surgery IsraelIn addition to the study of cancers, the Israeli government has invested huge funds in the development of surgery in the country. As a result, the whole world celebrated the huge Israeli breakthrough in this field of medicine. To date, Israel clinics are extremely well any general surgery and vascular surgery for all ages. As a result, surgery in Israel is considered the best in the world.

Every day the best clinics of Israel carried out hundreds of surgical procedures, many of which are unique. Very often the treatment of cancer in Israel is mandatory accompanied by a surgical operation. In this case, the accuracy of the surgeon's actions depends not only improve the condition of the patient, but also the likelihood of whether a relapse will occur. Therefore, in medical institutions, doctors work exclusively higher category. Cancer Treatment in Israel can rightly be called one of the best in the world, along with Germany and the United States.

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General surgery in Israel, diagnostic procedures

A very important step in the treatment immediately before surgery is a surgical diagnosis. Conducting diagnosis confirms or denies the need for surgical intervention. It examines the state of human health to the possibility of intervention. To confirm the diagnosis, various methods of diagnosis as progressive and traditional:

  • CT scan;
  • Computer angiography (vascular study);
  • Virtual enterograph (the study of the small intestine);
  • Virtual colonoscopy (the study of the large intestine);
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Isotopic scanning;
  • Positron emission tomography;
  • vascular Doppler;
  • Radiology.

If necessary, medical service provide you with all the data on the approximate cost of diagnostic procedures in Israel .

High rates of surgery in Israel caused by a number of complementary factors:surgery Israel

  • A very high level of professionalism of the doctors and the entire staff (annual accreditation of doctors, foreign training, refresher courses, licensing);
  • Serious government funding to research in the field of surgery;
  • Ultramodern technical base;
  • Using the best treatment techniques from around the world.
  • Israel's hospitals are working in various surgical areas, ranging from cardiovascular surgery, oncology and finishing, and plastic surgery.

Minimally invasive approach in general surgery Israel

General surgery in Israel aimed at maximum preservation of the integrity of the organs / vessels and the prompt restoration of their normal functioning. This significantly reduces the recovery period after surgery, it accelerates the healing process.

It should be noted that the conduct of operations in Israel is carried out in ways that minimize the possibility of damage to healthy organs and tissues. These factors greatly increase the positive effect of the surgery. Thus, after a series of complex operations, the patient is discharged from hospital after a week, assigning outpatient treatment and rehabilitation. A few weeks later the patient is discharged home.

In medical institutions of Israel carried effective treatment of a large range of different diseases: diseases of the endocrine system, pathologies of the male reproductive system, diseases of the mammary glands , etc..