On bisphosphonatesprice varies considerably. Value depends on the manufacturer of the drug, the name and structure formula dosage required multiplicity dose. Used BF among women and men of all age groups. Pharmaceuticals eliminate the side effects inherent hormonal therapeutic agents. Medicines are not provocateur development of cardiac disease do not activate the growth of malignant neoplasms.

On bisphosphonates price varies over a wide range. Original means are more expensive officially approved generic, although a positive influence on the body is proved, in the case of formulas gauge side reactions occur. On bisphosphonates Zometa price in Russia ranges from 10 to 14 thousand rubles per vial 4 mg. For comparison, an analog Aklasta costs an average of 18 thousand rubles, and blaztera at the same dosage barely exceeds 3,000.

Despite the fact that the drugs are bisphosphonates price is different, identify the most preferred means for the treatment of complicated. However, there is a general trend - many patients in the treatment of Russia's choosing drugs with lower frequency of administration. The choice of a bisphosphonate drug price also has a decisive influence. During the courseof therapy in Israel, Patients prefer drugs that are entered only once for an extended period of time. While the majority of treated people prefer these drugs with a lower cost with a higher frequency of administration.

On bisphosphonates for osteoporosis is similar to the price of medicines for the treatment of cancerous tumors. The doctor determines the course of individual therapy, according to which the price is calculated. To find the exact treatment in Israel, please contact the Coordination Center. On the basis of these documents to you will be made the selection of the clinic where the correction will take place. Additional studies before the course you will pass in place, the cost will also be taken into account in the total amount of procedures. A well-known fact - on bisphosphonates price in Israel, as well as for the full course of treatment is much lower than in other European countries, including Germany, Austria. However, the effectiveness of treatments is not inferior, and in some cases exceeds the results of rehabilitation in European clinics.

Presentation of the procedure and the concept of how the body affected by bisphosphonates, patients give full reviews. It is enough to study them on the internet specialized resources to make your own opinion:

Inga. Crimea

... "In order to prevent osteoporosis dig twice Zometa I liked the result Do not hesitate to buy the drug in Russia, as many fakes that give complications Ideal - the passage of a special course in Israel Pleasure is, of course, is. not cheap, but pretty sure that the money went in the right direction. "

Natalia. Kursk

"FCS bone type 2, was treated with bisphosphonates To be more precise -. Zolendronovoy acid In Russia, the drug was canceled, citing low calcium indicators and the fact that eph washes it, thinned bone Instead appointed vitamins D and specialized nutrition,.. enhanced D-fortified group She feels strongly affected by the cancellation, there were terrible pain But most importantly -.. calcium indicators have not increased, even dropped even lower Consulted about treatment in Israel Going in the near future to go to the examination.. and follow-up treatment Read reviews of public hospitals patients -. are impressive I think I can improve your health and feel better "..

Irina. Rostov-on-Don

"Zometa was assigned to me to support the body in myeloma Adverse reactions were felt was a slight dizziness and nausea for dessert The main thing -.. Do not deviate from the instructions of the drug, drink water in large quantities before the administration, taking calcium-containing preparations. Be prepared that you will constantly carry out test measurements. This is normal, as it allows to know the body's response to the introduction of the drug. After the start of the course condition has stabilized. "

Maria. New Urengoy

"Capa Israel bisphosphonates every 3 weeks for the treatment of osteoporosis Bone pain significantly decreased after the second application preparations Constantly checking the kidneys -.. Whether negative reaction to the body does not matter - there were no recurrences The only thing that noted -. Began to crumble teeth. But it is less significant. the wild pain, do not give sleep at night. Grateful to the attending physician and the entire staff of a private medical center. "

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