Check Up in IsraelEarly diagnosisis the key factor for the successful treatment of many serious diseases. After all, the sooner an illness diagnosed, the easier it is and you can deal with it quickly. The principle of early diagnosis allows to cure even without a trace dangerous diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Therefore, the medicine in developed countries is based on the principle of high quality and timely diagnosis.

Since the Israeli clinic is fully equipped for comprehensive diagnostics of the human body, then more and more people prefer the CIS to be screened there. This is due to the fact that the majority of domestic medical institutions do not have the necessary modern equipment for an accurate diagnosis. A similar survey held in the US or the EU is much more expensive for the same level of services provided. Thus, Check Up diagnostics in Israel - is the perfect combination of price and quality.

Counseling Center take care of all issues related to the diagnosis and treatment in Israel. The whole complex surveys Check Up in Israel it takes about a week. In this case, the patient does not have to stand in long queues. And according to the results of research, he gets on his hands full transcript in Russian. If necessary, the patient is able to undergotreatment in Israel on the basis of diagnostic data.

What is a Check Up in Israel?

Check Up - this integrated comprehensive survey to identify deviations in the body, general evaluation and determination of predisposition to disease. Diagnostics check up involves passing a series of examinations and procedures on the special equipment. As a result, a full examination of the doctors conclude and make further recommendations.

Benefits Check Up diagnostics in Israel

Of course, most types of surveys can be passed in the domestic medical institutions. But our country is very poorly funded medical sphere. Therefore, in the CIS clinics often do not have any necessary equipment or chemicals or other consumables required for the establishment of an accurate diagnosis. Accordingly, our doctors do not have enough experience to work with the most modern diagnostic techniques. Israeli medicine, in turn, is able to offer:

  • the most modern equipment;
  • the best reagents and consumables;
  • an experienced highly qualified staff.

List of mandatory procedures Check Up in Israel

  • Examination and consultation of the therapist;
  • Examination by a gastroenterologist;
  • Consulting a nutritionist;
  • Consulting with cardiologist, ECG, ergometry;
  • Respiratory test;
  • Chest X-ray;
  • Vision screening, fundus examination;
  • Full computed tomography of the whole body for patients aged 40 years;
  • CT thorax, abdominal ultrasound (assigned patients under 40 years);
  • Inspection dermatologist;
  • Examination by Lore;
  • Echo Doppler;
  • Re-consultation of the therapist, decoding results of the survey, further recommendations.

For women list Check Up survey is complemented by the following procedures:Check Up in Israel

  • Consulting gynecologist;
  • Pelvic ultrasound;
  • Pap smears for the presence of cancer;
  • Mammography, advice mammalogy;
  • Osteodentsitometriya.

For men, a check up at the clinics of Israel includes:

  • Consultation and examination urologist;
  • Assays for the detection of prostate cancer.

At the request of the patient or by doctor's prescription list Check Up surveys in Israel may be supplemented by the following articles:

  • Consultation and expert examination of any type;
  • Genetic blood tests;
  • Ultrasound and endoscopic examinations;
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy at any stage;
  • Various laboratory studies;
  • X-ray studies.

Required tests that includes diagnostics Check Up in Israel:

  • General blood analysis;
  • Identify the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • Analysis of blood HS-CRP;
  • A blood test for tumor markers of prostate cancer (for men over 40 years old);
  • Blood biochemistry;
  • Analysis of fecal blood detection impurities;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • Analysis for osteoporosis;
  • The study of hepatic and renal indices;
  • Analyzes of thyroid hormones.

diagnosis Prices

A diagnostic program in Israel includes a set of different procedures allowing to fully assess the state of health of the patient. As well as a separate procedure will cost more than selecting a program, you can save well.

Total Diagnostics:

The program Check-Up - 1420 dollars.

It includes:

  • medical consultation.
  • Consulting with cardiologist.
  • Diagnosing lung.
  • Diagnosis of view.
  • Eye diagnosis.
  • Chest X-ray.
  • ECG.
  • Ergometry.
  • Hearing test.
  • Blood tests.
  • Urine.
  • Tests for tumor markers.

Cardiac diagnosis

Express Diagnostics - 908 dollars.

The program includes:

  • ECG
  • ECHO CT (at rest and load)
  • pressure Measurement
  • Blood tests

Consultation with a specialist - 560 dollars.

Total 1540 US dollars.

In Israel, there are a lot of diagnostic programs that you can walk at low prices. procedures package will cost less than if you pay for each procedure separately.