Treatment in Israel without intermediariesMedical tourism is a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and treatment of the organization abroad. There are three main areas:

  • health, where the main goal - to cure diseases;
  • recreation is aimed at improving the health and well-being;
  • diagnostic involves a survey and an accurate diagnosis.

Medical tourism in Israel is gaining more and more popularity due to the high quality of medical services and reduced cost in comparison with European countries and the USA.

According to statistics, about eighty thousand patients from abroad visited Israel in 2014, about eighty percent of them - cancer patients.

The effectiveness of treatment in Israel due to the following factors:

  1. Highly qualified doctors - specialists of international level.
  2. Modern diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment.
  3. Genuine and high-quality medicines.
  4. Access and rapid introduction of new technologies, development of methods and products.
  5. High level of service - modern well-equipped medical centers, impeccable care and a caring attitude.
  6. The country has 12 hospitals having JCI certificate of conformity to international quality standards.

Most of the patients come to Israel through intermediaries, which is organizing the entire treatment process. The names of this kind of activity can be different - a company of medical tourism, international department at the hospital, medical coordinator, medical consultant, medical manager and so on.

Private firms that are engaged in medical tourism in Israel

Private companies (medical services, coordination centers , medical tourism company) professionally engaged in the process of organization of diagnosis and treatment. Extensive have for They Medical Tourism Israellinks with Various clinics and Hospitals in the country and are Able to the carry out Their work AT a high level. As part of such companies can be from a few to a few dozen employees.

The advantages of selecting private intermediaries include: flexible prices and individual approach to the patient, a high level of diagnosis and treatment organization, quick decision arising difficulties.

Among the disadvantages noted the likelihood of fraud when the patient opted for rogue whose main goal - to get as much money as possible.

Department of Medical Tourism in Israel in hospitals

It is specially designed units, employing staff of the medical facility, receiving a salary. In most cases, employees are overloaded, so the lack of opportunities and motivation to patients special attention is not paid.

The advantages of selection are the lack of reference to the risk of unscrupulous intermediaries, the quality of medical services at a good level in the center of which the patient chose.

Among the disadvantages noted a low level of organization of the process, the lack of attention to the patient, delays and expectations surveys and procedures. As a result - increase in costs, concerns and experiences.

treatment organization is not a simple process. It is somewhat reminiscent of the tour operator activities, but it is much more difficult. Employment medical coordinator - an important part of the diagnostic process and treatment. This particular type of activity, which are required to perform certain skills, knowledge and time. They are not engaged in the medical staff of clinics and hospitals. Therefore, medical tourism company in Israel one way or another is present in the treatment of a patient from another country, and not just take the money (interest), but also performs a significant part of the work.

For more information about the organization of treatment in Israel

Medical Tourism in IsraelMedical Coordinator receives from the patient understands the information and, if there is an opportunity to assist in Israel, whether or not to come, so as not to be misleading. A good specialist is aware of the situation on the market of medical services, it is able to pick up the clinic, where they will provide maximum assistance.

After that prepares documents from the patient to get an initial consultation with a doctor who will make medical plan. Usually done translation of documents. On the basis of the plan coordinator calculates the cost of services.

After agreeing unfolding process of the organization:

  1. Custom queues for diagnosis and advice.
  2. Preparation of letters of invitation.
  3. Assistance in obtaining a visa, if necessary.
  4. Buy tickets.
  5. Reservation of property (apartments, hotels and so on.).
  6. Meeting at the airport.
  7. Accompaniment in the process of diagnosis and treatment, simultaneous translation in the course of communication with the medical staff.
  8. Organization of recreation .
  9. Preparation of documents to extract and translate them.
  10. The solution of any difficulties in the course of his stay in Israel.
  11. Maintaining contact between the patient and doctor after leaving the patient out of the country.

Obviously, it takes a lot of organizational work.

Thus, the mediator is an important part of the treatment process, much depends on its activity. Choosing a company engaged in medical tourism in Israel, also significant, as the choice of a medical institution.

The best results can be achieved if you give preference to the intermediary company that has a good reputation.

Treatment without intermediaries in Israel - the truth and fiction

Medical Tourism Israel

There is a view that some hospitals directly carried out the admission of foreigners and their employees (in the departments of medical tourism) are engaged in the process of organization. In this case, payment is made only for medical services without intermediary percent. But the situation is different. Be that as it may, the organizational process involved, and, of course, not free.

Another option - some treatment centers sign a contract with a private medical tourism companies in Israel, their clients are provided with medical care at a certain value (wholesale). Thus, what would not be an option, payment for work done is made from money provided for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

As for the cost of services of medical tourism companies in Israel - is the market price may be lower or higher, depending on the level of service quality and demand.

