Drug Addiction treatment Drug Addiction is a branch of medicine that aims to study the prevention and treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse.

Unfortunately, alcohol and drug addiction - a common phenomenon in most countries.

Treatment of drug and alcohol abuse is a complex and time-consuming process, which is attended by drug experts, therapists, psychiatrists, doctors of therapeutic specialization, in some cases anesthetists with resuscitation. There is no panacea.

A comprehensive approach to addiction treatment in Israel Addiction shows the best results and decides the main objectives of overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction :

  1. Remove the abstinence syndrome or abolition ( "break").
  2. Hold treatment of psychological dependence.
  3. Provide psychological adaptation to social life.

Drug Addiction in Israel uses advanced integrative approach to treatment comprising a medical component - the least traumatic and quick exit from step detoxification (Detox, Weissman method). Israeli doctors use effective, innovative products and techniques that are not available in the Russian Federation. But this step is the first step, do not provide stable results.

After this necessary period of rehabilitation, which includes group and individual lessons by the method of 12 steps, individual psychotherapy, group sessions visit the program (AA).

The Israeli medical centers develop individual programs, which form the psychological aversion to psychostimulants (alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs).

Addiction Center in Israel: 12-step program for addicts

One of the most famous centers in Israel Addiction Rehabilitation Center is a "path to the light." He applies a treatment program "12 steps" for drug addicts. This hospital operates according to the method of Professor G. Shoham under the auspices of the Tel-Aviv University.

"12 step program" for drug addicts is not the only method of treatment, but also the international experience of people mutual, stop using drugs. During the rehabilitation of the patient is connected to the work of former patients who are sober at least a year.

The effectiveness of this approach is confirmed by time and experience. The main task - not just free from the craving for alcohol or drugs, but also globally change the outlook of the person to return it to normal human values ​​without drugs.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Israel includes symptomatic, etiological, pathogenetic drugs aimed at quickly, effectively and completely remove the symptoms of drug withdrawal. The duration of treatment is determined by the severity and kind of drug dependence.

This is followed by a complex psychological rehabilitation, consisting of a series of stages of individual and group psychotherapy. During the treatment, a detailed analysis is carried out in the patient's life and use periods of disuse of drugs. Thoroughly analyzes the factors that have led to dependence, how was the aggravation of this process, the results are defined and implemented a process of dynamic development of the patient's personality, capable of living in any society without drugs.

Addiction treatments in Israel12-step program for addicts +

Consider a series of treatments for alcoholism and drug addiction, the use of which will depend on the stage of the disease, physical condition of the patient and psihoemotsialnogo clinics in Israel.

Method ANRI (ANR) - one of the most effective ways of treating drug (heroin, Vicodin, mink, methadone, LAAM et al.). The essence of the following: opium receptors blocked or susceptibility to formulations containing opium, during the reception period nalreksona. Even with the frustration of the patient receiving the drug has no effect, its effect is neutralized. A similar effect is maintained after treatment for another year. There is a possibility of extension of the drug for the fixing effect.

Neyrokod a dosage method. Under the skin is sewed of drugs, the effect of which may not be compatible with the use of alcohol or other type of implant that relaxing effect on alcohol and drugs.

The torpedo is a complex therapy based on medication which, when combined with the intake of alcohol or drugs become a cause severe physiological states, are assigned psychotherapy concurrently.

Coding is a psychological suggestion in a state of light hypnosis. For patients who have a great susceptibility to suggestion, this method provides high efficiency in the fight against drug addiction and alcoholism.

Individual and group psychotherapy emotional stress generates stable disgust for the reception of alcohol.

In the treatment of addiction to methadone, heroin, Subutex is used method of "fast neuroregulation." This procedure is safe. The advantage is the lack of need for a long rehabilitation.

Medical institutions of Israel carried out an effective treatment of many diseases, including diseases and defects of the skin . malignant diseases of the hematopoietic system, heart disease and vascular . ENT diseases , Etc.

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