very well developed, so patients are greatly increased chances for a full recovery. Due to the above factors,treatment in Israel is considered to be very effective.

medical service specialists take care of all the questions on the organization of treatment and diagnosis in Izraile.Obsledovanie Israel complies with the highest international standards. In this case, the value of its order of magnitude lower than in the US and Europe.

All clinics are equipped with the most modern equipment, qualified personnel is constantly increasing, taken over the best methods of diagnosis and treatment around the world. Accordingly, you can pass all kinds of hardware and laboratory studies that exist in the world.

Separately, it is worth noting that the Israeli medical centers care not only about the level of professional care of patients, but also the comfort of patients stay in the hospital during treatment. All chambers are equipped with high comfort standards. Absolutely all the staff speaks English, around half owned by Russian speech. So the patient can easily receive all the necessary information. In addition, patients often have the opportunity to make their own decision, to be screened in Israel hospitalization or outpatient visit. In the second case, there is a great opportunity to combine diagnostics in Israel to rest on the Dead Sea resorts.

Diagnosis in Israel is based on a systematic approach. When a person lies on the examination, take into account a whole list of important factors affecting human health. The calculation takes gender, age, family history and many other risk factors for certain diseases. This approach helps to detect the disease in its earliest stages, making treatment very effective and less complicated.

diagnostic methods in Israel

It is known that even if a person feels healthy, each of us must undergo an annual medical examination. This is even more necessary if the patient at risk for some diseases. This is necessary in order to quickly identify and eliminate the disease. Israeli hospitals offer a comprehensive program of surveys,the Check the Up. It usually takes no more than one day and includes the following studies:

  • medical consultation;
  • Urine and blood tumor markers;
  • Consulting a nutritionist;
  • Pulmonary X-rays;
  • Survey of the gynecologist / urologist;
  • Ergometry, cardiology consultation;
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure, consultation ophthalmologist.

Survey in IsraelAccording to the results of the survey in Israel, the doctor makes a conclusion about the state of health of the patient and gives further advice on treatment (conservative, surgical). If necessary, a list of surveys supplemented by the following types of tests:

  1. Gastroenterological examination .
  2. Dermatological examination .
  3. Cardiological examination .
  4. Neurological examination.
  5. Gynecological examination .
  6. Endocrinological studies.
  7. Oncological tests.
  8. Hematomancy and others.

If as a result of inspections revealed abnormalities in the body, the doctor prescribes a more advanced diagnostics program in Israel. For example, the results of cardiological examination is appointed by plac-test to identify the level of risk of heart attack, the PCR analysis, ergometry and duplex scanning of the body.

A special place is given to the diagnosis of cancer in Israel. Diagnosis of cancer in Israel is considered one of the best in the world. To do this, Israel's hospitals have all the necessary equipment, which helps to deliver an unmistakable diagnosis. The following methods are used for diagnosis of cancer:

  • Blood tests for tumor markers.
  • Biopsy.
  • CT scan.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Positron emission tomography.
  • Genetic tests, etc.

Speaking about other types of diseases, it should be noted that the most advanced and efficient research techniques also used (in gynecology, urology, orthopedics, neurology, immunology, etc.).

diagnosis Prices

A diagnostic program in Israel includes a set of different procedures allowing to fully assess the state of health of the patient. As well as a separate procedure will cost more than selecting a program, you can save well.

The program Check-Up - 1420 dollars.

It includes:

  1. medical consultation.
  2. Consulting with cardiologist.
  3. Diagnosing lung.
  4. Diagnosis of view.
  5. Eye diagnosis.
  6. Chest X-ray.
  7. ECG.
  8. Ergometry.
  9. Hearing test.
  10. Blood tests.
  11. Urine.
  12. Tests for tumor markers.

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