Mammalogy in IsraelMammalogy focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. It develops at the junction of such medical topics asgynecology . endocrinology . oncology . surgery .

Mammalogy in Israel is urgent as the field of medicine. These problems involved in breast center and multi-department clinics (MC Ichilov, Assuta, Rabin).

Service will Medical assist in the organization of treatment of diseases of the mammary glands in specialized clinics and departments of Mammalogy Israel.

Mammalogy in Israel carries out high-quality diagnosis and treatmentin accordance with international standards. Most breast care centers also carry out preventive screening programs.

Specialized clinics and separation treatment is performed in the following range of conditions mammology:

  • actinomycosis breast;
  • pappilomy intraductal breast;
  • diffuse mastitis;
  • mammary fat necrosis;
  • cysts;
  • lactostasis;
  • leaf-breast tumor;
  • breast cancer ;
  • Paget's cancer;
  • sarcoma of the breast;
  • syphilis breast;
  • cracked nipples;
  • Breast tuberculosis;
  • nodal mastopathy;
  • injury breast;
  • fibroma.

Diagnosis of breast diseases in Israel

Diagnosis in mammology Israel - a wide range of inspections: laboratory (hormonal, biochemical, histological) and tool (ultrasound, radiographic, tomographic and others.).

Ultrasound examinations are studying the condition of regional lymph nodes, breast tissue echographic structure, the state of blood flow. In addition, used in the performance of needle biopsy. Performed breast ultrasound, ultrasound breast regional lymph nodes, Doppler ultrasound breast vessels.diagnosis of breast diseases

Radiographic studies represents a group of ray examination methods studying the morphological structure of the breast tissue that detect tumors, their nature and prevalence. By this type of diagnosis of breast diseases include overview mammography (projections 2-3) aiming mammography ductography, pneumocystography et al.

  • Overview mammography in 2 projections is a radiological examination of breast tissue and regional lymph nodes. Conducted after 35 years 1 time in two years, after 50 years - every year. Sightseeing mammogram reveals benign and malignant tumors, cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, and other diseases.
  • Sightseeing mammography in 3 projections polypositional uses X-rays of each breast in an additional standard and projections. Is assigned if there is a need to clarify the structure of the glandular and connective tissue, ducts, vessels, lymph nodes; localization of lesions, their size and shape.

Tomographic diagnosis of breast disease produces layered image slices of the breast. This kind of research performed only after review mammography as inferior in performance and is used as an additional method.

  • Breast MRI can diagnose a tumor focus, clarify the prevalence of process, identify the gap and leaking breast implants. Also, this type of diagnostic results are needed in the planning of surgery and postoperative monitoring. In addition, the contrast enhancement is used, which greatly increases the information content of MRI in the diagnosis of breast cancer up to 90-95%.
  • CT breast is computed by X-ray diagnosis, which performs stratified scanning mammary glands. This type of survey complements mammography survey, said the prevalence of pathological process and operability.

As an additional diagnostic methods are also used radiometry, transillumination, scintigraphy electrical impedance in most cases to produce a differential diagnosis of benign and malignant breast tumors.

Laboratory studies reveal signs of cancer and inflammation in the mammary glands. The main research include: the study of blood for tumor markers, histological and cytological examination of discharge from the nipples, the study of biopsy material of cysts and nodules.

Biopsy breast represents fence atypical tissue samples for morphological studies. This kind of diagnosis or eliminates confirmed breast cancer:

  • in the presence of the seal;
  • with non-palpable nodules on the results of mammography or ultrasound;
  • with secretions from the nipple or changes (ulcers, desquamation, crust).

Depending on the following types of biopsy can be performed formation location and size: fine needle aspiration biopsy needle, incisional (surgical) biopsy, stereotactic needle, using MRI or ultrasound, and others.

Treatment of breast diseases in Israel

Treatment of breast diseasesSpecialized clinics and mammalogy department carried out two types of treatment in Israel: conservative and operative.

Conservative treatment of breast diseases in Israel

Indications for conservative treatment are lactostasis, intraductal papilloma, mastitis, breast nodular, diffuse mastopathy, cracked nipples.

Conservative treatment may include courses of medical treatment, as well as the general measures, such as the impact of psychotherapy, diet therapy, contraception, physical therapy, physiotherapy and spa treatment (the Dead Sea).

The primary goal of medical therapy - dishormonal carry out the correction process, to eliminate background ekstragenital'nye and genital diseases, inflammatory processes which are provoking factors. Therefore, for the successful treatment of many diseases in the breast care is required to neutralize the above mentioned factors.

Surgical treatment of breast diseases in Israel

The indications for surgery are in mammology purulent or neoplastic processes: fibroma, contusion, nodular mastopathy, mammary tuberculosis, cancer, birth defects, mastitis, leaf-tumor, cyst, fat necrosis, actinomycosis.

Types of surgery:

  • small (cyst sclerosis, abscess drainage and puncture et al.);
  • organ (husking tumor lumpectomy );
  • radical (mastectomy).

The amount and method of operation defined after accurate and thorough diagnosis. The main criterion - to prevent the recurrence of the disease or its transition to the malignant nature of the flow.

Timely treatment in breast care center to prevent the development of serious complications that can lead to deformation and loss of a breast. Mammalogy in Israel will provide effective and professional medical care for any disease of the breast.

Also, Israel's hospitals perform accurate diagnosis and quality treatment of numerous diseases of other organs and systems: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pathologies of the venous and lymphatic systems, and others.

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