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Diagnosis eye problems

Eye surgery in IsraelOphthalmic diseases that disturb the vision and pose a threat to human life, there are many. Among them, glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and other diseases. Not always lenses and glasses help to eliminate the violations. To eliminate the progression of the disease and prevent blindness, it is recommended surgery.

You can be sure - when choosing treatment in Israel, eye operations under the guidance of the best surgeons, you take the right decision. Before the appointment of a therapeutic protocol a patient undergoes a thorough medical examination at the clinic, the services which he has chosen. In the list of diagnostic procedures may include:

  1. Digital fluorescent angiography - imaging procedure that allows to investigate the retinal circulation, choroidal and optic nerve using a fluorescent dye. The technician obtains images before and after administration of the dye preparation introduction into the body. All that has changed is removed during the computer analysis of the image, leaving only the area with negative dynamics. The method allows to detect violations of the anterior segment.
  2. Electrophysiological diagnosis wave front of the eye - the monitor generates a visually evoked potentials within the optic nerve and cerebral cortex by applying stimuli, which acts as a varying proportions chessboard. Visual evoked potentials are measured for the diagnosis of functional disorders of the visual system.
  3. Endothelial biomicroscopy - examination of the corneal endothelium / inner wall.
  4. retinal imaging on the innovative equipment of last generation - measures the optical disk and creates three-dimensional images with accurate, harmless and painless laser diode. Technology easily visualizes disorders such as glaucoma.
  5. Measurement of visual acuity, intraocular pressure.
  6. Optical coherence tomography allows us to investigate the retina and optic disc. Light reflected from different layers of the retina, is used to create 2-D and 3-D pictures of high precision. Using this technique, the physician receives important data on the retina, the possible damage of the vitreous, optic nerve surrounding tissues.
  7. Ultrasound pachymetry and other methods

Remember that trust eye health professionals is necessary, it reduces the risk of medical errors to zero.

Prices of eye surgery in Israel

Ophthalmic surgery in Israel will cost a bit more expensive than most clinics of Russia and the CIS countries (except the elite private medical centers). However, the procedure will be cheaper than in the United States and Western countries. The difference in the average up to 40%. At the same time equipping Israeli clinics located at a height. Such equipment, you will not find on the territory of the Russian-speaking countries. The cost of the procedure is the following price range:

  1. Vitrectomy - 10300 dollars.
  2. Replacing the lens with a prosthetic construction - 5800 dollars.
  3. Laser therapy (course) - 2750 dollars.
  4. Resection of cataracts - 5700 dollars.
  5. Corneal transplantation (+ cornea donor) - 19000 dollars.

Ophthalmologists in Israel

The clinics in the country operate with experts from around the world. Among them:

  • Simon Kurtz - a leading ophthalmologist country. The head of the Department of cataracts and glaucoma clinic Suraski. Medical education in Tel Aviv, and later he served as a doctor in Dr. Defense Forces.
  • Yair Morad - operates on children and adult patients with eye diseases. Initiates and conducts research. The head office childhood treatment of eye diseases in the clinic Assaf ha Rofe leads private practice in hospital Assuta. It presides in the professional community of Israel in the field of pediatric ophthalmology.
  • Ehud Assia - engaged in cataract surgery, implantation of multifocal lenses. The head of the department of treatment of eye diseases in the clinic Meir. It operates in Herzliya hospital, Assuta Medical Complex. He studied in Israel, trained in the United States.

Popular among Russian-speaking population and services of other physicians, including Israel Kremer, Professor Irit Bahar.

Types of eye surgery in Israel

in front of the operation in the price IsraelOne of the most common diseases in the ophthalmology - glaucoma. In the course of the disease the nerve cells of the retina and optic nerve gradually degrade. Developing glaucoma, for various reasons, but the most important risk factor is increased intraocular pressure. If you do not have appropriate treatment, the lesion may lead to obstruction of the visual field, reduced visual acuity, and blindness. If treatment is eye drops does not give results, we recommend laser procedures for drainage of intraocular fluid. When this is not enough, surgery is indicated.

In the treatment of glaucoma in Israel following manipulations are used:

  • Selective laser trabeculoplasty - reduces intraocular pressure. This is a painless outpatient procedure with no side effects. Held just a few minutes. Therapy aims at the cell corner of eye pigment camera using a low laser pulse energy levels. These cells are replaced by new ones in the process to stimulate regeneration processes, which improves drainage and normalize intraocular pressure.
  • Basal and iridectomy laser iridotomy - of the iris is removed either by classical surgically or using a laser beam.
  • Cyclophotocoagulation - procedure ciliary body portion destruction, penicillinase excess moisture. Previously used to treat elektrodiatermiya or freezing (cryotherapy). Today, with the task successfully copes femtosecond laser beam. This allows to regulate the amount of moisture coming to the optimal its volume.

As for the surgery of cataract, there is used laser techniques to correct vision: LASIK, PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) and LASEK. The advantages of laser surgery are obvious - the impact beam painless, visual acuity improvement immediately after surgery, stable long-term results. The success rate is 98%.

Irina, 64 years old. Brest

"I liked how the doctors clinic Assuta relate to the patient. Carefully, carefully, scrupulously. Treated cataracts. The operation took place within 20 minutes, another 2 hours watching my state and then released to the hotel. The vision actually felt better immediately after surgery, disappeared glare and duality circuits. Thank you! "

In addition these methods can be carried out with cataract vitrectomy - vitreous body is removed and replaced with a clear liquid identified gas or liquid silicone. Simultaneously, the patients being treated blood vessels or remove them.

In Israel, also popular hand surgery techniques by means of profile equipment and tools. Previous specialists allows operational art accurately with high degree of efficiency.

If you are interested in laser surgery, supportive therapy or surgery on the retina, and the cost of the items you can find out by writing to our operator. We will immediately contact you by providing interesting answers for your questions. Be healthy!