Do not assume that the cost of treatment in Israel without intermediaries always be cheaper than using a private company. Often, medical tourism departments in Israel, when existing hospitals offer prices higher. Lower prices of private mediator are determined by factors such as the level of clinics, matching supply and demand, the wholesale prices for the provision of medical assistance, he was able to get in agreement with the clinic.

Employees of the department of medical tourism in Israel in the hospital may offer services only to a particular institution, whereas a private company, usually interacts with a number of medical centers and is able to provide the best option, where the disease is treated more effectively . For this reason, just does not make sense to give up private intermediary services.

Whatever it was, when referring to a particular company, the medical tourism in Israel, or directly to the clinic (in the international department of specialists), the payment is made, as the medical procedures, and organizational services. In the latter case, the cost is included in the price of treatment and diagnostic services. It should carry out a preliminary comparison, before agreeing.

Treatment without intermediaries in Israel

Yet it begs the question, is it not possible to arrange treatment in Israel without intermediaries and pay only the provision of medical care? You can - in certain cases. When a person knows the specifics of the market data services, Hebrew, or at least English. In this case, it will be to carry out all the work provider - will be able to arrange a consultation, examination, operation and so forth.

Cons treatment without intermediaries in Israel

In the case of self-treatment of foreign patients are undergoing treatment and diagnosis on the same basis as the country's inhabitants. Takes a turn to the consultation, operation and inspection, and the waiting time is sometimes weeks. Basically it is typical for public health institutions.

However, possible force majeure situation where the doctor can get sick, lost test results, breaks scanner and so on. The patient is not always able to navigate the hospital structure in search cabinet or compartment. In reality, in another country is much more reliable and cheaper, if there is a person who is responsible for the organization of treatment and resolves any problems.

In addition, the program may change due to the diagnostic results. Medical patient and accompanies manager coordinates the treatment process in such a situation. In some cases, the patient can not provide a picture of the disease and understand the recommendations accompanying permits these difficulties and communicates with the physician on the existing problems.

Also, the organization of the provider of treatment advice from a renowned expert can be obtained in the coming days on arrival in Israel, in the case of self-treatment it will be quite difficult, you can expect a week and may have to settle for an ordinary physician.

Transfer service fee that includes meeting at the airport, a trip from home for treatment and back, in the end cheaper than using a taxi, at least twice, and often cheaper transfer, the proposed international department. For travel on public transport and the city need to know at least English.

Moreover, there is a risk of overpaying for services that may be cheaper, not knowing the specifics of the Israeli health.

Specific treatment options in Israel without intermediaries

It makes sense to apply directly, without resorting to the services of an intermediary if you want to get re-consultation, for example, or to pass certain examinations. Or it may be treatments that do not need special training or subsequent therapy. In this case, the patient of all orders, pays and receives medical care.

If the patient is seriously ill, there is a need for a broad diagnosis or treatment, it is wise to seek the services of intermediary firms, only to prefer a conscientious and competent. finding housing, household difficulties, translation of documents, plus the cost of living in Israel is quite high (about 100-300 dollars is spent on food and daily living) will be difficult enough to deal with.

In the market of Israel's medical services, there are various companies of medical tourism, but most of them quality work. The risk exists to meet a cheater, but small. It is therefore important to consider the proposals and analysis. Follow the principle of "trust but verify!"

KC «Tlv.Hospital» - a company of medical tourism

«Tlv.Hospital» Coordination Centeroffers service providers working on these services the market for eleven years. The organization shall be based on each customer's needs and includes a list of the main services previously listed. Our company entered into direct contracts with clinics (not from the department of international tourism), so it can compete with the cost of services offered. No binding to one skilled or clinic.

  1. We provide a clear roadmap with deadlines, the preliminary cost of all this allows you to plan costs.
  2. Booking and renting accommodation, a shuttle service.
  3. We offer an opportunity to go through the necessary medical procedures not only during working days and hours, but also at weekends (holidays), if necessary
  4. In the process of communicating with doctors and nurses made simultaneous translation, medical translation of the document into Russian.
  5. We provide the opportunity to be examined on the basis of other hospitals and clinics in case of emergency or long queues.
  6. Within 24 hours, we arrange a consultation with a highly qualified specialist.
  7. On the non-medical services to provide low prices.
  8. Operations were carried out only leading doctors.

Our center organizes treatment and diagnosis at a cost that is not higher than the prices of international departments of hospitals, and the package of non-medical services is wider and allows the patient to focus all their attention on the process of recovery, not thinking about any domestic difficulties.