Spine Surgery. He created a unique technology for the surgical treatment of spine. Neurosurgeon of the highest category, with a lot of experience. 

Ophthalmologist. Head of the sub-office treatment of diseases of retina and vitreous in honey. Ichilov center. 

A specialist in pediatric ophthalmology, senior surgeon, head of the Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus adults at the medical center named after E. Wolfson.

Dr. Marina Anouk - rheumatologist, a senior doctor at the rheumatology department at Ichilov medical center in Israel.

 Moshe Pope - one of the best surgeons of mammalogy, known both in Israel and abroad. 

Professor Michael Shapira - one of the leading oncohematology in Izraile.Spetsialist in the field of bone marrow transplantation. Author unique protocols and treatments gematoonkologicheskih diseases.

Haim takes patients Matskina any problems of the genitourinary system. Sign up for a cure to the best surgeons in Israel.

David Lurie, a famous heart surgeon and cardiologist specializing in the treatment of arrhythmias. Sign up for treatment after en.thebestmedic.com!

Chaim Gutman - one of the best oncology surgeons in Israel. It will help in the treatment of skin cancer and breast cancer.

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