Strabismus treatment in IsraelStrabismus - is a condition in which the eyes do not look in the direction of the object together. Is the treatment of strabismus in Israel in children and adults. Therapy is needed not just to correct a cosmetic defect, but also for the restoration of health. In severe cases, no timely measures taken by the person can lose vision, remaining blind. Rectify the situation will not be possible.

types of strabismus

Under normal conditions, the six muscles control the operation of the eye movement and keep them in one location. In patients with strabismus have problems with the muscular apparatus. Violations classified into the following types:

  • eyes rotate inward (esotropia);
  • external rotation (exotropia);
  • ascending turn (Hypertropia);
  • descending turn (hydrotropes).

When strabismus on the interests of the person subject focuses one eye. Second while looking inward, outward, to pivot up or down. Such a state can be constant or occur as a short-term phenomenon under stress or during sickness.

Strabismus - a visual problem in which the eyes in different directions. In pediatric strabismus environment subject to 4-5% of the population. Infantile esotropia is a condition in which the eye is turned inward. Accommodative esotropia occurs when the baby focuses the eyes to see clearly. In this case, both eyes turn inward. This intersection may occur when focusing view on objects that are close or far away. Another common type of strabismus - exotropia or eyes turn outwards. There is such an eye-focus from time to time, especially when the child is dreaming, sick or tired.

Some people are born with eyes that look at unbalanced. This is called congenital strabismus. In most cases, children do not have a clear reason violations. In some cases - is the result of problems with the central nervous system. If strabismus is not cured, it moves into adulthood. Most adults the disease is congenital type.

Symptoms and Causes of strabismus

In the treatment of strabismus in Israel found that the violation of an adult is often accompanied by double vision of objects. If the eyes are skewed in an adult, it can also be a sign of a serious disease, such as stroke. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor immediately when a double contour in the surrounding area or the misalignment of the eyes. Sometimes this efficiency helps save lives.

We were born with a squint double vision syndrome is not observed. But in this case may appear different side-effects:

  • violation of depth;
  • imbalance peripheral field survey;
  • can appear headaches.

In some situations, to look at a particular object a person needs to tilt his head at an unnatural angle.

The most common cause of strabismus is hereditary. In 30% of children with strabismus have a family member with a similar problem. When a violation is not inherited, as a rule, there are no special reasons to explain why this is happening. Other conditions associated with strabismus include:

  1. Cerebral palsy (40-60%).
  2. Down's syndrome (20-60%).
  3. Hydrocephalus (congenital disease that causes accumulation of fluid within the skull, brain damage).
  4. brain tumor.
  5. Uncorrected farsightedness.
  6. Head injuries that damage the brain region responsible for the control of eye movements, nerve.
  7. Neurological (CNS) problems.
  8. Graves' disease (an overproduction of thyroid hormones).

Also at high risk of developmental disorders in premature babies, children with low weight at birth, as well as in children with hyperopia.

strabismus treatment in Israel, the pricesWhat is amblyopia?

amblyopia syndrome otherwise referred to as "lazy eye." It develops when the brain suppresses the vision in one eye to avoid double vision of objects. The problem occurs in childhood. Unfortunately, amblyopia is not corrected in adults, the vision can not be restored. Therefore, it is important to take all the measures in a timely manner to correct the situation and return the child to normal vision. The most successful treatment is considered to be in 5-6 years, but it is possible to see a doctor later. However, if your eyes are unbalanced in an adult human, the treatment of strabismus in Israel will help get rid of the lack of any age. But this loss of vision in amblyopia in one eye will continue.

Treatment of amblyopia is to solve the fundamental problem of the baby - the correction of astigmatism, myopia, surgical removal of cataracts. Once the root cause is eliminated, it is necessary to stimulate the brain to create a bond with impaired eye, thereby improving its ability to see nearby objects. Children who wear glasses can be recommended closing stronger special eye patch. Also profiled droplets can be applied, through which the vision in the strong eye attenuated (objects become blurred). This process can take weeks, months or even years.

How to diagnose strabismus?

Anyone older than 4 - months of age, which is fixed strabismus should undergo a complete eye examination by a pediatric ophthalmology. It may include the following procedures:

  • study of the history of the patient;
  • checking the visual acuity (eye diagram);
  • test light refraction (check eye with a series of corrective lenses, to assess how they focus light);
  • focus tests.

List of inspection procedures varies depending on the severity, form of strabismus, the patient's age, associated factors.

strabismus treatment in Israel

Options for treatment in Israel include the following:

  • Glasses or contact lenses - used in patients with uncorrected farsightedness. With the help of corrective eye lenses require less effort to focus.
  • Prismatic vision correction - special lenses that can deflect light entering the eye, and help to reduce eye strain when looking at objects.
  • Orthoptics (eye exercises) - can work on some types of strabismus, especially with occasional divergent type.
  • Medications - eye drops or ointment. Furthermore, botulinum toxin type A (such as Botox Oculinum or), hyperactive muscles weaken the eye. These procedures can be used with / in lieu of surgery, depending upon the patient's situation.

The operation has a good therapeutic effect. It affects the muscles that move the eye. Best of all, if the treatment is carried out as a child, but an adult surgery is also performed. The surgeon opens up the outer layer of the eyeball, to gain access to the muscular system. He shortens the muscles that turn the eyes in the right direction. The effect of the double pass in a few days after surgery, as soon as the brain adapts to the new conditions for him.

According to reviews, strabismus treatment in Israel takes place at the highest level for both adults and children. Each patient is treated with care and attention. After a thorough diagnosis of the leading ophthalmologists clinics developed optimal plan of correction of infringements. With the patient immediately blurts terms of therapy, the organization of the rehabilitation process requirements discussed procedures cost. In 2016, the price of consultation leading ophthalmologist was 600 dollars, and surgery with the surgical team and the fee payment of supplies - 12 500. For patients treated completely changes the life, so ignore the professionalism of the Israeli doctors not allowed. One of the main experts in the field of eye treatment isRoni Rahmiel , Enter the name to which you can now!

Eugene Acropolis, St. Petersburg

"In June 2016 my daughter had surgery at the clinic Sourasky Israel. In Russia, we persuaded to wait for 5 years. And the fact that a child with convergent squint with each passing day has seen worse, no one is concerned. The angle of view was 15 degrees, amblyopia. Appealed to, issue the travel and registration to the clinic decided very quickly. We rented an apartment near the hospital. When we arrived, we greeted at the airport. On the day of the operation I was really scared. The operation lasted 2 hours and after a further 3 of us to go home, having registered a drop. Now I remember everything as if it was not with us. Thank you very much. Doctors for their attention and kindness, for their professionalism and skills. "