Laser vision correction in IsraelLaser vision correction in Israel is now considered a general procedure, which takes place every year tens of thousands of people from around the world. Despite its popularity, the concept of the technology still remains a mystery to many, is the same as when it appears. However, a method for a long time is not considered too risky and expensive. But the fame of his success every year is gaining altitude.

Medical Service offers its programs vision correction in Israel at competitive prices. We have been working on this market for over 11 years and have earned the trust of patients from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries.

If you wish to update prices for particular types of procedures, please call us. Having studied the history of the disease, experts form the cost of services.

Review of methods of laser eye surgery

It is necessary to separate the types of laser surgery, which are used depending on the tasks assigned to the physician. The most popular method briefly described below:

  1. LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) - this is the most common type of laser processing and relatively painless. It includes the creation of a flap in the cornea, which opens to the surgeon the opportunity to work on the inner layer. The cornea changes shape with the help of a laser beam begins to differently refract light, creating a clear vision. This procedure is suitable for people with a common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  2. LASEK (laser surgery on the cornea surface layer) - in this technology epithelium (thin layer of cells that cover the cornea) is retracted to expose the Bowman's layer (membrane). Correction is made, after which the epithelium is replaced. This treatment - the most viable option for patients with thin corneas and a good alternative to LASIK surgery.
  3. Technology Wavefront - the approach used in the procedures of LASIK and LASEK. Special software creates a map of the patient's eye to give an accurate picture of aberrations that must be corrected. A map is then loaded into a computer which controls the laser beam to guide a change of the cornea in accordance with predetermined parameters. This individual treatment is an alternative to standard procedures LASIK and LASEK. The method is ideal for people of those professions where a clear vision - a prerequisite of work, such as airline pilots.
  4. PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) - This is the oldest type of laser eye treatment. It includes removal of the epithelium in order to gain access to the cornea. The cornea is reorganized with the laser. The patient in the rehabilitation period is a protective lens to full recovery. Is rarely used these days, but a good alternative to LASIK and LASEK for people with very thin corneas.

world-class treatment in Israel

Standing vision correction in Israel inexpensive compared to medical centers of America, Switzerland, France, UK and Germany. Treated patients in these countries are surprised to discover that Israel - as a country of high technology ophthalmic practice. Moreover, here every year to create new methods of treatment, diagnosis, to produce innovative medicines and equipment.

Comparing the quality of treatment and care in private and public clinics, we can confidently say - Israel does not concede, and in some cases superior to foreign competitors, forming the treatment of prices 30-40% lower. This practice has provided Israel the influx of people traveling on the program of medical tourism. After all, except for treatment in the country of the great saints of values ​​organized a great vacation. Dead Sea climate is conducive to rapid recovery of strength even after complicated surgical interventions.

package is formed with the inclusion of diagnostic procedures, individually designed treatment plan. You will get the best result. Our confidence is supported by the history of our patients.

What affects the cost of laser vision correction in Israel?

Vision Correction in IsraelThere are factors of which the cost of the treatment depends, therefore, take them into account when we form the cost of staying abroad. The final price is affected by:

  1. The treatment program - defines the total cost. As a general rule, the better your vision at the time of treatment, the lower the price. In addition, the price is due to the type of operation.
  2. Your surgeon - there are no special qualifications for laser eye surgery. However, the most authoritative and experienced surgeons are certified by prestigious centers and have gained experience in the surgical practice. This means that the payment of their labor may be higher.
  3. Equipment - for operations with the best equipment clinics often charge more money. However, your treatment because of its use will be more quick, convenient and accurate than if the operation performed by the old technology.
  4. Hospital size - sometimes large clinics offer lower prices. Profit of medical centers is offset by the influx of patients. However, one should not think that the quality of treatment that could be worse. In contrast, operational tactics worked here in detail.

Find out the cost of procedures is better at service consultants, below are the approximate prices for treatment:

  1. ophthalmologist's consultation - $ 560
  2. Eye exams - $ 210
  3. Preparation for surgery - $ 275
  4. Operation LASIK - 4500 $

Comparing prices, make sure what costs are included in the amount of the contract, and which ones you will have to pay later. Among these services are:

  • diagnostic procedures prior to surgery;
  • postoperative medication;
  • aftercare.

Study reviews

Before leaving for the correction of vision in Israel, examine reviews of patients who had already been there. Often, because of them, the choice is given easier and there is no doubt:

"It has been laser eye surgery in the Assuta. He is wearing glasses 35 years with -4.75 and -4.25. I tired of them, and the lenses are not used due to allergies. Before the surgery, I was given medication, so do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. It felt only moderate pressure during the creation of the flap. It was over very quickly. I returned to the hotel and went to bed. Thank you Natasha (coordinator) that held to the door. I began to see well on the first day. True, a little confused blurred vision and halos of light around the objects first. the first week after the operation the eye a bit dried up. Applied specifically designated drop, everything is fine. Today, I see perfectly Very satisfied I regret only one thing -.. that he decided not used for the operation Grateful to the doctors Stanislav, 44 years old "...