lymphoma treatment in Israel has reached a new height. Doctors in this country use modern technology, advanced equipment, the latest generation of drug formula. It is possible to raise the rate of healing of patients with early stages of lymphoma and 98%. Significantly improved treatment outcomes of patients with advanced forms of the disease.

Tlv.Hospital company offers to be treated by the best doctors in Israel. We guarantee a personalized service at the clinic, a special approach, rapid accurate diagnosis and effective program of rehabilitation therapy. Skill, experience and talent of the Israeli doctors implicitly recognized in the world medical practice.

lymphoma treatment in Israel

lymphoma treatment in Israel The diagnosis of lymphoma is placed a number of cancer lesions of the body, affecting the human immune system. The first to suffer from lymph nodes. Their troubles may indicate an increase in the size of these structures. Behind them Oncology affects internal organs, causing serious disruptions to individual systems. Oncologists lymphoma is divided into two large groups:Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin type. At first fraction accounts for about 10%, it relates to the remaining 90% of cases.

In any process of developing lymphoma begin with violations of regeneration of white blood cells ─ lymphocytes. The process of destruction of the body is rapid. Sometimes, by the time of occurrence of the first visible signs of the disease develops so much that it becomes inoperable tumor, and all the possibilities of therapeutic effects are reduced to palliative care. And on the level at which it will be rendered it depends on how many live patient.

If you do not spend time in vain, and to consult a professional oncologist, can minimize the negative impact of cancer on the body. For the treatment of lymphoma in Israel, the prices are not the highest in the world. On average, they are lower than in European clinics by 30%. This makes the therapy in the Middle East one of the most popular among the people of Russia and the former Soviet Union countries.

Advantages of the treatment of lymphoma in Israeli hospitals

The complexity of the diagnostic process is the variety of types of lymphomas. A therapeutic effectiveness depends on the protocol competent diagnosis. Benefits in Israel survey are undeniable:

New equipment in laboratory complexes, screening imaging system in which the smallest details visible irregularities.

Extensive experience of doctors, the rich practice of the treatment of this type of disease. Given that the Israeli clinic patients travel from all over the world, there have built up an enormous base of effective methods of determining the diseases and their subsequent correction.

Modern research facilities on the basis of the largest clinics are working to develop new medicinal formulas. Each patient can take part in clinical trials, when a newly developed drug gives a good result, but it has not yet been approved by the International Agency for admission. Knowing that in Israel, develops and manufactures most effective drugs to fight oncology, local medicine can trust without fear and risk.

Statistics show that up to 85% of all treated lymphoma return to a normal way of life of patients in Israel. There are all conditions for effective therapeutic process.

diagnosis of lymphoma

lymphoma treatment in Israel reviewsThe overall incidence of lymphomas all cancerous lesions of the body is up to 5%. In the early stages of the disease can manifest anything unreasonable weight loss, weakness, dizziness, swelling of the lymph nodes, elevated body temperature values.

Arriving in Israel in the diagnosis, you can take the express program, in which all the results get your hands within 3-4 days. If necessary, doctors will send the materials to the in-depth study for a more accurate diagnosis. However, in any case, you will know about his health after only the first few days.

First you have to consultation of a hematologist, after which will be written on the direction required tests and examinations. Among them:

Routine tests (blood count, biochemistry, cancer markers).

Biopsy caller suspected lymph node. Fence material is made of a hollow needle under local anesthetic. On its basis the histological study, focused on the search for signs of the cancer process.

bone marrow aspiration with cytogenetic studies. The degree of structure speaks of the need for transplantation procedures thereafter.

For visualization of lesions used screening methods for viewing tissue. Among them, ultrasound, PET, PET-CT, MRI. All the equipment in the new hospitals with a wide range of useful options.

Methods and technologies of treatment of lymphoma in Israel

The treatment plan is determined lymphoma stage and type of disease. Despite the fact that the diagnosis can be made at the early stages of the disease, treatment is not always required immediately. An experienced team of oncologists, hematologists and other doctors working on the creation of the individual scheme on the basis of the treatment of the data obtained about the patient and predicting the behavior of tumors in the future. Among the priority areas of:

─ Active surveillance is recommended when the patient does not feel the symptoms of the terrible disease. Regular monitoring of the state of the patient in order to begin to provide immediate assistance as soon as lymphoma begins to manifest itself more aggressively.

