Treatment of cancer of the blood in IsraelThe medical service conversion rate of people who want to undergo treatment of blood cancer in Israel, has recently increased. Among oncological pathologies it ranks third. Despite its prevalence, many people still believe that cancer of the blood - it isleukemia. In fact there are 137 sub insidious disease. All of them belong to the three main types of cancer: leukemia,lymphoma . myeloma .

According to statistics, the treatment of blood cancer in Israel during the initial stages provides up to 98% healing. Favorable forecasts are set and those patients who started the oncologic process or did not notice the beginning of the pathological changes in the body in a timely manner. The best doctors, cutting-edge treatments, innovative medicines and copyright regimens give excellent results. Even in bad, seemingly cases Israeli clinics provide treatment that helps prolong the life of the patient at the maximum long term.

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Which cells are responsible for different types of cancer?

type of cancer depends on what types of cells affected by the anomaly. Leukemia occurs when abnormal white blood cells begin to be produced rapidly. Unlike normal white cells, they do not have the ability to fight infections, and their presence in the body inhibits the activity of platelets and red blood cells production.

Lymphoma also occurs when abnormal cells are transformed into malignant cells. Cancer cells are reproduced and are going in the lymph nodes, affecting the system. This leads to a weakening of the immune system.

Myeloma develops thanks to cytoplasmic white cells. They provide the body with the antibodies that fight disease and infection. Myeloma cells slow this process down to a critical level, increasing the risk of infections and diseases.


In Israel, various clinics, laboratory and imaging tests. Diagnosis is necessarily provide designated at receipt of the patient for treatment. This is done in order to confirm or refute the diagnosis exhibited previously. Not uncommon for the treatment of blood cancer in Israel come from mistakenly diagnosed pathology.

After confirming the diagnosis the doctor may refer the patient for genetic examination, identification of gene and molecular characteristics. Their specification will wisely make the therapeutic protocol and to conduct therapy for maximum benefit.

The obtained test results, along with information of the physical examination, study the patient's medical history can help:

  • Confirm the diagnosis of cancer of the blood, to determine the specific subtype, stage.
  • Decide whether further tests are needed.
  • Identify the risks and expected results (forecasts).
  • To decide on the choice of the therapeutic course of the patient.
  • Carry status monitoring, if used expectant management.
  • Track the dynamics before and after treatment.

Among the tests that are used for diagnosis and monitoring of cancer of the blood, it should be noted blood and urine tests, a study of the bone marrow sample, imaging techniques, lymph node biopsy. Assigning additional examination probably in the presence of concomitant illnesses - heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and some other states.

Treatment of cancer of the blood in Israel

Therapeutic protocol drawn up taking into account the results obtained by these studies. Are taken into consideration:

  • a type of blood cancer, stage, sub-type;
  • Cytogenetic analysis of the results;
  • the total distance of the patient;
  • symptoms;
  • white blood cell count;
  • place of location of cancer cells;
  • rate of disease progression;
  • if there is a pregnancy and the desire to conceive in the future;
  • the presence of a systemic infection in the blood and so on.

After considering the above factors, the doctor recommends the optimal treatment option.

Treatment of cancer of the blood in Israel, the pricesWatchful waiting

Careful monitoring of the patient's condition without any treatment is carried out as long as the symptoms become apparent. Sometimes the tactics of observation can be carried out for many years. It is recommended for patients in the early stages of low-grade forms of cancer and chronic forms. Mandatory regular physical exams and laboratory tests. The doctor monitors the results and decide when it's time to start treatment.

The signal for the start can become increasing lymph nodes, anemia, the rapid growth of white blood cells, increase in spleen size. Watchful waiting may be the best option for some patients with a diagnosis ofnon-Hodgkin's lymphoma, When there is no guarantee of improvement due to the applied treatment. Even common disease may remain stable for many years, allowing patients to avoid side effects of unnecessary therapy. It is important in this case occur in the medical profession, the best specialists, which is famous Israeli medicine.

Chemotherapy and other drug treatment

Over the past decade, new drugs, and the possibility for the use of existing drugs. Significantly improved cure rates or remission in patients of all ages. Target therapy and adaptive methods of treatment led to an increase in the frequency of overall response and reduce side effects. Over 50 different types of drugs currently used separately or in combination for the treatment of malignant diseases of the blood. Treatment Blood Cancer in Israel often involves the use of one drug or a combination of:

  • drug therapy, including chemotherapy and / or other anticancer agents (drugs or chemicals used for killing or damaging cancerous cells in the body);
  • radiation therapy;
  • stem cell transplantation.

Oncology can progress very rapidly, worsening the situation. Drug treatment is aimed at suppressing and destroying cancer cells.

radiation therapy

Radiation therapy works by damaging the genetic material (DNA) within a cell, which prevents their growth and reproduction. Modern methods of radiation therapy improved and minimize impact on the surrounding tissue. Its benefits outweigh the risks. The method is used for the relief of pain or discomfort, caused by enlargement of the liver, lymph nodes or spleen. Used alone or in conjunction with cytotoxic drugs. Sometimes given for the processing and preparation of the patient for a stem cell transplant.

Immunotherapy - innovations in the treatment of

In the past two years, new treatments for blood cancers. The study of genetic defects that underlie certain types of cancer, led to the emergence of new drugs and the immunotherapeutic agents that improve outcomes in patients are difficult to treat forms of blood cancer.

Biological therapy is used to strengthen the body's immune system. Immune cells from a patient or donor is used to attack the abnormal cells remaining after chemotherapy. There are other approaches to treatment in Israel. This man-made antibodies and vaccines to suppress cancer cells and prolonging remission.

A new type of immunotherapy in Israel - a chimeric antigen receptor. During treatment, the patient's cells are removed or modified in the laboratory so that they can be reprogrammed. Then these T cells returned to the patient. They are selectively cancer units and destroy them, while leaving healthy tissue intact.

Stem cell transplantation

The stem cells of the donor is transferred to a patient's blood. The donor is usually a direct relative of the patient. If you find this difficult, it is selected via the registry or a special pot. New cells grow and provide a supply of red blood cells, white blood cells (including immune cells) and platelets. Donor agents recognize the affected cells of a patient "as foreign and kill them."

Treatment of cancer of the blood in Israel - the price of the procedure

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Review Gorcchakova Tamara Valeryevna, Minsk, 44 years old:

"The past treatment of blood cancer in the clinic Assuta after contacting There were only positive emotions. All quickly, clearly and to the point. The clinic impressions are good. Chemistry course held in conjunction with radiation. Thanks. I hope everything will of the BE That alright. the At the stage of recovery I of Feel great. Returned home, the begin to Breathe Slowly "deeply" .