Cardiac surgery in IsraelCardiac surgery is an area of cardiologyand surgery. It is engaged in the operative treatment of disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Cardiac surgery in Israel is one of the strongest trends in medicine thanks to the innovative development of the Israeli experts, high professionalism, excellent technical equipment and a generous investment of the state.

Of particular importance acquired mikrokardiohirurgiya, allowing to operate patients previously inoperable. Priority is given to minimally invasive operations. This type of surgery reduces the length of hospital stay, reduces pain, the risk of postoperative complications and infections. Similar heart surgery performed through small incisions in Israel (about 6 cm instead of 20), with the use of specialized surgical instruments.

The use of robotics allows for ultra-precise action and to exclude elements of random error.

Israel for heart surgery is characterized by a conceptual change in the approach to the contraindications that prevent the execution of operations on the heart due to the age of the patient or burdened anamnesis. For each patient selected the best treatments in the field of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Heart surgery in Israel

Consider the number of heart operations in Israel:

  1. Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), including on the beating heart.
  2. Procedure Watchmen (caretaker).
  3. Aortic prosthesis.
  4. Valve replacement and repair, implantation of percutaneous valves, the operation of Port Access method.

Heart surgery in Israel, CABG (coronary artery bypass grafting)

Method CABG in Israelis this: are workarounds (anastomosis) for blood flow that supplies the heart muscle with oxygen, avoiding the coronary arteries of the heart affected by atherosclerosis. Shunt called artificial blood vessel. Their placement is due to the number of obstructions, view and location.

Indications for CABG in Israel shall be established on the basis of coronary angiography. It can be acute heart failure, myocardial infarction, and coronary vascular stenosis by 50% or more with chronic coronary heart disease (CHD).

In Israel clinics use arteries which are extracted from the upper limbs (radial rib, radial artery) or of the thorax. This is due to the fact that the arteries are long and capable of operating at high blood pressure.

In addition, the advantage of CABG in Israel is not using heart-lung machine during surgery. Unit is required the this coronary artery for the bypass surgery on a CABG in Israelthe stopped heart. Complications forced stopping of the heart and connected to the AIC is the risk of brain stroke, systemic inflammatory reactions, cognitive disorders, bleeding disorders and kidney functions.

Coronary artery bypass grafting on the beating heart is an innovative heart surgery in Israel. Its use reduces the risk of complications and the degree of trauma.

In general anesthesia is used during this surgery. To gain access to the coronary arteries, the thorax was opened, exposing the region of the heart. To stabilize a particular portion of the myocardium using special vacuum apparatus, the rest of the heart muscle continued to decline.

Minimally invasive CABG procedure does not involve opening the chest. Surgical procedures performed through small incisions in the intercostal spaces. For the operating field observed by endoscopic equipment.

Heart surgery in Israel: the surgical treatment of aortic aneurysm

Clipping is a surgical technique in the course of which the convex shape of the aneurysm at the base clamped "terminal", a special thin grip. The process is a rupture of the aneurysm preventing future. Mounted on the neck of the aneurysm special terminal disconnects the aneurysm from blood flow.

Prosthetic aortic can be performed using different techniques.

Valve Graft Composite is a surgical technique in which the aorta is replaced tube portion of Dacron (polyester synthetic fiber) with an artificial mitral valve. When carrying out operations on the thoracic aorta using heart-lung machine, stopping blood supply (up to 30 minutes) and resulting in a state of deep gipoterimii (patient cooling to 16) of the patient. Access to the pathological section of the aorta through an abdominal or chest cavity. Then the damaged portion is removed and sewn vascular prosthesis. Uses linear (fabric tube) and bifurcation prosthesis (tubular structures).

Technique's the DAVID is Operational procedure DURING the which application Pathologically modified PORTION of the aorta is Replaced with the help of an aortic root the Reconstruction, The while retaining a natural an aortic valve. If you can not use your own aortic valve, used valve bioprosthesis.

