Israel addictionDrug addiction is treated by doctors as serious illness, for which typically strong and often beyond the control of the desire for drugs, despite the devastating consequences.

As addiction affects a variety of aspects of human life, the treatment may not be easy. Due to the chronic and prolonged process in time to stop taking the drug for a few days and find health - it is impossible. Therapy programs typically consist of a number of components aimed at specific aspects of the disease and its symptoms. The ultimate objective is to renounce receiving narcotics, gaining the ability to lead a healthy life, to realize themselves in work, family life and society. As a rule, long-term treatment program is required, which consists of several stages so that people could completely abandon drugs and rebuild their lives.

For drug treatment in Israel is characterized by a holistic approach, which ultimately provides a high-quality result. It includes:

  1. Detoxification, which takes place in a short time without the accompanying pain.
  2. Treatment of diseases, the cause of which was the prolonged intake of drugs.
  3. rehab, outpatient, in Israel.
  4. Social adaptation as part of treatment in rehabilitation centers.
  5. Follow-up as a preventive measure from the experts.

The process of treating addiction in Israel involves behavioral and drug therapy, which is the initial stage detoxification, and the end - prevention of relapse. A significant step towards a drug-free life - continuous monitoring with individually chosen mode of therapy and support.

Medicines for the treatment of drug addiction in Israel

During therapy applied several types of medicines.

To suppress withdrawal symptoms during detox prescribers. However, this stage without further treatment does not lead to the necessary results.

Medication is carried out to reduce cravings, as a preventive measure, to improve brain function.

At this time, there are drugs against drug abuse (heroin, morphine). In addition, constantly being developed medicines to combat with stimulating substances (methamphetamine, cocaine), marijuana. Often, people use different types of drugs, so they need the therapy of each substance.

For treatment of opioid dependence used drugs such as naltrexone, buprenorphine and methadone. The past two oppressed withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings by affecting the same brain segments. Naltrexone blocks the effects of opioid receptors.

behavioral therapy

This type of drug treatment in Israel contributes to changing the patient's attitude and behavior towards drug abuse, as well as the attainment of healthy living habits. Use different behavioral techniques and different environment.

This type of therapy is possible outpatient basis, he suggests consulting an individual or collective nature. Also useful forms such as promotion technique, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, family multilateral therapy.

In addition, this treatment is carried out in a hospital environment, especially if there are more serious violations. They operate so-called therapeutic groups, which involve the patient being in a period of six - twelve months in the hospital. The basic difference of this method - the presence of medical staff and other patients with the aim to change the attitude to addiction. Patients tend to be people who take drugs for a long time. In addition, there is a therapeutic group work with pregnant women and women with children.

12-step program for addicts

12-step program for addicts is one of the most known and effective treatment programs. It includes mutual international experience of people who were able to stop taking drugs: to work with the patient involved former patients who do not use drugs at least a year.

This approach of drug treatment in Israel can not only get rid of the craving for drugs, but also to form a different view of the patient on the world to reassess values.

At the initial stage the various studies, through which investigated the mental and physical condition of the patient. Determined depending view, severity, estimated psychological state, ready for treatment, performed common clinical diagnostic methods, X-ray examination of the chest.

On this basis the individual course of therapy. It becomes important change in the environment. There is the possibility of anonymous treatment. Create the most comfortable conditions, constant psychological support.

The program of drug treatment in Israel involves medication, whose main task - to remove the signs of withdrawal. Type of drug dependence and the severity determined by the duration of therapy.

Following this stage should be psychological rehabilitation, including group and individual psychotherapy. A detailed analysis is made of the patient's life when he took and did not take drugs. Identified factors that led to this state of affairs, obtained results help to define and implement the development of the individual patient, which will be able in any society and in any environment to live without drugs.

Apply techniques such drug treatment in Israel as psychodrama, art therapy, contributes to a sense of self-confidence and skills to create changes in life patterns.

Engage the efforts of experienced and highly qualified specialists, trainers and patients, which leads to excellent results.

Dr. Weissman method in the treatment of drug addiction in Israel

It is widely known in Israel and abroad Dr. Weissman system. Duration of therapy is only one day. When this component is characteristic of high efficiency for it. According to Dr. Wiseman, a method has been developed in a period of fifteen years, as a result of the treatment got rid of the dependence of eleven thousand people without a return to the use of drugs. In the opinion of other doctors, detoxification is only the initial stage of treatment.

The essence of the method is as follows. It is used general anesthesia. Administered intravenously to a patient the drug naltrexone. Thus, the most difficult step of withdrawal from drugs (breaking) the patient takes place with ease, as is in an unconscious state. This is followed by a series of medical tests (laboratory tests, physical examination) and checkout. For a number of the following months will require a regular intake of naltrexone. In addition, it is necessary to seek the assistance of psychiatrists specialized clinic for a course of therapy.

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