CABG surgery in IsraelCoronary artery bypass grafting or heart CABG surgery is a traditional and reliable method for restoring blood flow in the cardiac arteries. During surgery one or more of a blocked artery is shunted coronal special bypass shunts, which are stitched above and below the constriction or blockage of blood vessels.

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Typically, material for grafts becomes an artery or vein of a patient disposed in the upper and lower limbs or chest. Shunts go on a tour of the arteries and, thereby, create a new way for oxygenated blood, heading towards the heart. Arterial grafts, in contrast to venous thrombosis are not affected and have a longer useful life. According to statistics, in the application conduits from the veins at ½ of patients after two or three years it starts again abnormal narrowing and blockage of blood vessels.

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Israel CABG involves the application of mammary (thoracic) blood vessel having the greatest viability compared with other vascular prostheses. But operations using mammarokoronarnogo bypass surgery requires high professionalism of doctors and the most modern equipment. The Israeli hospitals is widely practiced this type of surgery, and he, as a rule, he is successful, and rehabilitation after CABG in most cases proceeds without complications.

The objectives of CABG in Israel

Coronary artery bypass surgery is performed to restore blood flow to the heart. It reduces pain in the chest and coronary heart disease, improves the quality of life of the patient, and in some cases prolongs its life. The main objectives of the heart CABG is to eliminate the symptoms of coronary artery disease and reducing the likelihood of heart attacks and other heart problems.

According to the American Heart Association, most of the need for CABG appears in patients with the following symptoms:

  • Blockage of 2 or more coronary arteries, particularly when narrowing found in blood vessels supplying blood to the left ventricle of the heart or in the left anterior descending artery.
  • A severe case of angina, when even a small force can cause pain in the chest.
  • Poorly functioning left ventricle.
  • When cardiomyopathy and acute coronary syndrome.

Diagnosis to surgery heart bypass surgery

Prior to performing coronary bypass patient needs to go through several stages of the diagnostic study.

  • history and physical examination;
  • stress test (Stress echocardiography);
  • clinical and biochemical blood tests for cholesterol, triglycerides, and other factors;
  • long-term ECG recording;
  • cardiac catheterization;
  • computed tomography, echocardiography or chest X-rays.

The methodology of the CABG surgery in Israel

Stage 1 - Preparing for heart bypass surgery

If a patient has had a heart attack, the operation can be carried out not earlier than three months after it. Also, the patient before surgery should completely abandon the nicotine addiction. Prior to CABG in Israel, the patient is prescribed medication to prevent blood clots. On the day of the operation, in the morning, the patient takes a sedative medications. Pre-angiography of the coronary arteries. surgery time depends on the number of arteries to be proshuntirovat, but a total duration of the heart CABG is from 3 to 5 hours. The patient is under general anesthesia, and the operation is usually performed using a heart-lung machine.

Stage 2 - conducting CABG surgery in Israel

After the patient acted anesthesia doctor prepares a vein or artery to artery bypass grafting. If the conduit is used subcutaneous Vienna feet,heart surgeonmakes a few incisions in the thigh or calf area for the shunt if the shunt is used as the radial artery - An incision is made in the forearm. Doctors use only the arteries and veins, which will not affect the normal blood flow. The Israeli clinics often carried out using a grafting mammary arteries (left predominantly internal), though it increases the total time of the operation. Likely to hold an urgent CABG in Israel, the internal mammary artery used in bypass surgery will not be as necessary.

The surgeon steriotomiyu (median) to gain access to the heart and blood vessels. Next, it performs a temporary cardiac arrest, using salt water of low temperature, "freezes" the body, and preservative solution for arteries. This allows you to attach the shunts, is focused on heart rate and their consequences (Israeli surgeons also practice during beating heart CABG). Circulation supported AIC - lung machine. During CABG surgery the aorta is clamped, with the purpose to minimize bleeding, and to attach vascular grafts. It may need to double, triple, quarter, etc. bypass surgery. After completion of the filing shunts heart resumes its operation, the thorax is fixed, and the incision is sutured. Drainage is also set to remove excess fluid from the mediastinum.

In some cases, it may be performed minimally invasive CABG heart having a lower probability of infection, providing a quick rehabilitation and cosmetic effect. This operation is carried out using special equipment with a beating heart, bypass the blocked artery is carried out while the heart continues to "pump" the blood throughout the body, and, of course, AIC is not required.

Rehabilitation after CABG

After closure and transfer heart CABG patient in the ICU, he is under continuous monitoring by medical personnel about 1-2 days, and his breathing is regulated respirator (first 6 hours). For some time, the patient's upper limb fixed to his unconscious movement did not lead to pull-out the tubes, not split seams and did not deviate dropper.

Depending on the individual characteristics of each patient, it is only allowed a certain amount of physical exertion. After the transfer of the patient to a regular room to sit and let go inside her, then he can sometimes walk far from the room, and with the approach of the extract - a walk around the hospital and walk up the stairs. On average, if you do not have any complications after CABG in Israel, period of stay of the patient in the clinic is from 4 to 7 days.

prices for treatment

heart surgery in Israel carried out the best surgeons. A wealth of experience and new technology to help solve any heart problems. Below you can see the price of the operation. The amount includes a variety of options including but not limited logistics services, such as transport, translation from Hebrew documents.

The bypass artery grafting the Coronary - 38.480 DOLLARS.

The cost of the operation include:

  1. Payment for the work of the surgeon.
  2. Payment of the anesthesiologist.
  3. Payment of the surgical team.
  4. Hospitalization in the clinic for 5 days.
  5. Consumables.

And heart valves Replacement - 48980 dollars.

The cost of the operation include:

  1. Payment for the work of the surgeon.
  2. Payment of the anesthesiologist.
  3. Payment of the surgical team.
  4. Hospitalization in the clinic for 4 days.
  5. Consumables.

A stent coronary the Coronary - 17800 dollars.

The cost of the operation include:

  1. Payment for the work of the surgeon.
  2. Payment of the anesthesiologist.
  3. Payment of the surgical team.
  4. Hospitalization in the clinic for 2 days.

The cost of the stent to be paid separately.

In addition, assays can be assigned or any other type of diagnosis, which is paid separately. To learn all about treatment in Israel and its value, call or leave a request on