Most neurosurgeons IsraelRecently, Israeli neurosurgeons are especially in demand among Russian-speaking population. World-renowned doctors of private and public clinics perform a variety of operations, complex surgical procedures in an effort to rid patients turn to them from diseases of the spine and brain. Specialists use innovative equipment, their own experience and professionalism, revolutionary advances in the pharmaceutical industry. Preference is given to minimally invasive surgery. In the treatment of used intraoperative MRI, stereotactic surgery, deep brain stimulation, and other advanced techniques.

In continuous mode has the best doctors of Israel on the creation of new diagnostic technologies, treatment and rehabilitation. It does not apply stereotyped treatment. The clinics are designed customized reports based on the patient's age, health and related health factors.

Tlv.Hospital provides assistance in the field of medical tourism. Working directly with hospitals in Israel, we recommend the best doctors agree on treatment without delay, which is especially important when life goes by on the clock. In this case, the cost of our services is always democratic. Our customers trust us, and this is the most accurate recommendation to our inherent decency.

Most neurosurgeons Israel - they save lives

Treatment abroad is carried out under the supervision of a physician. It gives advice upon the patient's arrival, when he passes it recommended diagnostic procedures, and the patient is at all stages of the correction of his condition. As an expert specialist serves international level or PhD. You can make suggestions on the selection of doctors, while still in their homeland. Remember one thing - in theneurosurgeryof the country is not bad professionals. Each of them has a narrow specialization. So, its selection should be carried out taking into account the profile of the particular patient's disease. Among the well-known doctors:

  • Dr. Cohen-Inbar - a physician in the field of neurosurgery. He graduated with honors from the Faculty of Medicine Rappaport Israel Institute of Technology, he received a doctorate in immunology and molecular studies of brain cancer. He worked at the Department of Neurosurgery, Rambam Medical Center, trained in the field of radiosurgery neurooncology and in the clinic at the University of Virginia (Health Care Center). Dr. Inbar Cohen is a member of the Israeli, American and European neurosurgical professional societies. He was awarded a grant of the Israel Cancer Association for clinical and research work, as well as a prestigious award from the DKFZ German-Israeli International School for Research on Cancer. Dr. Cohen-Inbar - known neurosurgeon specializes in the treatment of benign and malignant brain tumors, vascular malformations and pain syndromes, as well as cranial traumas. Author of several books on Neurosurgery and Neuroanatomy, has numerous publications in scientific journals.
  • Dr. Eugene Mohammed - Deputy Director of the general resuscitation and senior fellow at the ICU Neurosurgical Center Rambam Hospital. Dr. Mahamid received his medical degree from the Kyiv School of Medicine in Ukraine. She immigrated to Israel in 1980. Dr. Mohammed is board certified in Anesthesiology (1991). Ctazhirovalas in hospitals in England and the United States. Dr. Mahamid is a member of the Clinical Nutrition Committee, and a member of the Task Force on the program of implantation of the National Institute of Health of the Ministry of Transplantation. Her main areas of interest the energy metabolism and nutrition in critical condition, with severe traumatic brain injury.
  • Dr. Gill Svir graduated from Technion University in 1996, trained in Israel in the field of surgery of brain vessels, and later in America. To date, he teaches at the University of Washington and Israel's system of higher education.
  • Professor Shlomi Constantini - Leading children's specialist in neurosurgery. Performs complicated operations for the resection of benign and malignant neoplasms etiology. It is among one of the prominent neurosurgeons. Basic education received at the Hebrew University. He has served as president of the International Society of Neurosurgeons endoscopists.
  • Professor Zvi Ram - an expert at international level for the removal of brain tumors using minimally invasive techniques. First education received in the United States, graduated from the Tel Aviv Sackler Faculty are. Known copyright works and developments in the field of molecular medicine in neurooncology. The head of the European Association of Neurosurgeons communities. He maintains a private practice in Assuta.

Among neurosurgeons are many doctors who are worth attention. However, to list all the personalities in one article is not possible. Popular and spinal surgery. Among them are professionals such asIlya Baking. He treated such prominent figures as Alla Pugacheva, Eldar Ryazanov, Evgeni Plushenko. Even after the most difficult injuries are again delighted the audience flourishing appearance. In many ways - it is a merit Ilya Pekarsky.

neurosurgeons IsraelThe cost of treatment in Israel

To the best doctors and doctors of Israel spinal surgery is easy to get an appointment through the service We offer favorable diagnosis and treatment programs in this sphere. Know the final cost of service abroad can send documents to specialists. On average, prices for services in 2016 are in the following range:

  • A diagnostic program herniated (MRI, biochemistry, coagulation, full blood count, a doctor's consultation) - 2310 dollars.
  • A diagnostic program for brain tumors (MRI, medical consultation, detailed, biochemical, laboratory blood tests) - 2836 dollars.
  • Craniotomy (surgery to remove a brain tumor) with hospitalization, tests, histology - 35790 dollars.
  • Discectomy (surgery to remove the herniated disc) with hospitalization and 1 implant - 29800 dollars.

The cost includes a patient meeting at the airport, transfer, translation services, and support. Write to us or call us to ask questions directly to experts. If necessary, we are ready to conduct an online consultation with doctors of Israeli clinics.


"I am 54 years old. I've always been a good health, common cold was my most serious illness, and that befall rare. Several years ago, I lost my sense of smell, and in '52 I had the vision fell sharply . and I no longer see well just two months. Thought, help points. Doctor prescribed me an MRI and other procedures to find out why I'm losing sensitivity so suddenly without a good reason. As a result, I found a huge tumor ( 7cm) - meningioma brain, runs through the optic nerves I was told once -. if there is no operation, I go blind and become completely crippled for 6 months Carefully analyzed the best neurosurgeons of Israel, he stopped at Assuta Hospital the final.. choice of trusted medical services, which use the service. I operated Professor Zvi Ram. I was successful surgery, my vision came back. According to the results of surveys of the tumor was benign. I was very lucky that I got to such a wonderful doctor. If you have any strange feeling with loss of vision, hearing, smell, immedi ately go to the MRI. This should be a procedure that helps to know what's going on with health. Irina Ivanovna, 54 years old. Tver. "

"I was diagnosed with an astrocytoma grade 2 in the left temporal lobe about six months ago. In just a few years before I began to feel periodically severe nausea and desire to crash into a swoon at the slightest excitement. Were headaches, depression, lost in time. to reach the doctor was never enough time. My friend was in China, where was examined. Call me, but I do not really trust the Asian medicine, so I went to Israel. There after testing me and told me. I took partial resection and stereotactic radiosurgery. Now I feel much better. I believe that everything will be fine. Thanks to doctors Rabin. Galina. Lions. "

"Decided to treat back, when the third time raising her grandson could not straighten up. The first time I needed 3 months of recovery, the second 5. In the third I went to neurosurgeons in Ichilov hospital. I was put on its feet quickly and thoroughly. Now, though with caution, but I raise her grandson, not feeling the terrible symptoms of back pain. Egor, 57 years old "