Ophthalmology in Israel, specializes in the treatment of disorders of the visual system. In this area are widely used innovative achievements of physics, computer technology and electronics.

Tlv.Hospital Coordination Center offers a wide range of comprehensive services for the organization of treatment in ophthalmology clinics in Israel. We provide full support regarding health and consumer issues.

In medical centers in the country to conduct effective treatment of various pathologies:

  • primary and secondary glaucoma ;
  • acquired and congenital cataract ;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • retinal diseases ;
  • myopia;
  • astigmatism;
  • hyperopia;
  • various injuries;
  • strabismus ;
  • retinal detachment;
  • keratoconus;
  • ambpliopii;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • neyrooftalmologicheskih diseases;
  • disorders of the vitreous;
  • atrophy of the optic nerves;
  • angioedema age;
  • blepharitis;
  • keratitis;
  • iridocyclitis;
  • macular degeneration;
  • hyperopia;
  • endocrine orbitopathy and other diseases.

Ophthalmology in Israel, diagnostic procedures

Ophthalmology in IsraelIsraeli experts apply innovative techniques, advances in the world of ophthalmology for a reliable and accurate diagnosis.

Kinds of diagnostic procedures before prescribing programs for eye treatment in Israel:

  1. Keratografiya is a method of investigation of the shape of the cornea by the image, which are reflected from its surfaces - parallel strips or concentric rings. Identifies violations of sphericity of the cornea, applied in order to control the operational correction of refraction.
  2. Tonometry - Pressure method of measuring the intraocular fluid. IOP varies with eye traumas and cranial, eye hemorrhage, glaucoma, retinal detachment, diabetic coma.
  3. Electrocardiogram eye examines the retina. Assigned for diagnosing night blindness, retinal pigment changes common retinal diseases.
  4. Electrophysiological studies are complex diagnostic methods, studying retinal function, the visual areas of the brain, optic nerve. One of the methods of the complex - electroretinography, which graphically express the electrical activity of the retina that occurs in the light stimulation.
  5. Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) studies features microcirculation anterior segment registers blood flow in the microvasculature (venules, arterioles, capillaries, precapillaries). This procedure is carried out before the laser treatment for astigmatism operations, hyperopia, myopia.
  6. Endothelial microscopy is carried out at corneal dystrophy and its transplantation; aftercorneal implantationto control the state of; before and after cataract surgery.
  7. Ultrasonic biomicroscopy is the method ultrasonograph iris, cornea, anterior chamber angle, the lens - the anterior segment and posterior eyeball. Assigned for diagnosing trachoma, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases; to determine the degree of injury of the eyeball, detecting the smallest of foreign bodies.
  8. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a noninvasive contactless technology visualizing various structures of the eye. It can perform diagnostic purposes and evaluation of macular breaks acquired and hereditary degenerative changes of the retina, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, glaucoma, epiretinal membrane, thrombosis CRV, cystoid macular edema, poliferativnoy vitreoretinopathy.

Eye Treatment in Israel

Ophthalmology IsraelOphthalmologists Israel, using modern technology, quickly and safely restore vision patients. Therapeutic measures conducted in adults and children (with eye inflammation, glaucoma, optic nerve damage), random (laser) treatment, eye microsurgery.

Laser surgeryis considered one of the most advanced methods of eye treatment in Israel. The main advantages of this technique include lack of complications quick rehabilitation, minimal invasiveness, persistent therapeutic effect. With it carried effective treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

A promising direction in ophthalmology Israel is a vitreoretinal surgery - surgical treatment conducted simultaneously in the vitreous and the retina. Indications to her severe post-traumatic conditions, retinal detachment, macular hole, hemophthalmus various etiologies, diabetic retinopathy and some other pathologies.