gynecology clinics in IsraelWomen's health - the key to a successful pregnancy and the birth of strong children. However, not all situations reproductive system is perfect expectant mother. Professional assistance is provided by the Israeli clinic, gynecology recognized as one of their priority areas of medical practice.

Israel gynecological clinics are an innovative treatment and rehabilitation services at affordable prices. On average, treatment in leading medical centers will cost 30-40% cheaper than the passage of similar procedures in the leading clinics of Germany, the UK and America. Call to find out which clinics in the country is treated best. For this we need a profile of your disease history and medical history, assessment of the problem by experts Russian clinics.

Tlv.Hospital Coordination Center works directly with leading hospitals in Israel. Turning to us, you will get the opportunity to quickly go abroad for the correction of the reproductive sphere.

Israel Clinic - Gynecology in a review,

Before deciding on treatment in Israel, review patient testimonials and real stories appeal to the help of foreign physicians. This will help make the right decision and to decide on preferences in choosing. We gathered at the pages of the history of some of the gynecological and reproductive medicine centers in Israel:

"We have experienced a terrible tragedy As a result of a genetic disease, we lost the first child She had spinal muscular atrophy -.. A disease caused by an abnormal copy of the gene from mom and dad, passed on to the child Over. time, it became worse and worse, in the end we lost our baby to bear children it was terrible, put on a cross But, determined not to give up, studied the Israeli clinic Eventually turned into Assuta -... private medical center. the price agreed about another being in Ukraine. Contact the coordinators. the result turned out to be the best. At the place we were asked to conduct in vitro fertilization, in which the physician selects the healthy embryos, eliminating bad heredity, and implant them in the uterus of the wife At times, we doubted that everything will go well, but the procedure was really successful Today we -.. the proud parents of twins I'm shocked as gynecological clinic in Israel has been able to find such a. simple, clear solution is frightening, monstrous problem. I do not get tired to thank the doctors for the happiness that they gave me and my wife. Thanks! Daniel, 37 years old. Kiev ".

"I am 60 years old and already 7 of them I live with a diagnosis of pelvic prolapse. It's a terrible feeling when it seems that all your insides are about to prove on the sidewalk and simply fall out of you. If someone does not know what it is - I will explain the problem arises when the vaginal wall weakened In my case, it influenced the birth of 5 children and inheritance, inherited from his mother Charter to walk with such a problem, I considered the Israeli clinic.... Prompted the eldest son, who pronsponsiroval treatment in Ramat Aviv. I am very glad that had the opportunity to not feel discomfort. This clinic has helped me cope with the problem without pain and suffering. I went through a robotic laparoscopic procedure, spent the night in the hospital and was sent home the next day A few days later returned to Russia, where he showed a gynecologist, he assured that everything is fine (more than) I want to say to all women -.. not to suffer the inconvenience. all fixable, all trea ted. Not the old ahead of time, stay young. Galina. Taganrog. "

Among the clinics of Israel, where the practice of the treatment of gynecological problems, appear on the largest medical centers in the country. This public hospitals - Sheba, Rabin, Asaf ha Rofé, Ichilov (Sourasky)). Among the private Assuta complexes should be noted, Herzliya Medical Center, Ramat Aviv.

Referring to the coordination center, you quickly get the information:

  • the cost of treatment;
  • on the date of stay abroad;
  • the level and training of physicians specializing in the treatment of diseases of desired profile.

Maximum time to prepare a response to the patient's addressed to us - 48 hours. Send your inquiry to our e-mail in which indicate what problem you want to address in Israel Clinics of gynecology to get adequate treatment at an affordable cost. We guarantee the preparation of several treatment plans, from which you choose a suitable and satisfying your needs.

The average Israeli hospitals gynecological procedures cost within the following amounts:

  1. IVF program - 6300 USD - the program includes a consultation of leading doctors and follow-up assays to determine the body's hormonal levels, semen analysis, blood tests (detailed, biochemical).
  2. Colposcopy - in 1310 dollars - a procedure in conjunction with the advice of a gynecologist.
  3. Resection of the uterus by laparoscopy - 21 $ 400 - taking into account the medical team fees, anesthesia, hospitalization of three days in the hospital, the cost of consumables and histological analysis of seized samples.
  4. Laparoscopic resection of fibroids - 18 $ 370 - the same set of services.
  5. Radical hysterectomy (hysterectomy) will cost 24 370 dollars. In the hospital after the surgery the patient is 5 days. At this time, we monitored her condition and the consequences of medical care. With a favorable state of health, she is sent home early.