infertility treatment israel reviewsThe diagnosis of infertility is made when in the course of a regular sexual life throughout the year without the use of contraceptives is not possible to conceive a child. There are two types of infertility:

  • Primary infertility - at constant sexual intercourse the woman never managed to get pregnant.
  • Secondary infertility - when a woman can not conceive a child, despite the fact that earlier she was already pregnant. However, she could give birth or have an abortion, losing a child due to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy to survive.

Infertility is typical not only for women but also for men. male infertility treatment in Israel no less effectively than the female. According to statistics, about 85% -90% of couples diagnosed with infertility after a full course of treatment, such as medication, surgery, or IVF, may subsequently conceive.

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First of all, a couple, ask for help in a specialized medical institution, should undergo diagnostic tests. Diagnosis of infertility in women include:

  • physical examination and medical history;
  • blood tests for HIV, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases;
  • kolkoskopiyu;
  • taking a smear cytology;
  • measurement of basal body temperature;
  • determining the level of hormones in the blood;
  • hysterosalpingography uterus and fallopian tubes;
  • gynecological laparoscopy;
  • holding hysteroscopy.

Diagnosis of infertility in men is usually to semen analysis. semen sample tested in the laboratory on ejaculate volume, the amount and maturity of sperm motility, as well as their size, shape, color, viscosity, etc. Semen analysis is recommended to be performed twice, to obtain more accurate results of the study. A man should not engage in sexual intercourse at least 2-3 days prior to testing and the maximum - in the last 7 days.

Before you start infertility treatment in Israel, a man may be required to pass a number of additional diagnostic tests:

  • examination urologist;
  • genetic analysis of sperm (the presence of antisperm antibodies) and semen analysis to determine the number of live and dead spermatozoa;
  • blood tests for FSH and testosterone, rarely - on LH, luteinizing hormone, estradiol and prolactin;
  • karyotyping;
  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • Analysis of urine for retrograde ejaculation;
  • tekstikulyarnuyu biopsy;
  • angiography.


Infertility Treatment in Israel

Diagnostic testing in Israel must pass both partners. Contrary to misconceptions, male infertility occurs as often as women. According to statistics, about 10% -15% of couples faced with the inability to conceive a child, 1/3 of them - can not have children because of infertility women, 1/3 - by reason of infertility of men and 1/3 of couples faced with the problem of fertilization due to the health problems of both or other, unknown factors.

In Israel, the treatment of infertility in women can be carried out 4 main methods:

Treatment of fertility drugs

Fertile medicaments are used for recovery of ovulation, they stimulate or regulate it. Ovulation violations in 25% of cases is the main cause of female infertility. The most commonly prescribed drugs:

  1. Clomid (Serofen). Appointed in case of problems with ovulation, lack of menstruation for more than 6 months. About 60-80% of women taking the drug after regular begin to ovulate, and about 40-45% of them become pregnant after 6 cycles. Clomid also applies to stimulation of estrogen or deceleration.
  2. Femara or letrozole. Most often prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, but it is also sometimes prescribed to stimulate ovulation, lowering estrogen in the blood and the formation of follicles.
  3. And Follistim Gonal-F mimic follicle-stimulating hormone in the female body, facilitates the growth and development of the egg. Preparations also regulate ovulation.
  4. Gonadotropin. They include hormones LH, follicle stimulating hormone, human chorionic gonadtropin. They are necessary for the normalization of ovulation, formation and development of eggs. Used, including, for simultaneous maturation of follicles needed for IVF or intrauterine insemnatsii.


Surgical treatment of infertility in women

Quite often, surgical treatment of infertility in Israel, the reviews of which for the most part positive. Operations required to remove endometrial growths nodes, separation of adhesions, restoration of function of the fallopian tubes, removal of fibroids or cysts. Surgery is required and polycystic ovaries, which is able to induce infertility.

Generally, laparoscopic surgery is used. It is performed through several small incisions in the abdominal or pelvic cavity through which the doctor inserts a laparoscopy and special surgical instruments. Laparoscopy is a fiber-optic thin tube equipped with a light source and a video camera. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. After the doctor made an incision, the abdominal cavity is filled with carbon dioxide, which creates the necessary space for surgical procedures and improves the visibility of internal organs.

intrauterine insemination

In Israel's treatment of infertility clinics also be fairly simple and traditional method of intrauterine insemination. This procedure is used in male infertility, if there are problems of the cervical mucus in women and in cases of inability of couples to conceive for unknown reasons. It is carried out by sending a selected healthy sperm with a catheter directly into the uterine cavity. It suggests an introduction of semen female sexual partner or donor sperm.

Mandatory factors for the procedure:

  • fallopian tube;
  • in the presence of 1 ml of semen is not more than 5 million sperm.

The method has several advantages:

  • The maximum similarity to natural fertilization.
  • ease of implementation.
  • Using a minimal amount of equipment.
  • Comparative cheapness.

Let us consider the reviews about the treatment of infertility in Israel, but rather the overall statistics. About 4% of pregnant women as a result of this procedure, while its combination with fertility drugs reception rate increases to 8% - 17%.

Estrakorporalnoe fertilization

ECO - the so-called "in vitro fertilization". After oocyte maturation, it is removed from the woman's body and placed in special conditions where it is carried out fertilization.

Prices for infertility treatment in Israel

The diagnosis of women include:

  1. Consultation with a specialist.
  2. Blood tests.
  3. Analysis of urine.
  4. US.
  5. Examination of the breast.

Total: $ 2,000.

Diagnosis of men:

  1. Blood tests.
  2. Semen.

Amount: $ 800.

The cost of IVF:

  1. Consultation with a specialist.
  2. Monitoring the development of eggs.
  3. Analyzes.
  4. US.
  5. Preparation of sperm.
  6. Fertilization.

Total: 10500

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