videoconsultationsOur company provides a service - for a medical consultation online with the leading Israeli doctors.

The advantages of video consultation:

  1. Expert opinion. Modern Internet technology presented a unique opportunity - to get advice from experts of the European level. You can talk with a doctor from Israel online, see documents open on his computer (as in live communication). If necessary, the doctor, for example , may indicate a problem of image. Edistvennoe difference is the communication remote is the LACK of direct contact Mezhuyev doctor is and the patient.
  2. An opportunity to get a second opinion. For example, in a situation when diagnosed, the treatment program is designed, planned initiation of therapy in the near future, but there are any doubts.
  3. Low cost. Videoconsultations much cheaper due to the absence on flight costs, accommodation in Israel, vacation.
  4. As soon as possible. Online consultation is organized in a very short time. You will be able to talk to an Israeli doctor faster than visit a specialist in the community.

How is the consultation?

Online consultation takes place in a free form, provided translation services when needed. The patient asks questions, the doctor - is responsible.

How do you prepare for a medical consultation online?

  1. To e-mail Site should be sent the latest survey results, the extract from the medical history.
  2. We select the leading doctors narrow profile, forward preliminary information about it and the medical center, which will host the consultation. Documents sent by mail are sent specialists to study.
  3. We coordinate the timing and method of payment.
  4. We coordinate the date and time of consultation.