HIV Treatment in Israel

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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a serious disease of the human immune system. HIV is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy blood by direct contact or mucous membranes. Once in the body, the virus attacks the immune system in the first place, B lymphocytes, thereby reducing their protective function.

According to statistics, the number of infected people is increasing from year to year worldwide. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet found a way to complete cure for HIV. However, the question is so global that it works over the most advanced clinic in the world, including the best clinics of Israel.

If you or your family member diagnosed with HIV / AIDS do not need to despair. Do not waste time on pointless search options. Entrust your health questions to professionals.

AIDS virus

Studies suggest that getting into the human body, HIV for a long time does not manifest itself, a person looks and feels perfectly healthy. However, this does not mean that the disease is dormant. Finding himself in a supportive environment, the virus is actively attacking healthy cells. More precisely it injects its DNA into CD4 proteins, which are on the surface of T lymphocytes. Thus, the main defenders of our body's T-cells become carriers of the deadly infection, which were originally designed to fight. Gradually, the body weakens and loses its natural ability to fight dangerous infections and viruses that daily enter our body from the environment. During this period, there is a critical drop in the level of T-cells in the body. This condition is called AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). It disrupted the functioning of all organs and systems that provide vital functions of the body. As a result, enforcement failure causes death. Defeat the immune system can last for many years. On average, this period is about ten years. In cases where the disease progresses, the period is reduced to three years.

Methods HIV

It should be noted, have been infected with household contact with HIV-positive people is almost impossible. At least, such cases were not recorded. HIV is transmitted only between humans via blood or mucous membrane contact. We list the main ways of HIV transmission:

  1. Unprotected sexual intercourse (particularly anal sex).
  2. From mother to child in utero, during birth or through breastfeeding. It should be noted that infection from mother to child occurs only in 30% of cases.
  3. Through contaminated instruments during surgery.
  4. Through blood transfusions.
  5. Through syringes infected drug addicts.

And matched each stage symptoms

As mentioned earlier, getting into the body, immunodeficiency virus long way itself does not detect. Symptomatology of HIV depends on the stage of its development.

1 stage of HIV - primary infection. The first contact with HIV in the body can manifest symptoms as the flu. Immunity is trying to produce antibodies against HIV.

2 stage of HIV - clinically asymptomatic. HIV does not manifest itself. However, do not put to donate blood for HIV, if you have long observed the following secondary signs of HIV:

  • Causeless weight loss.
  • Dyspnea.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Much hair fall out.
  • intestinal disorders.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Feeling weak.

3 stage of HIV - symptomatic infection. The body becomes ill by several infections, which previously could easily handle.

Stage 4 HIV - HIV progresses to AIDS. Develop severe infections andcancers .

For each stage of HIV treatment in Israel has its own characteristics.

Diagnosis of HIV in IsraelAIDS Treatment in Israel

Unfortunately, very often the human immunodeficiency virus is detected at a late stage, when HIV is reborn as AIDS.

Israel's hospitals are well equipped to diagnose HIV, both early and late stages. Diagnosis of HIV in Israel includes medical examination and various blood tests (biochemistry, plasma chain reaction, Western blot, enzyme immunoassay, and resistance antigenatsiya).

By applying the most modern methods of research, the Israeli doctors are able to one hundred percent to confirm or deny the presence of HIV in the body, as well as to determine the stage of disease. What is very positive effect on the further treatment of AIDS in Israel.

HIV Treatment in Israel

HIV treatment program in Israel is developed individually for each patient. It is formed as a result of the diagnosis. Commonly practiced comprehensive HIV treatment in Israel. It is to receive a variety of effective drugs, which inhibit the virus and simultaneously reduced immunity (Saquinavir, Tenofovir, Epivir, atazanavir et al.). Drugs for AIDS treatment in Israel can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Ritonavir protease inhibitors;
  2. NRTIs;
  3. NNRTIs.

The use of drugs takes place under the guidance of a doctor, since many of them have very strong side effects. Here plays the role of the individual tolerability of the body, the general health of the patient, stage of the disease. Considering all factors, the doctor prescribes so-called "anti-retroviral cocktails" that significantly reduce the viral load in the body. You must take drugs for life. Over time, it may be addictive for some components. In this case, assigned an updated list of medications.

Simultaneously c HIV treatment is carried out in Israel concomitant therapy of diseases caused by weakened immunity common (pneumonia, lymphoma, tumor, etc.).

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