Hepatitis C IsraelOne of the most common liver diseasein the world is hepatitis C. Israel is among the countries where there are numerous studies related to the development of new methods of treating and improving existing ones. This is due to the fact that here, according to statistics, is home to about a hundred thousand people affected by this disease; and the fact that local clinics from different countries comes a large number of patients with this diagnosis.

The reasons for the popularity of Israeli medical services quite a lot - this is the low level of medicine in the country of residence, and the high cost of treatment, and the lack of application of innovative, high-tech methods, and lack of professionals with extensive experience and expertise. Given that the world in general, there are between 170 to 180 million people, or about 3% of the world population suffering from the disease, the treatment of hepatitis C in Israel, where the success rate is growing every year, for many is a great alternative.

Daklinza, (Daklinza, Daklatasvir)

Daklinza (Daklinza, Daklatasvir) - med effective drug against hepatitis virus C. Tablets in packages of 60 mg (28). The drug is used in combination with other agents for the treatment of lekarsvennymi hepatitis C 1, 2, 3 and 4 genotype in adults.

Facts about hepatitis C

This disease is dangerous not only in itself, but the fact that it causes a variety of no less serious diseases. According to the WHO about 27% of cases, it is the cause of cirrhosis of the liver and about 25% of casesof primary liver cancer arises precisely at its fault.

From diseases associated with the virus die each year more than 350 thousand people in the world. And this number is growing yet. Discovered in 1989, the virus spread quite rapidly, which affected the negative statistics of deaths. The problem is complicated by the low awareness of people about him, and the fact that the immediate selection of effective therapies was not easy.

In addition, the symptoms of the disease rather inexpressive, and define it as soon as the infection is not always easy. Someone may feel ordinary fatigue, poor health in general, nausea, fever and other flu-like symptoms. And about 30% of those infected and the disease tends to be noticeable at all. That is, to understand the real cause of the disease, hiding under the guise of other, difficult. Therefore, the success of the treatment of hepatitis B in Israel quite often lies in the conduct of mandatory medical examinations, calledthe Check-up closeup. To identify the virus enough to do a blood test for hepatitis C.

In some countries, the disease has a fairly pronounced social character. For example, in the US it is not subject to far everything, but first and foremost, representatives of low-income communities, prisoners, drug addicts, the elderly, and representatives of other social groups malozaschischonnyh. So, at the risk of injecting drug reception hepatitis C is 150 times higher than those who do not. A percentage of prisoners infected with the virus, is 39%.

Hepatitis C Treatment in Israel

In the human body this infection usually enters through the bloodstream. Quite often, it is the fault of the donor during blood transfusion. For example, the majority of patients with this diagnosis in the United States were infected in this way in the 1970-1980 years of the last century. Other ways of transmission are injecting drug use, the use of non-sterile instruments during dental treatment, acupuncture, hemodialysis, tattooing, shaving and so on. Also, do not exclude the transfer of infection through sex and during pregnancy, although both of these causes are rare.

In the treatment of hepatitis B in Israel, doctors take into account various factors, including the cause of the disease, age of the patient, the degree of liver damage. The research results have shown that much of the success depends on genetic variables of patients. Thus, in some, it can reach up to 80%, while others cure rate is 25%. Major role in this is the level of awareness, as it contributes to the early diagnosis and, consequently, increases the chances of a cure.

Hope for recovery give even the traditional methods of treatment of hepatitis B in Israel. However, the effectiveness of classical therapy in most cases does not exceed 50%. Its duration is from 24 to 48 months, and it is characteristic of the occurrence of side effects such as anemia, fever, fatigue and manifestation of depressive states.

Still, science was able to do quite a quick way of identifying the disease in 1989 before the advent of modern medicines, guaranteeing an average 90% improvement. The first results were obtained by scientists in 2011, when there was a drug that has a direct effect on the virus. We are talking about sofosbuvir also called Sovaldi. This medication is available as long as there is not in all countries. But it is already widely used in the treatment of hepatitis B in Israel and the United States.

this group of drugs designed to prevent the virus recover after treatment, and either completely remove it from the blood, or reduce its presence to a small and safe level. With it, doctors managed to increase the cure rate and up to 90%. It is suitable for patients with genotype 1 hepatitis C and is characterized by a lack of serious side effects, especially anemia. The treatment takes 8-12 weeks and is daily admission of one tablet of the drug that the doctor depending on the evidence of the patient combined with other drugs such as ribavirin and peginterferon alfa. Pretty high cost Sovaldi - about $ 1,000 - however, does not diminish the therapeutic effect.

The undoubted benefits include treatment of hepatitis C as highly skilled personnel in Israel, equipment, and the use of innovative techniques otherwise. But above all, the choice of this country is motivated by the considerable success that demonstrates the local health care.