Myeloma Treatment in IsraelMultiple myeloma - plasma malignant tumor of bone marrow cells. This type of white blood cells creates antibodies to fight infections. In cancer lesions they go out of control, from abnormal growth, which eventually leads to pain, bone fractures. Produced large quantities of protein provokes kidney damage.

Today, the treatment of myeloma in Israel is based on the use of new methods of diagnosis, innovative equipment and drugs developed in the course of clinical trials. Occupational therapists with extensive experience in this field to develop and implement a set of procedures aimed at healing to address their human services. As a result, the disease is adjusted, allowing you to restore balance, improve the patient's quality of life. One of the main experts in this field isDr. Sigal Tavor. Email us to make an appointment with a specialist.

Medical service offers undergo diagnosis and treatment of this disease in the leading Israeli hospitals have the best doctors, whose skill is assessed at the global level. For the treatment of myeloma in Israel are democratic prices compared to European hospitals. Patients come here from Russian-speaking countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine), America, Britain, and Germany.

The cost of treatment, patients reviews

Before you begin treatment of myeloma, doctors perform diagnostics. It is necessary for drawing up an individual treatment plan. In the diagnosis of cancer treatments are the same. Additional tests are prescribed in some difficult cases. Diagnosis takes 3-4 days and it includes:

  1. oncohematology Consultation - $ 600
  2. Blood tests - $ 80-280
  3. Bone marrow biopsy - 4150 $
  4. PET-CT - 1670 $

After the survey is assigned a treatment plan. Depending on the complexity of the case and the necessary procedures for the sum amount. Treatment in Israel include:

  1. Chemotherapy (per session) - $ 1080
  2. Medicines - from 360 $
  3. Bone marrow transplantation - $ 60,000
  4. bone marrow transplant using donor cells - $ 140,000

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Do not waste time on futile attempts to regain health. Refer to the help of Israeli doctors to help you regain strength. The best proof of professionalism of doctors are reviews of our patients:

"I am grateful to the staff Assuta Hospital for their professionalism, patience and attention. For his persistence in achieving success. Not believing in a miracle, having lost all hope of returning to life, I have experienced firsthand that the medicine is available a lot . After a bad treatment I doubted success. But in vain. Irina, 54 years old. Simferopol ".

How is multiple myeloma?

Treatment of multiple myeloma in IsraelMultiple myeloma - a rare disease. The cause of the disease is not known. Pathology can be controlled in most patients for many years. Active studies that are conducted in the laboratories of the Israeli and European clinics led to the creation of new drugs with which cancerous abnormalities are constrained, and the lifetime of even heavy patients increases.

Multiple myeloma - type of blood cancer that affects the bone marrow, the hematopoietic system of the body. Rapidly proliferating abnormal plasma cells hamper the establishment of normal cells and produce a modified protein that goes into the blood and urine. The blood is monoclonal proteins in urine - Bence Jones proteins.

They accumulate in large amounts, they cause problems in the kidneys, impairing their performance. In addition, the effect on the bone, destroying them and becoming a cause of fractures. In the early stages of the disease has no symptoms. It is difficult to diagnose. signs of the disease appear later:

  • Bone pain - especially in the middle or lower back, chest, thighs.
  • Sense of chronic fatigue.
  • Infections - occur due to the displacement of normal white blood cells. The result is pneumonia, infection of the kidneys, bladder, sinusitis, skin lesions.
  • Hypercalcemia - in the destruction of bone calcium is released into the blood. Over time, the kidneys are no longer cope with its functionality. There is a feeling of thirst, nausea, and constipation. Developing renal failure.
  • blood problems - low platelet count and other irregularities. Nervous system diseases - bones press on nerves, causing pain, numbness. weakness.

diagnosis of disease

Before treatment is prescribed myeloma in Israel, run diagnostics on the modern equipment. Among the tests - genetic testing, which increases the treatment success and enables us to provide less of a negative effect on the body when prescribing. The attending doctor talks to a patient, examines it, fills the health card, appoints a number of diagnostic tests:

  • Blood tests, urine tests to determine calcium levels, measurement of abnormal proteins. This serum protein electrophoresis, the daily urine, immunofixation test.
  • Bone marrow aspiration, biopsy.
  • Imaging tests: X-rays, MRI, PET, CT.