Heart surgery in Israel: replacement and heart valves

Heart surgery in IsraelThe heart muscle is made up of 4 cameras: 2 big - ventricles and 2 small - the atria. One-way valves arranged at the inlet and outlet in each ventricle. At the heart of man - 2 pairs of valves: the mitral, tricuspid, aortic valve and the pulmonary artery.

The valves must provide a one-way blood flow. Birth defects or acquired diseases lead to the development of bilateral blood flow, dramatically reducing cardiac function.

Operations on the heart valves improves body performance and prolong the patient's life. Range of data operations in cardiac surgery begins by Israel restore its own valve to replace the strain on the biological or mechanical prosthesis.

This type of heart surgery in Israel involves the replacement of a heart valve or a plastic. At the moment considered the preferred plastic, since the stored natural valve. Artificial valves may be biological and mechanical. Mechanical valves are not destroyed, but the patient a lifetime need to take anticoagulants to prevent thromboembolic complications associated with prosthetics. During the implantation of biological valve is no need for anticoagulants, but after 10-15 years will be necessary to replace the valve.

Operation of Port Access method in cardiac Israel

Port Access Method is an innovative and minimally invasive surgery when the heart valves. Surgical intervention is carried out without opening the chest.

Repair or replacement of the valves is carried out through small incision between the ribs on the thorax via endoscopic instruments instead of the usual 30-centimeter cross sections of the sternum.

This method facilitates and shortens the period of rehabilitation of the patient, prevents the risk of sternal infection, ensures a better cosmetic result.

Percutaneous valve implantation in cardiac Israel

This procedure is generally used when the patients are at high risk for age, concomitant diseases, etc.

Aortic valve CoreValve PAVI from porcine pericardium is administered via a catheter through the femoral artery into the vasculature and advanced into the ventricle. It is not made opening the chest, heart failure and the patient's lungs. The penetration through skin puncture instead of 1.2 cm incision chest length more than 15 cm by time procedure takes 1,5-2 hours -. Instead of 2-4 hours. hospitalization period is 3-5 days instead of 5-10 days. The recovery period - 1 week instead of 6-8 weeks.

This surgery is considered to be relatively safe and effective.

Heart surgery in Israel: Watchmen procedure (caretaker)heart surgery in Israel

Mechanical Watchmen apparatusis an alternative method of treatment of atrial fibrillation and the prevention of stroke. Placed in the heart of it replaces a long period of use of anticoagulant blood thinners.

The implant is a mesh or tiny umbrella. During implantation of the device using a special catheter is introduced through the femoral artery and placed under the control of the ECM or the X-ray entering the left atrial appendage.

Use of this device allows the patient to avoid restrictions in the choice of foods and physical exercise associated with atrial fibrillation.

Prices of operation

Below are the prices for some of the operations carried out in Israel. The price may change if the doctor will include additional procedures or medications. To find out how much the treatment will cost, you need to send your medical records about the disease.

The bypass artery grafting the Coronary - 38.480 DOLLARS.

The cost of the operation include:

  1. Remuneration of the surgeon.
  2. Remuneration anesthesiologist.
  3. Payment of the surgical team work.
  4. Hospitalization in the clinic for 5 days.
  5. Disposable consumables.

And heart valves Replacement - 48980 dollars.

The cost of the operation include:

  1. Remuneration of the surgeon.
  2. Remuneration anesthesiologist.
  3. Payment of the surgical team work.
  4. Hospitalization in the clinic for 4 days.
  5. Disposable consumables.

A stent coronary the Coronary - 17800 dollars.

The cost of the operation include:

  1. Remuneration of the surgeon.
  2. Remuneration anesthesiologist.
  3. Payment of the surgical team work.
  4. Hospitalization in the clinic for 2 days.
  5. Disposable consumables.

The cost of the stent to be paid separately.

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