Cataract Treatment in IsraelCataracts - a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. At the young age of the lens is clear and flexible. When a person ages, the lens becomes clouded, reduced visual acuity. Since cataracts - an insidious disease, it often finds itself in the initial stages.

Despite the current difficulties, cataract treatment in Israel, gives excellent results. The disease can not be cured by means of eye drops, medicines or optical means. The only option to save vision - an operation to remove a cataract. During the procedure, the lens is replaced with an artificial lens. It is important to entrust the surgery an experienced doctor, expert ophthalmic industry, because the risk of error is too large, and the consequences may be irreversible.

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symptoms of cataract

Cataracts mostly develops after 60 years. If the disease is left untreated, it leads to progressive loss of vision and blindness. Symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Blurred vision.
  • Reducing the color sharpness.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Poor quality night vision.
  • Ghosting and flare when looking at a bright light source.
  • Reflections when you look at the surrounding objects.

Selecting cataract treatment in Israel, you make the right step towards the restoration of eye health. If you notice at the above symptoms, immediately surveyed in time to detect negative developments and take measures to eliminate them.

Advantages of cataract treatment in Israel

cataract treatmentAdvantages of the surgery when the natural lens of the eye is replaced obvious:

  1. Improving quality of life - the cataract interferes with everyday tasks such as reading, driving a car. With an eye disease a person feels less independent and autonomous, socially maladjusted. Studies have shown that the quality of life of those who underwent surgery to remove cataracts has improved by 36%.
  2. Reducing the risk of falls and fractures - for the elderly fall carries an increased risk of injury, the effects of which are difficult to eliminate. Loss of vision - one of the main reasons for poor coordination in space. Studies show that surgery reduces the risk of hip fracture after 65 years at 23%.
  3. Cataract surgery prolongs life - treatment of the disease significantly improves the long-term outlook on the life expectancy of the elderly. Operation by 40% reduces the risk of death for those who have developed a severe form of the disease.

In Israel, the surgery is put on a new level. It uses innovative equipment, specialized equipment complexes. Doctors have extensive experience in complex surgical procedures.

Eye surgery - doctors of Israel

In addition to basic education, the majority of doctors have been trained in Israel, Europe and Asia. Among the leading ophthalmologists of the country marked:

  • Dr. Ehud Assia - sells a full range of surgical procedures for cataract. He headed the relevant departments in the hospital Sheba, to date, led by ophthalmic medical center complex Meir. Consults and operates clinics in Herzliya, Assuta. Basic education in Tel Aviv, trained in America in implanting IOLs (intraocular lenses). Part-time working as chief editor of a leading Israeli journal, the last few years is the organizer of international conferences on eye microsurgery.
  • Dr. Kremer Israel - a leading ophthalmologist Rabin clinic. He maintains a private practice in Assuta hospital. Basic education - Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Trained in the UK in the field of transplantation of cornea, refractive ophthalmology. Conducts active scientific work, educational activities.
  • Dr. Shimon Kurtz - directs the Center forOphthalmology in Israelfor cataract treatment in Ichilov Hospital. Earned his medical degree at the State University of Tel Aviv, later supplemented his training in Jerusalem University. For a long time Israel has provided advisory services to the Army, he worked in armor. Israel is included in the Professional Association of America.

In one article it is difficult to list all the doctors who are cataract treatment in Israel - for more advice, call or write us. We quickly respond to requests.

cataract treatment in Israel: the benefits of surgery

Treatment of cataract in the price IsraelRegardless of whether cataract congenital or acquired with age, injury or medical surgery - the only sure way to eliminate the disease, restoring the possibility of a clear vision of your eyes. Surgical procedure is virtually painless and does not cause difficulties with an experienced physician. Operation is performed in one day, it takes 20 minutes, after that you can stay a few hours under the supervision of experts, and then go home with the recommendations issued in the hands.

Due to the revolutionary development of modern surgical techniques is not necessary to wait until the cataract is "ripe." The operation is performed at any time, at any stage. There are several types of intervention:

  1. The classic method involves removal of a cataract through a vibrating needle via fluid flow - is phacoemulsification. Minor damage to the eyes heal quickly and do not require suturing. A small incision is made at the edge of the cornea, the membrane is retained for fixation of the implant in place. Mainly used acrylic and silicone implants that have reduced the risk of haze in the next 5 years. If turbidity develops, applies the laser treatment procedure, easily eliminating a drawback.
  2. Krioekstraktsiya - technology for application ultralow temperature primorazhivaniya lens metal tool body inputted physician. When extracapsular extraction at the place of penetration sutured.
  3. Laser cataract surgery, which is actively used Israeli clinic.

Use of laser in cataract surgery

Femtosecond laser technology have brought new levels of security, accuracy and predictability in cataract surgery. The femtosecond laser beam surgery replaces manual surgical instruments to perform cutting of the cornea, of the anterior capsulotomy, lens fragmentation and cataracts. laser correction method can reduce the risks of surgery, improved visual results.

The first step - cut the cornea. The traditional methods of the doctor uses a metal or diamond blade to create the incision in the area where the cornea meets the sclera. This access to the inner parts of the eye to break up and remove the cataract. Then IOL is implanted to replace the cloudy lens. Using a laser for the treatment of cataract in Israel, the surgeon creates a detailed plan corneal surgical incision with a precise 3-D image of the eye (optical coherence tomography). The goal - to get the scheme with a specific location of the section, the depth and length in all planes, after which the doctor performs an operation without difficulty.

The natural lens is surrounded by a very thin transparent capsule. In operation the front part of the capsule is removed - is anterior capsulotomy, giving access to the cataract. The remainder of the capsule should not be damaged, as it subsequently holds the implant. Beam replaces the traditional needle, which increases the accuracy of surgical intervention, to better align the IOLs that provides good visual results. In classical surgery for cataract crushing ultrasound is used. Its energy can lead to heat accumulation in the sectional burn tissue, to promote expression of astigmatism in the future. Laser softens cataract, carefully breaking into small fragments, reducing the risks of damaging the capsule. In addition, making the procedure safer, reducing the likelihood of certain complications.

Refraction with laser cost more as compared with conventional embodiments. On average, prices for cataract treatment in Israel are as follows:

  1. Examination by an ophthalmologist - 560 dollars.
  2. Resection of cataracts - 5500 dollars.

Rates may vary depending on the level of the operating surgeon. For more detailed information please contact us. Phone numbers and other contact information on the site