Glaucoma - a progressive disease that damages the optic nerve and can lead to irreversible blindness. Undergo timely treatment of glaucoma in Israel - means to protect themselves from the loss of vision. Since the disease may not exhibit symptoms, reaching a peak of change, it is important to regularly visit an ophthalmologist for preventive purposes.

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Causes, symptoms and types of glaucoma

Glaucoma Treatment in IsraelGlaucoma - a dangerous condition, because most people do not experience any symptoms or signs of the early development of the disease. That is why it is often called the "silent thief of view." Among the symptoms - loss of peripheral vision, eye pain, blurred contours of surrounding objects, and more. Under glaucoma experts to mean a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve, which transmits information from the eye to the brain. Often the disease is caused by an increase in intraocular pressure. Other risk factors include:

  1. Age older than 50 years (age degradation of tissue).
  2. Nationality (it is proved that those with Asian, Arab, African-American roots likely to develop the disease anymore).
  3. Heart disease, diabetes.
  4. thyroid disease.
  5. Reception of steroid drugs.
  6. Heredity.
  7. eye injuries.
  8. Nearsightedness, myopia.

If you fall into at least one of these risk groups should take great care to eye health.

The most common open-angle glaucoma. It develops gradually, affecting the eye thin channels causes delay in intraocular fluid and destroying its circulation. With this form of the disease in glaucoma treatment in Israel come most often. Typically, the disease reaches an advanced stage, however, enables physicians professional stop regression and neutralize danger.

Opposite to this type of disease - closure glaucoma, occurring due to the sudden occlusion of the anterior chamber angle. This leads to a sharp increase in intraocular pressure and causes more obvious symptoms that requires urgent treatment.

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Diagnosing glaucoma

The ophthalmologist makes a diagnosis only after a comprehensive survey of the state of the eye, which includes the following activities:

  • medical history, family history;
  • evaluation of drugs that receives the patient;
  • general health examination;
  • Testing of visual acuity, assessment of eye health.

For diagnosis before drawing up a protocol for treating glaucoma in Israel carried out a wide range of diagnostic tests, which may include:

  1. OCT - optical coherence tomography. To perform its uses certain wavelengths of light to display a structure of the eye, which makes it possible to search for deviations and disturbances in the drainage channels or optic nerve.
  2. Tonometry - calculation of the intraocular pressure.
  3. Reading Chart - test for visual acuity, the ability to see distant objects.
  4. Pachymetry - is carried out to measure corneal thickness.
  5. Ophthalmoscopy - to detail the state of the optic nerve. The doctor applies a profile extending drops, uses light to the eye assessment.
  6. Perimeter - the early stages of glaucoma may interfere with peripheral vision. This method helps to check the patient's area of ​​visibility.
  7. Gonioscopy - screening eye via a contact lens mirror to define the space between the iris and the cornea.

Based on a received data the individual therapeutic protocol.

Glaucoma treatment in Israel, the pricesGlaucoma Treatment in Israel - the traditional and innovative therapies

The main aim of glaucoma treatment is to prevent further blindness, as occurred previously considered irreversible changes. Treatment may include medication, conventional and laser surgery. In each case, the treatment individually, Israel often used own methods of correction of infringements. Their goal - the maximum assistance in stabilization of vision. In drawing up the plan takes into account the patient's age, the degree of severity of glaucoma and its type. The earlier glaucoma is detected, the better the response to therapeutic effects.

drug therapy

In most cases of glaucoma treatment is carried out by means of drugs to prevent disease progression. Among the formulas used:

  • Prostaglandins - eye drops to increase the outflow of fluid.
  • Beta-blockers, inhibitors, and miotics - eye drops that reduce fluid production.
  • Alpha-agonists adrenergiticheskie - reduce the intraocular pressure by decreasing the liquid production and increasing its outflow.
  • Combination products.

If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, it is important to comply with the medication regimen. Sometimes compliance guidelines may be difficult because of some discomfort upon administration of eye drops. When the problems such as pain in the eyes, blurred vision, headaches after taking the drops, talk to your doctor about taking a different kind of preparation.

Many wonder why to go to Israel, if the medication can be administered with us. Of course, this tactic is used in our hospitals. However, the level of development of diagnostic methods and pharmacological agents abroad significantly stepped forward. Innovative medicinal formulas developed annually Israeli research institutes and departments. In addition, attention is drawn to the new in the treatment of glaucoma in Israel - the revolutionary methods, techniques, principles of therapy.


Among the surgical procedures used to treat glaucoma trabekulotomiyu when a small part of the blocked channel is excised to create a hole and laying the new site through which aqueous humor exits. An alternative channel is performed based conjunctival tissue. His organization helps to reduce intraocular pressure.

Another surgical procedure - bypass surgery, which resulted in the drainage created artificially. The profile plate in the form of microscopic-lead tubes for output of fluid is placed under the conjunctiva. Accumulating fluid gets free flow that reduces pressure.

It should be noted viscocanalostomy when particles ophthalmic surgeon resected the wall, leaving only a very thin envelope through which the liquid without meeting obstacles, flows outwardly. Operation is more delicate in comparison with analogues.

New in the treatment of glaucoma in Israel

Among the newest methods of treatment of this disease using trans-scleral diode laser. The procedure is done for the destruction of the ciliary body, producing a liquid. It aims to reduce the internal pressure in the eyes. Recommended method when traditional schemes have failed.

The session is conducted on an outpatient basis. After applying local anesthesia, the laser probe is located on the ciliary body. The beam passes through the sclera (the white shell) to the partially destroyed ciliary body. In this case, the sclera is not damaged, since the laser energy selectively destroys the pigmented areas underneath.

The purpose of the procedure - to leave the ciliary body is a living, to produce a certain volume of liquid, but spend resection in order to reduce eye pressure. Practice shows that it may take several sessions of this therapy. The procedure takes a few minutes. Most patients experience little discomfort at the same time. After the session, a few days there is a slight pain and blurred vision, but it soon passes.

The cost of treating glaucoma varies considerably depending on treatments and degree of neglect disease. Prices for the services of Israeli doctors:

  • consultation leading specialist clinic - from $ 600;
  • surgery on one eye - from $ 6,500;
  • supplies - around 1,400 dollars.

After the surgery is being monitored by an ophthalmologist within two weeks. Surgery on the second eye is held not earlier than a few months.

lydia Vlasenkova

"Glaucoma was found in our daughter's birth. The doctors said that this is indeed a unique case, as manifested in children 1 time 10-15 thousand persons. The disease is hereditary in our family, it is sick, my husband. He was treated in Israel, and it helped him to stop vision loss. So we decided to take a daughter there too. We carried two operations and now stabilize vision drops. Twice a year, check your local optician. Once a year flying on vacation to the Dead Sea, and at the same time see a doctor, even though he said it was not necessary. It took 3 years from the date of treatment, we are all fine. and I am very glad. "