Medications from Israel At present, many people in Russia and the former Soviet Union is interested in the possibility of purchasing medicines from Israel. Why is this happening? Is there really a problem of counterfeit medicines?

According to WHO's data, the number of counterfeit drugs in the world is about twenty-five percent. Different countries are characterized by their value: in the EU countries it can reach one - three per cent in the less developed countries - up to eighty. According to statistics, in Russia celebrate different figures:

  • Roszdravnadzor data call only 0.2%;
  • The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade - 10%;
  • analysts voiced from 5 to 15%;
  • in some categories of drugs to 1/3 in Russian pharmacies are called counterfeit drugs.

Our company offers a wide range of medications, prescription and non-prescription drugs, rare and common. It can be targeted therapies; drugs which reduce side effects of chemotherapy; medicines that strengthen the immune system; Supplements and other medications. All products are certified and approved for the implementation of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

According to the WHO, approximately forty percent of fake medicines - antibiotics is around eighteen percent - psychoactive substances. Falsifications affect all groups of medicines, cosmeceuticals and supplements.

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, the proportion of antibacterial drugs in Russia is about forty-seven percent, about eleven account for hormonal medication, seven - the means to treat diseases of the digestive tract, a similar number - to antifungal drugs or painkillers .

Almost 2/3 of counterfeit goods manufactured in Russia. Falsification to be both expensive and cheap drugs, in ninety percent of cases - imported.

The system of certification and approval of new drugs in Russia does not meet international standards, in addition, it is corrupt, as a result - many psevdopreparatov. Pharmaceutical companies do not meet the GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. Despite the fact that the country is functioning State pharmacological inspection, the Criminal Code contains an article 238, prosecuted for counterfeit medicines, the production of counterfeit medicines continues to gain momentum.

Are 4 types of fake drugs:

  1. "Dummy" has no active ingredient. It presents a danger, when you need emergency care.
  2. "Simulates drug" replaces the drug substance less effective and less expensive. It is considered the most dangerous forgery.
  3. "The modified medicament" contains the active ingredient in an excessive or insufficient. As a consequence - the unintended consequences of reception and the absence of any therapeutic effects.
  4. "Copy" in composition and quantity has the same active substance, but the substance for its production is not subject to quality control.

At this time, fighting with forged increasingly occupies the western pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical industry in Israel - drugs from Israel

In this country, a significant progress has been research and development, advanced technology and chemical industry - all this has created a base for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the internal needs of the state, medicines are also produced for export. More than 30% of the drugs in the United States are produced by the Israeli patents.

The largest companies in the industry in Israel is "Teva» (Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd) Moreover, it is one of the largest companies in the world -. It includes about forty plants worldwide, and forty thousand employees.

Scope of activity "Teva":

  1. Production of generics (drugs developed by other companies, with the expired term of the patent).
  2. Production of a wide spectrum of natural drugs (eg, Copaxone, azilekt et al.).

Medicine in Israel constantly raises the problem of the creation and production of new cancer drugs. Some medications Israeli pharmaceutical companies:

  • Vaccination against cancer from the company Vaxil Vaxil BioTherapeutics, strengthens the immune system.
  • MabThera from Roche Pharmaceuticals (Israel) Ltd, developed with the purpose of the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and others.
  • Vedotin .
  • Zelboraf .
  • Keytruda .
  • Opdivo .

How is the quality control of drugs in Israel?

The Ministry of Health coordinates the country as follows:

  1. Carried out regular checks of the laboratory department of the Ministry.
  2. Observed compliance management preclinical studies (carefully logged the results). It applies modern equipment and the latest technology to test drugs.
  3. Monitored compliance with international laboratories GLP, international standards of quality control GCP with the release of drugs.
  4. Quality control is performed stepwise during the manufacturing process, from raw material to work with transportation. The high level of industrial processing.
  5. Materials for the Raw a production of drugs is are subject to a strict selection to the ensure is impeccable quality of Medicines from Israel , IT has certificates.
  6. All preparations also undergo a process of mandatory certification.

the cost of drugs in Israel is controlled by the state, the price is the same throughout.

Many tourists who come to treatment in Israel, Buy medication before returning to his homeland. At the airport before the flight made a return of 17% VAT on the receipts in the desired currency.

Ordering drugs from Israel through the Internet will save you time and money. It will be high-quality products, prompt and convenient delivery, compliance with storage standards and affordable prices.

export department specialists will advise on the dose rate, to answer any questions. To order the drug from Israel, you must fill out this form request.