Treatment of blood diseases

Hematology specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the hematopoietic system. According to statistics, hematology in Israel shows the highest rates of treatment of leukemia patients: 90% of children with leukemia full recovery.

In Israel clinics successfully treat a wide range of pathologies of blood:

  • anemia (anemia) of various origins;
  • leukemias ;
  • blood clotting problems;
  • hemophilia;
  • lymphoma;
  • thrombocytopenia, primary thrombocythemia;
  • porphyrin disease;
  • amyloid degeneration;
  • immune cytopenia;
  • multiple myeloma;
  • myelodysplastic disease;
  • leukopenia;
  • polycythemia;
  • limfopatiyu.
  • myeloproliferative disease, and lymphoproliferative disorders.

Features of diagnostics in hematology Israel

Early diagnosisis very important in this field of medicine because the disease is very dangerous to human life. Detection of disease in the initial stage is the key to successful treatment.

For the diagnosis of a specific hematological diseases Israeli scientists has developed a package of tests carried out which usually takes no more than 2 days. Types of procedures:

  1. Laboratory diagnosis includes detailed analyzes of blood and urine tests, genetic research, immunophenotyping techniques and so on.
  2. A bone marrow biopsy, lymph nodes. The latest method of diagnosis of a bone marrow aspiration biopsy - its cells obtained by puncturing the upper thigh. Is assigned to the detection of pathogenic processes that disrupt during hematopoiesis (leukemia, multiple tumors). Also performed a bone marrow biopsy (puncture type of research).
  3. CT, MRI diagnosed lymph node and foci, eg, in the cranium, the spinal column, which are otherwise inaccessible imaging techniques and so on.
  4. PET is one of the most effective ways to study, which examines the state of blood flow, blood oxygen saturation, its composition, etc. To achieve maximum accuracy of the result, the PET is performed in parallel with the CT.
  5. Ultrasound of the abdominal organs, lymph nodes, bones.
  6. Radionuclide studies of bone mass and a number of other types of diagnostics.

Hematology in Israel: the treatment of blood diseasesHematology in Israel

For data treatment of ailments in Israel suited systemically. With a team of doctors by patients: transplant, a nutritionist, a hematologist, physiotherapist, infectious diseases. Each disease requires a special approach and a specific systemof therapy .

The main methods of treatment are chemotherapy (including innovation, on the development stage) and radiotherapy.

Profiling method currently considered as a bone marrow transplant. Various options are available: a transplant of their own material and conserved donor - from relatives and unrelated donors.

The therapy of pathologies of the hematopoietic system uses the latest drugs that act at the cellular level. Tissue therapy shows high performance indicators.

Oncology Hematology in Israel involves the use of a number of methods of treatment: immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplantation.

New in hematology Israel

Israeli experts have made great strides in the treatment of hereditary anemias: Minkowski's disease, Fanconi, thalassemia by medicines developed through genetic engineering and on the synthesis of hemoglobin.

Lymphoma (Hodgkin's disease) being treated by new medicines, providing complete healing.

In the treatment of leukemia is successfully applied stem cell implantation, the most advanced techniques of bone marrow transplantation.

The unique design of scientists Israel is a medical sealant that promotes blood clotting, stop bleeding wounds contraction. Special significance it acquires in hemophilia.

Clinics and the Department of Hematology in Israel are very popular, they have: hospitals for day care, offices for seriously ill patients for bone marrow transplantation, different laboratories (general studies, transplantation, coagulation, cryogenic, research).

One of the largest of these compartments is the separation in Hematology Ihilov clinic. Therapeutic institutions in the country offer a comfortable stay patients: single rooms are equipped with filters HEPA, which purify the air and reduce the risk of infections.

In addition, the Israeli medical centers successfully treat a wide range of diseases of various organs and systems: the digestive tract . gynecological diseases .

Medical service will assist in the organization of diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases in Israel.