Israeli hospitalsIsraeli health care system includes public and private clinics, as well as the public, which are owned by the sickness funds.

The state of Israel Hospital

Initially, there were health centers, state-owned and assisting only residents of the country. Gradually, with the development of medicine began to emerge private clinics.

At the same time, public hospitals continue to develop rapidly thanks to funding from the budget and revenues from fee-based offices that cover the costs of salaries, training and updating medical equipment. Calculation for foreigners is carried on a price, developed by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Citizens pay for treatment at the expense of insurance. The entire population of the state insured, the residents give a certain percentage of wages over a lifetime - to invest in their own health. But a large part of the working families in Israel also have additional private insurance, through which you can consult at the best doctors, receive special conditions, the possibility of high technology, speed up the queues, and so on.

Public hospitals in Israel have a permanent staff of highly qualified professionals. In addition to offices, associated with the diagnosis and therapy, as opposed to private clinics, where there is division, which provides services to emergency medical care.

Also, these institutions interact with the universities of the country, selecting the staff of the new doctors. In addition, actively financing research.

State-owned hospitals in Israel include Ichilov, Sheba, Rabin and others. Typically, they include numerous body, various ancillary services. Almost all Israeli hospitals are multi-profile centers, where any violations are treating.

Certain diseases and treatments carried out only in public hospitals. These include leukemia, kidney disease, transplantation of kidney, liver and bone marrow, as well as complex operations in children. This is due to the presence of the necessary medical equipment.

Israel's public hospitals  In public hospitals, the Israeli acts a certain regimen of foreign patients. Its main goal - not to overload centers and keep the same opportunities to health care for all patients, even though the cost of services for visitors is much higher.

  1. Surgical treatment for residents of other countries is carried out exclusively in the afternoon.
  2. Foreign patients awaiting care on a par with the locals - in a single queue.
  3. Payment of physicians produced by the Ministry of Health, so any special preference to tourists from other countries do not receive.
  4. There is no possibility to choose a doctor or surgeon, may be it will be an experienced and highly professional specialist or perhaps a beginner, a student, who graduated from medical school.

Every day, public hospitals services are used by thousands of patients from Israel and other countries. Medical care in such institutions is ground mostly by residents of the state, so a special attitude towards visitors should be expected. In addition, from time to time it is observed strike personnel, which adversely affects the process.

If a foreign patient is engaged in self-organization - the destination queue, performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, a process that usually takes a lot of time and effort. If he prefers co-operation with professional medical adviser - a company operating in the field of medical tourism, the diagnosis and treatment process is accelerated at times, avoiding exhausting queues. This is due to a deep knowledge of the Israeli health specifics, numerous professional contacts, raising the capacity of public and private clinics, pre-planning.

Israeli government hospitals tend to have international tourism offices, where co-ordinators work. But the snag is that the number of patients is much higher than the number of attendants. Therefore, the quality of the organization will be much lower than if the patient will cooperate with private intermediary company. However, payment for the organization is charged, it lies within the hospital fees.

Benefits of treatment in major hospitals in Israel:

  1. Extensive diagnostic options.
  2. A large number of doctors of different profiles.
  3. Reliable resuscitation service.

If the patient is elderly and has a significant number of pathologies or in severe case, which requires a lot of consultation narrow specialists or sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic options, should give preference to large government agencies.

Disadvantages of the state of Israel Hospital

  1. Lack of flexibility in terms of price. Quite often, the cost of services is 1.5 times more expensive. Prices for foreign tourists include the cost of treatment of the patient and the percentage of the Ministry of Health (the employer). For example, the cost of services in a public hospital is similar to or greater than the advice and treatment in private hospitals - in Assuta and Herzliya Medical Center.
  2. Low level of organization of diagnosis and treatment.

State medical institution gives foreign tourists everything you need, except for a choice - the so-called "immutable package."

Israeli hospitals

In some cases, treatment in public hospitals in Israel can be considered the best?

If the patient is not necessary in the short term to be diagnosed and treated. He is able to pay for additional days of stay in the country. When there are friends or relatives - citizens of Israel, who can help with information, housing and maintenance process.