Radiation therapy ─ high-energy beams are targeted to the tumor in order to slow the abnormal cells or kill them, preventing tumor growth, uncontrolled division of the cellular structures of atypical origin. Often performed in addition to chemotherapy.

─ targeted therapies block the growth of cancer cells or prevent the processes that stimulate growth of cancer in the body. Monoclonal antibody therapy is a targeted therapy for lymphoma. It turns on independent protocol or in combination with chemicals.

Chemotherapy kills cancer ─ or slows the growth of tumors. Systemic chemotherapy is introduced into the body via injection or oral preparation. Some forms of chemicals are exclusively in the clinic. Others may be used for other purposes at home doctor.

Bone marrow transplantation ─ lymphoma affects the bone marrow, where the healthy white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets are produced. Transplantation of blood and bone marrow restores healthy function of cells, destroying lymphoma cells and replacing them with normal counterparts. Implantation may be autologous (using its own biomaterial) or allogeneic (from donor cells). Transplantation is a complicated treatment process. Determining whether a patient this method is suitable, is part of a peer review, the accuracy of which are famous Israeli doctors.

For treatment in Israel, the cost is quite accessible. We offer patients the best medical care and well-known medical institutions. Concluding a contract for the provision of quality service, we have clearly identified interests and Warranty Information Please refer to the part of us that prevents the possibility of a hidden schemes at any stage of an escort.

prices for treatment in Israel

lymphoma treatment in Israel, the pricesPricing policy in public and private clinics of Israel is not too different. In this case, in the commercial hospital patient has the right to choose a doctor and a public institution he comes under the jurisdiction of a specialist who has a minimum load at the time of admission to the hospital with cancer.

As for technical equipment complexes, they are approximately at the same level. Assuta is a model where purchased the most modern equipment, which is located only a few hospitals in the world. However, this does not mean that other Israeli hospitals deprived of technological innovations. Not at all. In this country, the Ministry of Health is investing huge sums in improving the technological base.

If you want to choose a doctor on a profile of the disease, please send a copy of their health documents to us via e-mail. We will study them and within 2 days will send a response to the proposals of treatment candidates physicians for their services prices. The most in demand among patients following the doctor:

  • Sigal Tavor hematologist ─ specialist the Received basic education in Italy, and the then perfected the a His skills in America, Israel. Heads the Center for Blood Diseases at Hospital Sourasky (Ichilov). He maintains a private practice in Assuta.
  • Odelia Gur Oncohematology ─ doctor is with a worldwide reputation, known for Combining effective is treatment of lymphoma by using the techniques the targeted therapy, bone marrow transplantation. He has repeatedly become the best doctor of the year in his homeland.
  • By Benjamin Brenner Professor ─ oncohematology Whose experience Exceeds 30 years. He studied in Israel and America. He worked his way up from an ordinary physician to the head of the Department of Hematology at Rambam Hospital. It has numerous state awards for his significant contribution to medicine.

If you are interested in the cost of treatment in Israel, examine the average price range, to ensure that they are democratic:

  1. Consultation doctor profile - to 600 dollars.
  2. Blood tests, urine with a comprehensive formula - from $ 80.
  3. PET-CT - from 1660-1680 dollars.
  4. Revision biopsy - 610 dollars.
  5. Chemotherapeutic + sessions using preparations - 1100 + $ 360.
  6. Stem cell transplantation - 98000 dollars.
  7. Immunotherapeutic rate - $ 2,300.

Look at customer reviews, patients from Russia and the CIS countries, in order to understand how satisfied they are calling for our company and the overall level of professionalism they selected physicians:

Marina Y.

"I am 54 years old, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, which is similar to lymphoma symptoms. Cancer my doctors in Ukraine are not even considered until such time until there was an abscess of the lymph nodes. The diagnosis was disappointing ─ Grade 4 large diffuse B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It was treated dressed in Gur. I am grateful to her for having put me on my feet, brought from the state of terrible depression. Struggling for life with it has been 7 years and do not intend to back down. ".

Oksana, Nizhny Novgorod

"Of course, for the treatment of lymphoma in Israel higher cost than in Russia. But I do not regret the money spent. It was treated at Assuta Professor Brener with the NHL in 2014. Two years after the chemistry learned that expecting a child. My son is completely well. It's a miracle with which I want to live and not think about anything else. Thank you !!! ".