Israel is a cure for cancer Tlv.Hospital company offers patients from Russia and the Middle abroad order in Israel medicationsfrom cancer in the original performance. Working more than 12 years in the market of professional medicine and being an official member companies of the Association medturizma Israel, we guarantee honesty and integrity to cancer patients in the provision of pharmaceutical products of the last generation.

Make a reservation today at an affordable price, so that the body defeated the disease, and you've got a chance to recover from the deadly disease.

The offered products are certified and approved for implementation. Drugs are delivered by courier or forwarded rushed express mail and the required storage conditions are guaranteed for compliance properties manufacturer.

Israeli cancer drugs

Pathologies cancer treatment protocols based on the use of drugs for special purposes. Group share of Pharmacology different depending on the direction of their effects on the body.

Systemic chemotherapy drugs aimed at suppressing and destroying cancer cells in atypical locations location of the tumor and beyond. This strong support of internal systems and structures from the spread of metastasis. In addition, the therapy helps to cope with the already developed pathology, inhibiting its activity.

In recent years, rapid development has received targeted therapy. In this respect, Israel is developing a cure for cancer based cytotoxic agents acting directly on the cells changed oncology. The principle of operation of these drugs:

  • Suppression of cellular metabolic activity in the affected links.
  • Encouraging healthy structures in the recognition and destruction of the "sick" cells.
  • Inhibition of the activity of the blood vessels supplying the tumor (angiogenesis inhibitors).

Pharmacological form manufactured in the form of oral preparations, liquids for intravenous injection of infusion formulas. Self-medication is not allowed. The drug is prescribed by the attending physician after the diagnosis and the development of individual therapeutic protocol.

Detailed information about the purchase methods of medication given after filling out a special form on the website or on request from the administrative system on these phones. Realizing that in the treatment of cancer no longer be delayed, we will deliver the funds as soon as possible.

Trust us: purchase cancer drugs from manufacturers

On the Internet, people are trusting encounter unscrupulous suppliers of drugs, significantly overpaying for acquiring the necessary drugs or counterfeit. Such schemes are one-day companies.

Tlv.Hospital over the years his work has proved that service coordinators - an invaluable help in difficult situations. We have helped to cope with the many Russian-speaking cancer patients. Today, along with the offer to go to Israel for treatment, use the services of the leading hospitals and physicians of the country, we have organized the work of Department for drug manufacturers. You do not have to go to Israel - a cure for cancer can now be purchased and in their homeland. We guarantee:

  1. Prompt processing of applications, the search for drugs.
  2. Rapid drug delivery to the addressee.
  3. Official pharmaceutical formulations, high quality tools of medical therapy.
  4. Compliance with regulations and rules of storage, transportation orders.
  5. Affordable prices for drugs, and logistics services.
  6. Trouble-free operation in search and selection of drugs.
  7. Recalculation of the return of the value added tax (17%) in the export of medicinal products from Israel.

Israel is rightly regarded as a country of innovation in the medical field. Every year on the market there is new equipment, development of new treatment technologies, delivers advanced pharmaceuticals. Perhaps the most loyal synonyms Israel: a cure for cancer, medicine, scientific discoveries, new developments in the field of cancer therapy and other areas.

Statistics confirms one of the highest percentages of treatment of cancer patients in clinics in the country. Unlike new drugs from the previous series farmapreparatov apparently - minimal side effects, high security formulas. Strict control of state control bodies allows us to implement high standards of practice, providing care to patients from all over the world.

Among our offerings you will find a cure for stomach cancer, pulmonary system, thyroid gland, organs of reproductive system (uterus, cervix, ovaries) and other anomalies. Refer to our services may patients with initial forms of the disease and those whose disease has moved 4 (final) stage. Well-built therapy will prolong life, greatly improving its quality.

Israeli breakthrough in the development of cancer drugs

Many drugs for treating cancer, which are now available on the market or planned for release in the near future, based on research by Israeli scientists.

For example, the ICRF researcher Professor Alberto Gabizon and his team have developed a drug Doxil - the first medication approved by the FDA for the use of stealth liposomes to activate the direct delivery to the tumor core agents without damaging surrounding tissue. Doxil is used for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer, Kaposi's sarcoma, cancer in AIDS patients.

Professor Eli Canaan and his associates in the Weizmann identified molecular structure of the Philadelphia chromosome - a first abnormal chromosome found in leukemia. Based on the study in Israel, a cure for cancer appeared immediately - Gleevec. The drug is targeted directly to the tumor cells, it was developed to treat chronic myelogenous leukemia.

Another discovery Israeli pharma industry - Ubiquitin system and drug Velcade, approved by the FDA quality control system for the treatment of multiple myeloma, bone marrow cancer.

Department of Molecular Biology at the Center for the integrated prevention of cancer, headed by Prof. Nadir Arber has not gone away. Scientists have achieved outstanding results in the study of lung cancer cells and colon cancer. They managed to neutralize 70% of pathological cellular structures with the help of a new drug Gammora, developed by Zion Pharmaceuticals, a known release of the drug from the immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Action Gammora is to work with peptides derived from the HIV integrase protein. This protein is expressed by the virus. Multiple copies of viral DNA is required for access to the cancer cells that triggers the mechanism of apoptosis. In this healthy cell blocks remain intact.

Israel is developing a cure for cancer annually, Russian clinics are not equipped with such a great potential for research. Do not give up, if oncology invaded your life. Fight cancer with all means available. Refer to the official providers for ordering drugs.