aneurysm in IsraelAneurysm - an extension of the lumen or protrusion of the artery wall, which is due to the stretching or thinning of the latter. Such a change in structure of the artery may be caused by various defects in secondary artery shell (congenital or acquired). As a result, deformation of the arteries (less veins) appears so-called "aneurysmal sac", which consists of the neck, body and bottom.

Brain aneurysm is a life-threatening pathology, as in the case of rupture occurs bleeding in the brain, which often ends in death. According to some information from the aneurysm die each year about as many people as AIDS. Quite often, the presence of an aneurysm in a patient is found completely by chance when the brain X-ray or ultrasound. It is known that a person can live for years the usual life and not be aware of the presence of the disease. The danger of aneurysms is that formed on the container bag presses on adjacent brain tissue and at any moment can burst. As a result, the person squeezing the tissue appear all sorts of neurological symptoms. After the rupture of the aneurysm cavity and brain hemorrhage in 10-15% of cases death occurs. Half of the survivors after the rupture of the aneurysm observed neurological symptoms. Because after the detection of an aneurysm requires urgent intervention specialist neurosurgeon.

So, if you are diagnosed with an aneurysm treatment in Israel - is the best way qualitatively cope with the disease. Neurosurgery in Israel is considered one of the best in the world. In this case, the operation in Israel will cost to you is comparatively cheaper than in the US and European clinics.

Tlv.Hospital Coordination Center has extensive experience in the organization of treatment of aneurysms in Israel. Our managers will provide you with complete documentation and physical support throughout the course of treatment. Arrange flights, find shelter and lead you to the best clinics of Israel.

Risk factors for brain aneurysms

It is known that only 25% of patients with aneurysms of the brain feel headaches, or other symptoms. Most people live peacefully, unaware of the impending threat. To identify disease at an early stage to help special brain examination. Any healthy person needs from time to time to check the condition of the brain, especially if there are factors listed below:

  • Congenital diseases of blood vessels;
  • Head trauma;
  • Genetic disorders;
  • Hypertension;
  • infection of the brain;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Oncology brain;
  • smoking;
  • Addiction;
  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Extreme sports;
  • Age from 30 to 60 years.

Note also, that women suffer an aneurysm slightly more often than men. Treatment in Israel offers the chance for a full recovery in the event of early detection of brain aneurysms in a patient. For the treatment of brain aneurysms neurosurgical clinics Israel uses the most progressive to date method - endovascular surgery.

The symptoms of brain aneurysmTreatment of aneurysms in Israel

Aneurysms in the brain vessels occur without symptoms until then, until they reach a large size, whether or not there is a break. Aneurysms are small (diameter 11 mm), medium (11-25 mm), and giant (greater than 25 mm). If the aneurysm of brain vessels is rapidly growing and developing, there are the following symptoms:

  • Paralysis of half of the face;
  • Numbness;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Eye pain, dilated pupils.

At break there is a very strong headache and loss of consciousness and convulsions, vomiting, and even coma.

Aneurysm Treatment in Israel Endovascular

From the quality of operating an aneurysm depends on the quality of later life and whether it will be live at all. Because it is very important to get off to a good specialist - a neurosurgeon. Neurosurgery in Israel is known for its success in the whole world. The clinics of this country are well equipped and assistants are known far beyond the borders of the state. Therefore, treatment of aneurysms in Israel is a very popular treatment for patients from different countries. Israeli hospitals used a very effective endovascular treatment.

Endovascular treatment of aneurysms in Israel has a number of advantages. In particular, for an operation is not required craniotomy. This procedure has a low degree of injury to healthy tissue, it allows you to completely isolate the aneurysm from the general circulation, even in the period of exacerbation. The endovascular treatment using such methods:

  • PTCA (in the cavity of the aneurysm is entered special Balon, cutting it from the blood flow);
  • platinum mikrospirali (helix introduced into the aneurysm, provoke the formation of a thrombus in it, cutting it from the blood flow);
  • Assisting method stent (stent is installed in the neck of the aneurysm).

Risk to life in the treatment of aneurysms in Israel in all cases is minimal.