gynecology in Israel

Gynecology in Israel - this is an area of ​​medicine that has been widely developed for a long time and is the subject of attention of scientists and practitioners. Caring for the health of women, mothers giving birth - is to take care of future generations of Israelis.

Since Gynecology refers to one of the main areas of medicine in the country, women in Israel are on throughout his life in the area of high-quality medical supervision .

Medical service provides diagnosis and treatment of any organization gynecological pathologies in clinics in Israel.

Israel clinics are highly professional medical personnel, material and technical, scientific basis for the work in the following areas Gynecology: Obstetrics, Mammalogy, plastic surgery, surgery, oncology, reproductive medicine and pediatrics. The clinics in the country, you can get the help of specialists of narrow profiles: endocrinologists, cancers, pediatric gynecologists.

Diseases that are successfully treated in Israeli medical centers, fashionable divided into the following groups:

  • Diseases of the female reproductive system that are caused by various types of pathogens cause inflammation (virus, fungus, bacteria).
  • Pathology provoked by disruption of the endocrine system.
  • Infertility .
  • Pregnancy and violations that occur during this period.
  • Diseases caused by a developmental disability agencies and change their normal anatomical position.
  • Precancerous pathologies associated with changes in the uterine tissues.
  • Malignant tumors: ovarian, cervical, uterine.

Gynecological department of the Israeli hospitals have several divisions: general gynecology, emergency room, surgical gynecology, cancers, high risk pregnancy, IVF , Maternity ward.

Diagnosis Gynecology in IsraelGynecology in Israel

Medical personnel in the country's hospitals has modern equipment for the qualitative diagnosis. This, above all, the knowledge and experience, and then a powerful technical base, and, finally, the newest techniques.

The following types of diagnostic measures:

  1. Anamnesis, general and gynecological examination.
  2. Cytological studies are aimed at identifying tumors of genitals, hormonal ovarian function, etc.
  3. Tests for genetic diseases.
  4. Research: direct microscopic and bacteriological; hormonal.
  5. Endoscopic examination methods.
  6. Ultrasound diagnosis allows you to assess the state of almost all of the pelvic organs.
  7. Cytogenetic studies reveal defects in the gonads.
  8. CT, MRI.
  9. HSG - hysterosalpingography - x-ray method using iodinated contrast drug, which helps to find out the cause of infertility.

Methods of treatment in Israel Gynecology

The therapy of gynecological disorders involves a comprehensive approach and various types of therapeutic agents: surgical and conservative (drug and non-drug).

As medicaments Israeli clinics use of hormonal preparations, antibacterial, hemostatic, antiseptic, desensitizing, other types of therapy. Also useful analgesic agents, sedatives, tranquilizers, vitamins and enzymes.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy (external, intracavitary) are methods of treatment of cancer afflicting female genitalia. This method of treatment is assigned monotherapy or in combination with surgery.

Cryotherapy has hemostatic and analgesic effect in the case of dysfunctional uterine bleeding or inflammation character organs of the reproductive system.

Surgical interventions in gynecological clinics in Israel

Gynecology in IsraelGynecology in Israel is characterized by sparing methods of operation.

The laparoscopic approach involves puncturing the abdominal wall with a special surgical instrument in the form of a hollow tube, through which is introduced into the cavity microsurgical instruments and a camera. This method is prescribed for removal of ovarian cysts, diseases of the fallopian tubes, the treatment of endometriosis.

Also used vaginal surgery method that reduces the risk of complications, shortens recovery time.

The Israeli hospitals following operations are performed in the Department of Gynecology:

  1. Surgical treatment of breast cancer with a preference for organ-preserving approach.
  2. Cosmetic surgery on the mammary glands.
  3. Restorative operation mammary glands.
  4. Surgical treatment of carcinoma of external genitalia, uterus, ovaries.
  5. Reconstructive plastic surgery on the genitals after radical treatment of malignant tumors.
  6. Extirpation of the organs of the pelvis with prosthetics and plastic reconstruction.

In gynecology Israel used and other methods of treatment, including:

  1. Balanced health food, diet.
  2. Psychotherapeutic methods.
  3. Massotherapy.
  4. Physiotherapy.
  5. Serums and vaccines used in immunotherapy. In order to increase non-specific immunity practiced autohaemotherapy.
  6. With physiotherapy apparatuses carried electrotherapy.
  7. Through acupuncture (acupuncture) eliminates manifestations of neuroendocrine disorders, and pain.
  8. It is used concomitant fiziofarmakoterapiya.

There are other methods of treatment of gynecology in Israel - physical:

  1. In the process used hydrotherapy mineral water or radon.
  2. Chronic inflammatory or adhesive processes are well treated mud therapy (peloidotherapy).
  3. Phototherapy produces analgesic, dehydrating, desensibiliziruschee and anti-inflammatory effects.
  4. Climatotherapy - method, when used for the treatment of climatic factors: sea bathing (thalassotherapy), air baths (aerotherapy), solar radiation (heliotherapy).

prices for treatment


ECO program is worth 6300 dollars. In its cost is already included the following services:

  1. Consulting gynecologist.
  2. Analysis of the hormonal profile.
  3. Semen.
  4. Blood tests.
  5. Further follow-up doctor.

cervical colposcopy

  1. Consultation of gynecologist - 560 dollars.
  2. Colposcopy - 750 dollars.

Total 1310 US dollars.

Also it may further assigned cervical biopsy.

Laparoscopic resection of the uterus

Cost of operation - 18,750 dollars.

Included in cost:

  1. Fees surgeons, an anesthesiologist.
  2. Hospitalization.
  3. Rent operating.

Not included in the price:

  1. Consumables - 1480 dollars.
  2. Histology - 1170 dollars.

Laparoscopic resection of myoma

Cost of operation - 15780 dollars.

Included in cost:

  1. Fees surgeons, an anesthesiologist.
  2. Hospitalization.
  3. Rent operating.

Not included in the price:

  1. Consumables - 1420 dollars.
  2. Histology - 1170 dollars.

Laparoscopic resection of ovarian / fallopian tube / cysts

Cost of operation - 14950 dollars.

Included in cost:

  1. Fees surgeons, an anesthesiologist.
  2. Hospitalization.
  3. Rent operating.

Not included in the price:

  1. Histology - 1170 dollars.
  2. Consumables - 1480 dollars.

Uterus removal

Radical hysterectomy - 23200 dollars.

Included in cost:

  1. Fees surgeons, an anesthesiologist.
  2. Hospitalization.
  3. Rent operating.
  4. Disposable material.

Not included in the price:

Histology - 1170 dollars.

Learn more detailed price of treatment you will have consultants.