Myeloma Treatment in Israel

Treatment of multiple myeloma in IsraelTreatment of multiple myeloma is a complex process due to the rapid development of the disease. The main options for treatment - drugs of the last generation, corticosteroids, stem cell transplantation. Treat should be an experienced physician, professional, otherwise there is a risk to run the pathological changes and to make the process irreversible.

Each recovery option carefully weighed. To this end, the opinion of the attending physician is compared with the opinions of other professionals who work with them as a team. This helps to minimize the risks and to develop a treatment protocol, which aims - the patient's recovery. Because the disease is complicated, several schemes correction can be applied. They are determined depending on patient's age, medical condition, response to treatment of the organism.

Multiple myeloma may remain stable for many years. People with related state (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance) in most cases is assigned expectant management. If the disease progresses, symptoms, treatment of multiple myeloma in Israel should be carried out urgently. This will provide excellent results. There are five types of therapy for multiple myeloma:

1. Non-chemical products which are used in the practice Israeli clinic. These drugs are used both for newly diagnosed patients, and for patients experiencing a relapse. They are used in combination with the steroid formulas or chemotherapeutic agents. Divided drugs into several main categories:

  • Immunomodulatory drugs - activate the immune system to fight cancer pathology. Among them Lenalidomide (trade name Revlimid), thalidomide (Thalomid), Polalidomid (Pmalidomide) and several analogs. All of them have the potential to cause severe birth defects, therefore contraindicated in pregnant women. With the introduction of steroids they increase the likelihood of blood clots, thereby appoint additional blood thinning medication. Means taken orally.
  • Inhibitors of the proteasome - cleave proteins in cells, particularly active against myeloma, producing large amounts of proteins. They include bortezomib (subcutaneous administration) Karfilzomib (im), Iksazomib (po).
  • Monoclonal antibodies - are purified proteins acting on specific groups of cells. This treatment of multiple myeloma in Israel called immunotherapy. Along with known preparations Daratumumab Elotuzumab and used for multiple myeloma and other drugs approved internationally.

2. Chemotherapy - the use of drugs to stop, slow down growth and survival of cancer cells. The majority of patients able to control a pathology, in some cases, the use of cytotoxic agents results in complete remission. In multiple myeloma used Melphalan, Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin and other formulas.

3. Corticosteroids - include dexamethasone, prednisolone.

4. Transplantation of bone marrow stem cells - may be carried out using the patient's own materials (autologous transplantation), a close relative or unrelated donor (allogeneic). Most of the operations involve transplantation of stem cells of the patient. This technique helps to extend the life of even a seriously ill person. Appointed for newly diagnosed patients and in relapsed. Sometimes the disease is used to control the number of transplants. The procedure is safe if conducted in professional clinics, doctors with extensive experience in performing similar operations. In this regard, the Israeli doctors are impeccable, as the treatment of multiple myeloma is not a rare practice for them.

5. Radiation therapy - used to treat a particular area where there has been destruction of bone tissue, causing extreme pain. Radiation can kill cancer cells faster than chemotherapy and has fewer side effects. For this reason, the method is often used for quick relief of discomfort, severe bone loss of control.

In addition to these options using another technology. If abnormal cells are susceptible to rapid growth, which leads to thickening of the blood, the plasma is removed and replaced with normal analogue from a healthy donor.

Candidates for transplantation in the treatment of multiple myeloma in Israel

Due to the risk of toxic and lethal complications associated with transplantation of stem cells, not all patients are candidates for surgery. According to European practice, the method is offered primarily to people younger than 65 years. In Israel, a strict age limit is not used. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the medical decision is made on an individual basis by taking into account the following factors: age, health status, chronic diseases and other factors. The final decision on transplantation taken together with the patient after a careful diagnosis, discuss the potential risks, benefits, needs and wishes of the patient, the aggressiveness of cancer pathology.