Is it worth a foreign patient to seek direct contact with the public hospital?

State medical institutions of the country does not directly interact with patients from abroad. In each hospital there is international tourism department, which deals with the organization of treatment, or there is another kind of intermediary services.

In this case, given the possibility of only one clinic to ensure maximum revenue specific institution. Every month a large number of patients are turning to the services of public hospitals of Israel, so the level of diagnosis and treatment organization is rather low.

In addition, many medical tourism companies have websites dedicated clinics - Rabin, Shibe, etc. The potential customer calls, thinking it was the immediate site of the particular institution ..

Health insurance companies - what is it?

Community clinic or health insurance companies provide services under the compulsory health insurance program. They own outpatient clinics where you can get primary care. The remaining cases involved public hospitals. Israel operates 4 offices.

Private clinics Israel

private clinics in IsraelThe level of health care in private and in public hospitals is equally high. Innovations and modern technologies are available and there and there.

Private clinics of Israel are quite diverse. This can be a large medical facility in features and dimensions corresponding to the large state hospitals, for example, a network of medical centers (11 hospitals) - Assuta. Or a small hospital with a much more modest resources.

Conventional common diseases can be effectively treated in many clinics in Israel. A dozen hospitals have the ability to successfully carry out procedures such as knee replacement, a variety of plastic surgery, cataract, coronary angiography, stenting, and others. Hundreds of medical professionals carry out quality treatment, equipping clinics corresponds to a good level.

In private clinics in Israel have the opportunity to choose the doctor and in a short time to be diagnosed and treated in a comfortable environment.

It offers a large private hospitals also treated thousands of patients, as the inhabitants of Israel and other countries. It hosts the complex types of diagnostic, treatment and surgical interventions.

Doctors in major public hospitals operate on the bid, and their work in private clinics enables greater earnings. As a rule, the majority of experts in Israel combine their activities in both types of medical centers.

the quality of service in a private hospital above, medical equipment sometimes better diagnosis and treatment process takes place more quickly. But the permanent staff of doctors in these health centers do not have the work of specialists is carried out on a contractual basis.

Thus, the benefits of private clinics in Israel:

  1. The cost of many procedures in private institutions is cheaper with the same quality level, as well as in public hospitals, it is connected with the competition.
  2. There is a possibility VIP-service. An individual approach to each patient, as opposed to a public institution, where the visitor from another country is equal to the ordinary Israeli, although paid a large amount, and which operates a kind of conveyor system, supplied by the stream. In private clinics in Israel there are no queues and bureaucratic problems, as well as a doctor's appointment only by the hour. Here the expert can change your schedule. Medical staff more friendly and courteous.
  3. There is a higher level of organization and a short time of the therapeutic and diagnostic process.
  4. The patient may choose the physician or surgeon, because the professionalism, talent and experience will determine the success of treatment. It is possible to communicate with the expert extracurricular and communication support after the departure of the patient from Israel.
  5. You can get a "second opinion" from another doctor if the patient has doubts.

In some cases it is necessary to give preference to a private clinic in Israel?

If a patient is interested quickly pass inspection and treatment , Appreciate individual approach comes with accompanying, does not want to deal with the problem of queues, it is important to comfortable accommodation.Israel clinics

Company medical tourism, They are often referred to as intermediaries, performing services connecting link between the doctor and the person who is looking for some help. Often, he does not know exactly what services he needs, he is disoriented, it is in search of the right place and the right people that he was not deceived. Unfortunately, in the world there are those who live their lives dishonest and unfair earns.

In services, medical tourism companies have enormous importance. this level specialists are gaining accumulate knowledge and experience, a specialty doctors, what they do, where it occurs. They know, for example, features two - three professionals who have the same name, specialization, but with certain narrow direction in their daily activities, know who and what is better. Intermediaries are conductors that provide the "correct fusion 'needs and necessary services.

Our company works with government (Ichilov, Rabin out by Shiba, Asaf ha Rofé) and private hospitals (Assuta, Tel Aviv, Herzliya Medical Center) on a contractual basis and is ready to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of the organization, ensuring perfect results. In the course of our work we use the possibilities of public and private clinics.