To study the eye clinic in Israel must be upstream of the mandrel abroad and design treatment. This will help make the right decision for the selection of satisfying your needs ophthalmologic institutions. Therapeutic care in Israel - is a sign of the quality and efficiency of health services. However, self-treatment in the clinic of the country will require a long period of familiarization with their characteristics, medical staff, technologies, therapies and equipment. In addition, the information gleaned from the internet may not always correspond to reality, and to be reliable.

We recommend an assessment of the condition and make a diagnosis in the country. Based on the data we will attract physicians, help you need. The operational period monitored and find a clinic, a leading ophthalmologist in the area of ​​health solutions to specific problems. One of the best ophthalmologists in Israel isRoni Rahmiel , Enter the name to which it is possible through

Reasonable prices, rapid response and comprehensive assistance - you can count on the prompt resolution of your situation.

Eye centers in Israel - the great skill of doctors

eye clinic in IsraelIf you solicit the best medical institution in the field of ophthalmology of Israel - it is an occasion guard. Especially in the case when the information about your health has not been studied, and diagnostic data is not checked. In Israel, many functions of government and private medical institutions with professional medical staff. However, much depends on the specialization of certain doctors. Often, it is single-minded focus. This means that the search will be effective if the doctor will also take into account the experience in the treatment of this pathology.

We have reviewed the best ophthalmologic clinics of the country. In one article, you will learn the specifics of medical institutions, doctors practiced techniques and therapeutic methods. Eye health requires a delicate approach. Fine craftsmen can change for you now seeing the world. But with a lack of professionalism of medical error costly for the patient. Therefore, the selection of clinical institutions conducted carefully, thoughtfully, reasonably.

Israel has significantly reduced the percentage of loss of the original inhabitants, indicating that professional assistance in the country's hospitals. This allows patients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union to have confidence in the fact that spent on travel and treatment will be repaid with spergula. Leading eye clinics Israeli practice of traditional therapies, and innovative approaches to help restore health, it becomes clearer vision, leaving a feeling of eye discomfort.

If you have been screened and studied ophthalmology clinic in Israel, patient testimonials about the quality of services and want to arrange treatment in a particular health care facility or a particular doctor, give us a call. We quickly agreed to take you to the Israeli side and the professional assistance abroad. If there is no clear understanding, read presented on our website information, and type a specialist, if necessary, to get advice on your question.

Assuta - a private multidisciplinary center of Israel

Assuta Hospital is deservedly popular in the field of medical tourism. Private complex includes several hospitals, research centers, laboratories. ophthalmology department here uses advanced technology to treat a whole range of diseases of the eye. Among the innovative techniques by which doctors work:

  1. Presby LASIK - laser vision correction treatment of age-related farsightedness. Functionality of the visual field is changed after changing the shape of the cornea. This allows patients to forget about using multifocal glasses and lenses.
  2. Z-LASIK - femtosecond laser beam under the control of non-contact profile software corrects vision. The program is administered individual patient, measured parameters of view. The procedure is painless and safe. The result is visible after a few hours after the correction.
  3. Operations to strengthen the eye sclera - the purpose of the method is to stop the progressive myopia.
  4. Surgical intervention for treatment of cataract, glaucoma - microsurgery of the eye, through which can be quickly normalize high intraocular pressure, lens implant with a clean and clear structure.

Assuta is carried out in the implantation of phakic lenses, correcting symptoms of astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. Among the modern equipment, not available in all clinics of Israel - electronic glasses "Ambliz". Is the development of Israeli scientists, based on the use of a liquid crystal lens.

The lens through the pacemaker carries out training of the optic nerve, covering the good eye and redistributing the load on a weakened, thus causing it to operate in emergency mode. The equipment used children's eye clinic in Israel, where the treatment of children aged 3-10 years.

Unlike technologies used today are as minimally invasive impact, minimal tissue injury, there is no risk of complications. Treatment becomes comfortable, the rehabilitation process is reduced over time. On recovery after surgery often requires a couple of hours. Most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, without the patient's room inpatient hospital boxing.

The clinic employs doctors from around the world, which allows skill to cultivate a new generation of doctors and send them invaluable experience of ophthalmic practice. Among the well-known experts:

  • Israel Kremer.
  • Irit Bahar.
  • Yigal Leibowitz.
  • Isaac Avni.
  • Dr. Zvi Disetnik Joseph Glowinski.
  • Yair Morad .

Among other clinics of Israel, in whose composition there are professional centers of Ophthalmology:

  1. Ichilov - represented the separation of urgent assistance and specialized services centers. Among the challenges that hospital doctors work - loss of vision due to neurological disorders, fractures of the eye socket, eye injury,the treatment of glaucoma , Strabismus, cataracts, corneal replacement, etc.
  2. Shiba - Center hospital with serious eye conditions, specialized departments of recovery. The clinic is famous for a new generation of diagnostic procedures, assisting the adult population. It also runs a children's eye clinic in Israel, where doctors take young patients.
  3. Asaf ha Rofé - diagnostic eye examinations, treatment of the retina, cataract, glaucoma. The clinic is known for plastic procedures, Neuropathy, treatment of eye diseases of children.

One of the most well-known ophthalmic clinics in the world - the hospital ophthalmology Rabin and many others.

If you need to contact the eye clinic in Israel diagnosed onoftalm, please contact our specialists. We will select for you the best pathology correction program. The absence or presence of rudimentary eye eyeball treated by stimulating the growth of the orbit of specialized implants, prostheses and the selection of surgery.

Before contacting the ophthalmic clinic in Israel reviews of patients, treated abroad, will have great service. In their example, we can get an idea about the level of service of a particular medical institution:

"When I needed eye clinic, I myself studied the Internet in search of information on hospitals in Israel. I needed a corneal transplant donor, so trust the solution to the problem that, about whom I know nothing, I could not. I decided in the end to pass inspection in the Assuta and choose in place of the doctors who will cause my trust As a result, he chose Irit Bahar -. nice woman, professional, working a long time with pathologies. Eye surgery in Israelhas cost a little more than 20 thousand dollars. This attention, which she provided to me after the surgery, I have never in my life received from any doctor. Sensitive, kind man. High-class specialist. No complications and severe pain, which I was so frightened by our doctors, I have not felt. But the result was not long in coming. All went well. Thanks! Irina V., 51 years. "

If there is concern that the lack of knowledge of Hebrew complicate the stay abroad, do so not worth it. Professional coordinator will accompany the patient to the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the clinic. In addition, in Israeli hospitals, many doctors know the Russian language, so communication will not be difficult with them.

To find out the prices for ophthalmic services, call or email us. Sending documents on survey and diagnosis, extracts from medical records and doctors' recommendations, you get a full list of clinics where correction is carried diseases, physicians of candidates professionally engaged in therapy of ocular pathologies and the prices of services.

Faced with the need to treat eye diseases is not discouraged. Most pathologies treatable. A mastery of Israeli experts will help you to restore sight in comfort mode.