Israel clinics neurosurgeryIn Israel clinics neurosurgery - one of the priority areas of medical practice. Advanced technology, advanced equipment, professional medical staff, reasonable prices - all this is a compelling rationale for the popularity of Israeli hospitals among the Russian-speaking population.

Turning to us, you will never run into a situation in which you will have to wait for a response LETA clinics and advice make you trust the doctor. Designated at the initial stage the amount fixed in the contract. We do not use hidden schemes and fraudulent practices in the work with our clients. Call or email us. Neurosurgical clinics of Israel will soon be ready to welcome you and provide comprehensive assistance for the correction of your illness.

Tlv.Hospital service works in the field of medical tourism for over 10 years. During this time we have helped thousands of patients from Russia and CIS countries to cure life-threatening diseases and to restore lost health. We cooperate directly with leading hospitals of Israel and provide the best choice of doctors , rapid reception of patients, providing them with timely assistance at attractive prices.

Neurosurgical excellence of Israel - the main thing in the details

Departments of Neurosurgery, located in the leading clinics of the country, such as Assuta, Rabin, Asaf ha-Rofe, specialize in the treatment of brain and spinal cord disorders, congenital and acquired defects, disorders of the peripheral nervous system functionality. Patients from all over Europe and Asia are turning here for help, as Israeli hospitals deservedly recognized as one of the best at the international level. Quality of service, technical equipment and qualified surgeons have not inferior to leading European hospitals, but the prices for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are lower on average by 30-40%. In the treatment of complex diseases that require prolonged hospitalization and innovative schemes, this item plays more important.

Israel clinics annually confirm compliance with the highest international standards, the revolutionary technology used in the work of doctors and conducting clinical research in collaboration with foreign colleagues, departments of universities and prominent scientists. procedures performed here are impressive. It:

  1. Neuronavigation.
  2. Surgical intervention when the patient is awake, not in a deep sleep.
  3. Intraoperative MRI procedure.
  4. Endoscopic surgery.
  5. Doctors perform simultaneous and intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring of the spinal cord and brain, controls for operations on peripheral nerves and more. Among the specialized procedures that conduct the Israeli clinics in neurosurgery, stand out:
  6. Stereotactic surgery (SRS) and the use of fractionated stereotactic radiation (FSR).
  7. Surgery acoustic neuroma / radiosurgery.
  8. Removal of brain tumors.
  9. Reconstructive techniques after radical surgery.
  10. The use of shunts in hydrocephalus.
  11. Treatment of malformations of the skull and spine congenital type disorders acquired nature.
  12. Microvascular decompression pain.
  13. pituitary surgery, using standard and advanced endoscopic procedures.
  14. Stereotactic biopsy of the brain.
  15. Craniotomy under difficult benign and malignant brain tumors, and metastatic diseases (including spine).
  16. Cranioplasty.
  17. Treatment of aneurysms.
  18. AVM therapy (AVMs).
  19. Treatment of stroke / revascularization by thrombolysis or embolectomy.
  20. Surgical correction of epilepsy.
  21. Surgical treatment of functional disorders, including Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.

In Israel, preference is given to hospitals and minimally invasive endoscopic surgery in which the patient's injury is reduced to minimum values. To carry out a complex of measures in these areas requires high professionalism of doctors and perfect preparation. All this is fully inherent professionals Israeli hospitals.

Department of Neurosurgery at AssutaIsrael clinics neurosurgery, Assuta

The professionalism of the doctors of the largest private medical complex Assuta no doubt. Here are the best doctors in private practice in Israel. If you want to get to a particular specialist and ready to discuss the terms of his treatment, we are ready to negotiate directly without delay and unreasonable charge for the registration of services in the Israeli clinic.

The Assuta successfully treat children and adult patients, using the latest discoveries of medicine. Among the innovations used by the Israeli clinic neurosurgeons, it should be noted minimally invasive ultrasonic scalpel action. Technological innovation Bone scalpel used spinal surgeons who can use it to easily cut through the bone of the patient without harming surrounding structures. Also among the new products it is worth pointing O-ARM - imaging system, to build a 3-D image (the image in three-dimensional plane) at the time of surgery. This minimizes the risk of errors by the operator.

We can not ignore the robotic technique Spine Assists - equipment created in Israel, and is available only here. Thanks to this invention improves the accuracy of physician manipulation produced when you operate on the spine. The excellent results demonstrate the system during the installation of the implant, open surgery and minimally invasive operations. The equipment works with the phased model of operating, which initially planned intervention, then analyzed and recorded the resulting images are compared with the initial results of the actions performed. Today Spine Assists used by leading hospitals in Germany, but the German doctors buy the equipment in an Israeli company.

Professional neurosurgeons Assuta considered experts in medicine in their homeland and abroad. Working on individual protocols of treatment and rehabilitation of patients, neurosurgeons cooperate with specialists of other profiles - radiologists, therapists, plastic surgeons, oncologists and other specialists. An integrated approach allows us to quickly achieve the planned results.

Neurosurgery Rabin Center

Every year in the clinic Rabin neurosurgeons operate more than 1,000 people. These include both residents and foreign patients. Here uzkoprofilnye operating divisions:

  • Intensive care unit.
  • The children's ward.
  • Endovascular Radiology.
  • Endoscopic treatment of neurosurgical problems.
  • Spine Surgery.

In Israel neurosurgery clinic allows to treat the full range of diseases of this type. Particular attention is paid to people with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's - to support these patients used qualitatively new pharmaceutical circuit. Great success achieved here in the correction memory disorders, migraine therapy of multiple sclerosis. Neurosurgery department equipped with the latest generation equipment, and the state of medical experts working with the international level, are trained in the major centers of America and Europe.

In addition to these clinics attract attention Herzliya Medical Center, which is one of the first received an official license for performing neurosurgical operations. The Shiba Hospital, for example, runs more than 1,200 surgical operations on the brain and spinal pathologies in adults and 1100 children. If you require treatment in the field of neurosurgery, and you decided to go to Israel, call us. We quickly find the best service program in clinics, doctors recommend, compose a variety of programs to choose from.