epilepsy treatment in Israel Epilepsy - a chronic disease of the brain - is characterized by recurrent seizures that are caused by irregular isoelectric activity. Its manifestations are possible at any age, and quite often it is diagnosed in children. According to statistics, it exposed an average of 1% to 2% of the population in developed countries. Treatment of epilepsy in Israel due to the high quality of medical services, the introduction of innovative technologies and experience of doctors.

Causes and symptoms

Epileptic seizures occur in many. It is estimated that every tenth person in his life had at least one attack. Clinically, it can manifest itself in different ways, depending on what part of the brain is exposed to abnormal electrical activity. This can be:

  • brief loss of consciousness;
  • convulsions;
  • temporary loss of speech;
  • throwing the head back;
  • recurring headaches;
  • auditory and sensory hallucinations;
  • rolling of the eyes;
  • cries;
  • rhythmic movements with his hands and feet;
  • fading, and so on.

This and other - especially repetitive - symptoms require immediate medical attention. disease causes can be genetic factors or developmental problems. These include a variety of injuries and brain trauma, complicated infectious diseases and psychological factors.

Diagnosis of epilepsy in Israel

One of the countries with a high level of care is considered to be Israel. Epilepsy is one of the neurological disease, the treatment of which offer local centers. Modern diagnostics allows you to set the type of disease and appropriate treatment. Kinds of research are diverse and, in general, provide detailed information about the patient's condition. However, based on the study of the history of the disease, which is made according to information received from the patient and those who watched an epileptic seizure.

  • General survey. Its task is to identify the impact of seizures on behavior and intellectual abilities. To do this, the doctor checks the motility and holds a number of physiological and other tests. A blood test is also required, because the experts have to exclude the presence of infection in the body, as well as diabetes and anemia - all this too can cause illness.
  • Electroencephalogram. This diagnostic method relates to one of the most widespread, since it allows to detect changes in the brain even at the time when the patient is not subject to attack.
  • Different types of tomography. CT, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging, functional MRI, PET (positron emission tomography) All of these methods make it possible to obtain as much detailed information about the state of the brain, including the location of the disease outbreak, which helps to assign the correct epilepsy treatment in Israel.
  • Neuropsychological evaluation includes an assessment of memory, intellect, speech, spatial orientation and other functions. With the help of an expert reveals violations and part of the brain in which there is an attack of epilepsy.

Drug treatment of epilepsy in Israel

In most cases, epilepsy in Israel shall be by means of therapeutic treatments. Patients should tune in to a fairly long-term treatment. However, statistics show that in full compliance with the prescribed course of about 70-75% of patients will recover, and the attacks are not renewed. cure period for all different. On average, adults need between three to five years, after which you can stop taking the drugs. For children developed therapy program lasting up to two years.

Among the classic antiepillepticheskih drugs include Clobazam, Carbamazepine, Sodium Valporate, Ethosuximide, as well as new tools of the same series - Felbamate, Lamotrigine, Vigabatrin and others. Quite often, the physician prescribes as the main only one drug. However, to reduce the intensity and frequency of attacks can be assigned to additional drugs. In the course of therapy and medication may change the dose to achieve optimal effect. It is determined by analysis of blood before taking medication.

As a rule, the treatment of epilepsy in Israel after the start of the second attack of the disease recorded. Doctors carefully monitor the progress of treatment and possible side effects noted. In most cases, they are infrequent and mild. These include dizziness, a little fatigue, a slight weight gain. Sometimes there is a skin rash, speech disorder and a temporary loss of coordination. If necessary, experts prescribe other drugs.

Another method of treatment, which is used mainly in children under 12 years old, is a ketogenic diet. It is a specially designed program for power with reduced carbohydrates and increased fat in the diet, due to which decreases the number of attacks and start to improve attention and memory. Usually it is sufficient to maintain a period of one to three years. For patients in other age categories physician may also choose a special diet. One of the main recommendations - the exclusion of alcohol.

The treatment program is compiled on a strictly individual. Sometimes finding a suitable medication can be quite difficult: it is taken into account the patient's age, general health, the body's reaction to prescribed medications, a variety of diseases, schedule of reception and more. In cases where drug treatment of epilepsy in Israel does not give the desired effect, it can be assigned to surgery or procedure VNS - vagal nerve stimulation.

In 2014, the traditional medical methods added another - quite rare. We are talking about heavy and complex forms of childhood epilepsy, when the attacks are repeated almost every day several times. For such cases, the Israeli Ministry of Health has approved the method of treatment using medical cannabis. Doctors are required to carefully monitor the results and the effect of such therapy. Treatment is restricted to children.