liver IsraelThe value of the liver, as one of the vital organs in the human body, can not be overemphasized. Among its responsibilities include over 500 features, including such important as filtering the incoming substances, detoxification, synthesis of blood proteins and many other. Unlike some other organs science has not yet managed to invent a way that would allow to replace it by artificial activity. That is why its health and elimination occurring disorders medicine focuses.

Investigation of various diseases of the organ and treatment of liver in Israel is maintained at the state level. There exist a number of centers, the main specialization of which is Hepatology SectionGastroenterology .

Liver and its purpose

The largest internal organ of the human is below the diaphragm and is protected by the lower ribs. The liver is divided into two parts and is actively supplied with blood from two sources - through the portal vein from the gastrointestinal tract and hepatic artery from the heart. Quite often, the body is compared to the laboratory. This name reflects the remarkably active, which it takes place - scientists estimate that every minute of the liver produces about 20 million chemical reactions ..

This is one of its basic functions and allows the body to function normally. Thus, the liver is responsible for the cholesterol runningaway, triglyceride, the conversion of glucose into glycogen. Liver cells produce a protein necessary for the synthesis of proteins and bile that helps digest food. In addition, it serves as a repository for chemicals and vitamins that are used by the body as a building material:

  • folic acid;
  • Vitamins B12, C, E, PP;
  • vitamin A for vision;
  • Iron is necessary for the reproduction of red blood cells;
  • vitamin K, promotes blood clotting;
  • Vitamin D - calcium, and other for assimilation.

Equally important is its role in the detoxification of the body, which occurs through the conversion of foreign substances into less toxic and harmless; and function splitting insulin and other hormones. Assigning treatment of liver in Israel, physicians consider such a great versatility of this body.

liver disease

Unfortunately, even the correct way of life does not guarantee the health of the liver. An even greater risk is from a bad environment, while abuse of alcohol, inappropriate nutrition, high loads and stress. Clinics and medical centers involved in treatment of liver diseases in Israel, specializing in acute and chronic diseases of the body. Hepatitis and gepatozy are the most common among them. The former can be either viral or non-viral. Regarding the different types of steatosis, these chronic and acute diseases are non-inflammatory in nature and caused by pathological changes in the hepatocytes.

hepatitis C

Statistics show that each year only on hepatitis Cand related diseases die of not less than 350 thousand people. According to the WHO, chronic infection that affects 130 to 150 million people in the world. Risk of disease has become chronic, is a greater risk of further development of cirrhosis orliver cancer. In the treatment of liver in Israel antiviral drugs are used extensively, have been developed by both local and international medical centers. Depending on various factors such therapy is successful in 50-90% of cases and can prevent the occurrence of cancer. The vaccine against hepatitis C has not yet been developed, but intensive research.

nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Another disease that affects tens of millions of people around the world, is a non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Only to them in the United States suffers from 2% to 5% of the population, that is, from six to fifteen million people. According to the development of symptoms and it looks like a liver disease that is associated with alcohol abuse. However, it occurs in those who do not drink or do so rarely.

Faced with NASH and in the treatment of liver in Israel. In 2012, it was here that was carried out a scientific breakthrough in the field. Israeli company NasVax progress in the development of a drug against NASH. A group of scientists has found that taking oral agents is much more effective than the others, because the drug enters directly into the digestive system and the liver, and has developed a special drink - aCD3 MAb. It is intended to suppress autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and is in clinical trials phase 2A, which is attended by patients. The study shows that their results are significantly better than those taking standard treatment. It is assumed that the wide use of the drug will be available in 5-6 years.

Progress in the diagnosis and treatment of liver in Israel

In studies related to liver treatment in Israel are involved major medical centers that specialize only in this disease, as well as the well-known physicians and scientists. One of the recent sensational discovery was a study of the research group led by Dr. Rifaat Safadi, the Arab-Israeli physician who heads the Department of Liver Hadassah University Hospital. Treatment of problems of the digestive tract is also engagedDr. Maor Lahav , Who achieved success in the treatment of liver cancer and gastroenterologist Alex Geller .

Scientists have discovered a gene that is responsible for the liver disease. Actually, we are talking about the known science NLGN4, involved in brain cells. Finding is that the group of Dr. Safadi became the first in the world who found him in the immune system and the liver. At the conclusion of scientists, healthy humans NLGN4 helps restore body tissues that are damaged in the course of their daily activities. But if the immune system is destroyed due to alcohol abuse, hepatitis, overeating or the fault of certain medications, the gene stops working properly and increases the risk of developing cirrhosis.

This discovery could be a new era in the treatment of liver in Israel and other countries. The goal of Dr. Safadi further work is to determine the cases in which this gene is over-active, thus reducing its impact and learn to control fibrosis.

It is a serious and innovative approach to developing new treatments for liver in Israel was the cause of the fact that in June 2014, in Jerusalem, the First World Congress in the treatment of liver disease. He gathered a huge number of professionals from around the world, and within two days of the conference were heard 52 presentations, accompanied by serious scientific discussion. Such exchange experiences and opinions can not contribute to further progress in the treatment of liver in Israel and participating countries Congress.