If disturbing concerns about complications, caesarean section, if there is a desire to maintain their own health and the future health of your baby, you should consider choosing a place for the birth of a child.

Hospitals and clinics Israel provide a whole higher level of care, including in the treatment of infertility and carrying out IVF(In vitro fertilization). Therefore, many women opt for delivery in Israel. The range of services includes the process of preparation for childbirth, their maintenance and restoration posledorodovoe.

childbirth IsraelDomestic medical centers provide a similar level of comfort, but not security. During childbirth possible unpleasant surprises, when there will be a threat to the life of the child or the mother. In such cases, assistance of qualified professionals who provide health care institutions in Israel.

Maternity wards in the country are well-equipped with modern medical equipment for prenatal, physiotherapy and ultrasound. In hospitals and clinics in Israel can pass a comprehensive diagnosis before conception and birth of a child. It includes instrumental and laboratory research in many dozens of indicators. Thanks to this examination is possible to prevent risks and to carry out high-quality preparation for the birth. As selected feeding program for every woman. Conducted training in the basics of motherhood, breathing techniques and relaxation during labor. The cost of prenatal diagnosis is between one and a half to two and a half thousand dollars, the process of birth, on average - five thousand, during the Caesarean section - to seven - nine thousand. Prices generally depend on the type of delivery, the number of days of hospitalization, the complexity of the particular case, the clinic and the services it conditions.

Births in Israel also choose when it comes to pregnancy, after forty years of conducting complicated pregnancy, childbirth or previously disadvantaged child's death. The doctors in this country has a great experience in caring for premature and sick babies. Compartment equipped with the necessary resuscitation equipment, thanks to which is possible to reduce the risk of complications.

Prices for delivery in Israel

Many girls and women in search of better service delivery while turning in Israeli hospitals. They are equipped with all necessary equipment, and doctors and nurses are highly qualified. Details about the clinics, you will learn from our consultants, and below is the price:

  • Natural childbirth - 9050 dollars.
  • Caesar - 11120 dollars.

Births in Israel: statistics

birth in Israel

Some statistics: in 2005 in Israeli hospitals was born about one hundred forty-four thousand children, of whom almost fifty percent were the third child in the family. The birth of children is a national idea. In terms of the birth of Israel - a leader among developed countries. In descending order are the USA, Iceland, France, England, Holland, Sweden, Germany.

According to UNESCO, in Israel - the world's lowest level of maternal mortality and one of the lowest - newborns.

Israel has specialized clinics and departments of gynecology in the multi-center, a task which the preparation and maintenance of pregnancy.

Key trends during childbirth in Israel

Since the Israeli medicine has adopted a system of evidence-based medicine, the principles followed by the Western countries, the country uses the same algorithms and standards of care, as well as around the world. This means the following: the same diagnosis and treatment can be obtained in different countries - America, Germany, Israel, etc.

In Western countries, the main trend - natural childbirth. In Israel, it is possible to select the type of delivery according to the woman's request. Operation of artificial delivery - caesarean section - is carried out in the absence of possibilities of self-birth.

Admission to the hospital before the birth of Israel

Arrival in the country need to plan one month before the birth. If there is a possibility of risk, then Israel should attend the thirty-second - thirty-third week. 4 clinics will be available to choose from.

Predprodovoy period a woman spends in a comfortable hotel, located close by the medical institution.

When a new mother goes to the hospital, shall urinalysis, measured pressure and temperature, inspect and monitor attached, which controls the state of health of the woman, the baby's heartbeat and contractions of the process. The patient is placed in the chamber, which can be one - two people, as well as the closest relatives.

As soon as disclosed cervix, the woman transferred to the maternity box, eliminating the risk of infection. Perhaps the presence of one of the attendants.

Anesthesia delivery in Israel

Israel deliveryAt this stage, the anesthetic used. The question of anesthesia during childbirth in Israel negotiated in advance, are selected options based on the diagnostic results. Types of anesthesia during childbirth in Israel:

  1. Epidural (peridural) anesthesia is a potent topical anesthetic, which is introduced into the spinal canal. Most of the patients prefer this method. It is safe since no analgesic drug enters the bloodstream, it is introduced dropwise, thereby preserved movability of the lower body, the possibility of overdose is eliminated, decreasing the degree of pain is actually 99%. Indications are strong pain, and difficulty in carrying out delivery. Epidural anesthesia is given to all patients at the time of delivery in Israel. But often try to give preference to natural methods: acupuncture, massage.
  2. Aromatherapy in childbirth in Israel used to acupressure. Used aromatic relaxing bath.
  3. Can prescribe homeopathic drugs that reduce pain.

If necessary, during childbirth in Israel may conduct electrical contractions or stimulating medicines.

How to proceed birth in Israel?

The patient's condition is reflected on the monitor in real time. If the child's weight burden of his birth, the birth process is delayed, suction cup can be used to help women in childbirth. In the case where there are complications or holds malposition in the uterus is carried out at cesarean birth in Israel.

Even before the cutting of the umbilical cord baby gives a mother by placing it on the abdomen. After cutting the baby washed, measured by weight, the pediatrician-neonatologist examines, analyzes and makes the vaccinations on the handle strap secured with a personal code mothers, lay in the crib, which can be placed in the mother's room. To ensure its resting nurse will periodically pick up the baby in the children's ward at the time.

After completion of the birth of a child a woman for two hours is in a generic box under unceasing supervision of physicians, to avoid the risk of any complications. The gynecologist examines.

After that, the child with his mother placed in the post-natal ward, where there may be one to three pregnant women. There are all necessary amenities such as refrigerator, shower, etc., organized four meals .. If there are difficulties with movement, ensures the delivery of food to the ward.

The medical staff at the clinic instructs childcare, breastfeeding. Attitude to patients during childbirth in Israel has always - friendly, gentle and patient.

As mother and child health doctor determines the residence time in the hospital. When there are complications (cesarean section and so on.) Or disease in children, increase finding period for treatment and the amount of ten to fourteen days. If the birth of Israel were timely and there are no medical problems, hospitalization may take 1-2 days.

Birth certificate issued already in the hospital, according to the nationality of the father and mother. The Embassy of Israel then will be available for an exit visa and removal of the child.

Stem cells during childbirth in Israelchildbirth Israel

During labor, it is possible to conduct sampling of stem cells from umbilical cord blood. The procedure is very promising. Using stem cells treated with more than fifty diseases - oncology, immune disease, autism, cardiac and neurological diseases. This type of stem cell is considered to be the highest quality.

The procedure itself is performed immediately after birth in Israel. To cut the umbilical cord connects the device performing the fence. It increases the volume of blood to eighty percent. In laboratory conditions, it is isolated from the stem cells and frozen in vials, then used for the treatment of adults and children than once. As such, the shelf life of up to about twenty years. Choosing the storage location determined by the parents, it may be Europe or Israel.

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