Combine business with pleasure will allow a trip to Israel - the land of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. It is known that rest and treatment in Israel can successfully merge using MS services. Submitting an application for examination and treatment abroad, trust the professionals.

We'll take all the nuances of design itself, and together with qualified medical care in Israel, you will get a relaxing holiday away from the troubles of his native city. Write an email or call us for details . We will promptly answer We your questions and provide a calculation of the cost of the stay abroad on the program of medical tourism .

Rest and treatment in Israel

Rest and treatment in Israel - often with comfort

When you contact us rest and treatment at the Dead Sea in Israel will be inexpensive. It explains the value of the services available direct contacts with medical institutions and facilities of the hospitality industry that we have been able to establish over the years.

Do not pull on time and do not delay the trip. Medicine Israel, the holy places of the earth and the promised healing power of the Dead Sea await you. We help you to get tickets, organize a comfortable transfer, pick up hotel or private apartments, agree on diagnostic and therapeutic procedures under the supervision of the best Israeli doctors on a profile of a particular disease. We suggest visiting the following areas:

  1. The Dead Seais deservedly recognized as the main resort area of ​​Israel. It employs more than a dozen spa facilities dermatological profile. Arrived on rest and treatment at the Dead Sea in Israel, patients undergo therapy aimed at eliminating Atropatena, skin diseases, diseases of the joints. The healing power of water has a lake and nearby sources. Remarkable cosmetic effect gives the clay. It was her use of Israeli manufacturers of professional cosmetics to create innovative formulas for hair care, face and body.
  2. Tiberias - a resort for rest and treatment in Israel, where tourists go for correcting disorders of the musculoskeletal system, strengthen the immune system and increase the body's defenses. Hot springs emerging to the surface, - the main healing power.
  3. Asthmatics and people suffering from bronchitis are sent to Arad. Here successfully cope with disorders of the nervous system, treat irritations, neurodermatitis, psoriasis. The methods are similar to the above-mentioned resorts - mud baths, soothing therapy, massage.
  4. Ein Bokek - a unique place of rest and treatment in Israel for eczema sufferers. Here, as if by magic, the skin is cleaned and filled with an inner light. Particularly popular at the resort selenium source - its curative water contains antioxidants. It removes from the body toxins, purifying it and improving immune defenses.
  5. Adherents of sulfuric therapy approach a trip to Ein Gedi. Local baths involve indigenous people and non-resident tourists. recovery program aimed at correcting pathologies of ENT disorders, gastrointestinal tract, the heart muscle. Here too, as elsewhere, to successfully treat skin diseases, problems of the musculoskeletal system.

In addition to the general health resorts Rest and treatment in Israel may include staying in clinical settings with more severe disease. Israel successfully diagnose complex health conditions, treat severe cancer pathology, conduct heart surgery, neurosurgery involved. IVF demand - thanks to artificial insemination to get pregnant and give birth successfully managed many couples from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries. In addition, for rest and treatment in Israel, tourists come for plastic surgery.

Among public and private hospitals are known Center Herzliya, Assuta Hospital, Asaf ha Rofé, Sheba, Ichilov (Sourasky) and many others. Hospitals operate research laboratories conducted tests of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, their testing in practice. The cost of treatment is lower than in European clinics by 30%, which explains the large number of tourists from America, Britain and other countries. When hospitals are comfortable hotels, where the rehabilitation of patients under the guidance of professional doctors.

Undeniable plus in Israel - a lot of Russian-speaking professionals working in health care facilities. This removes the difficulty in communicating and neutralizes the language barrier. For peace of mind of our clients medical service offers Russian-speaking coordinators that do not just make up the company's profits, but also accompany them on all treatments and excursions.

The cost in 2016 for rest and treatment in Israel is strictly individual and depends on the complexity of the disease, the time of stay in a foreign country, accommodation conditions.

On average, a leading specialist consultancy costs in the range 500 - 800 dollars, and the diagnosis of diseases - from 2 to 4 thousand dollars.

With the approach of the fall season, many tourists go to Israel with the children. The weather in September is warm, not unlike the summer. Beach season lasts, so swimming in the sea will bring only positive emotions. In his spare time, you can stroll through the ancient streets, discover the history of these places. Cooling starts only from the end of October. However, even in November thermometer day seldom falls below 21 degrees Celsius.

Deciding to visit Israel, give us a call. We will make a program for you stay abroad for health purposes, and with the possibility of recreation. We offer affordable prices and ready to provide a professional who will tell all about the history and characteristics of this amazing country.