Degenerative retinal diseases affect millions of people. There are few effective treatment options, among which the retina transplants that make the best doctors in the country ophthalmologic centers.

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How to carry out transplantation of the retina in Israel today?

retinal eye transplant in IsraelMicrosurgical technology assistance, to which resorted dystrophy corpus luteum, retinoblastoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, pigmentary degeneration and dystrophy of cone-sticks perfected to the last detail, in order to reduce the possible risks and complications during. The method consists in extracting the affected organ anomalies and replacing it with an artificial graft.

Implantable structure is a plate that includes components similar to the photoreceptors. They take over the functionality tsvetorazlichayuschih cones, whose work is aimed at providing vision in daylight. It creates the effect of drawing functions in the light-sensitive rods, without which it becomes impossible to night vision. However, scientists do not stop on the technology used. Practiced experimental methods to ensure recovery of the retina with minimal surgical intervention.

experimental studies

Experimental transplantation of cells in the retina of the human eye is performed in accordance with two directions. The first of these - the transplantation of photoreceptor cells. This so-called nurse-cells, which are beyond the photoreceptors and provide them with the necessary nutrients. Practical form of surgical treatment depends on the achievement, as well as on a number of tissue rejection and other problems have to guarantee the survival of transplanted cells for a long time can it be overcome.

In contrast, transplantation of photoreceptor eye does not encounter difficulties unmanageable rejection as causes less stimulation of the immune system. However, there exist some difficulties. It is necessary that the transplanted photoreceptors not only survived, but also connected with the nerve cells to transmit signals to the brain. Once this problem is overcome, before the doctor opened the incredible prospects of recovery.

expected innovations

retinal eye transplant in Israel, the pricesStem cells show scientists new path for the regeneration of tissue damage in the rear (inner) portion of the eye. The introduction of these structures can replace retinal transplantation at a delicate procedure that guarantees a positive effect in the future.

Degenerative diseases of the retina - the cause of irreversible blindness and debilitating loss of visual function. Delay progression of the disease is the best option for the patient. However, hope for a breakthrough remains one of the main directions in the organization of experimental research.

The retina is an attractive target for the treatment of stem cells for many reasons. The eye is easily accessible and new surgical approaches allow you to use at Target Field transplantation of cells at the back of the eye. Despite the structural complexity of the eye, it will keep a few cells types, however directed to the retina for replacement of damaged elements pigment epithelial cells, the ganglion cells or photoreceptors.

Since the eye is relatively small body, the number of stem cells needed for the procedure, should theoretically be lower than in larger bodies. Once the stem cells are delivered to the site of pathology of the eye, the risk of tissue rejection is minimized, which is a serious problem for the transplanted cells in other organs. In addition, numerous tools available to measure the ocular structures and functions allow for continuous assessment and monitoring of the state of stem cells. These advantages suggest that the replacement of stem cells in the treatment of retinal and today there soon will not be.

Although stem cell research continue to move forward, there are many questions, and there are many obstacles to be overcome. The problem of stem cell therapy is then that the disease is able to continue to develop in the retina. The development of the disease can prevent the absorption of the transplanted cells, induce synaptic remodeling.

Price for transplant in Israel

Today on retinal transplantation in Israel, the price varies in different hospitals and medical centers in the country. Much depends on the particular clinical picture of the disease, the stage of retinal lesions and other constituents. Call or email us to get more information on your issue. Below is the cost of some procedures:

  1. ophthalmologist's consultation - $ 560
  2. Retinal detachment - 8500 $
  3. Computer perimetry - $ 260

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