In medical practice, photodynamic therapy in oncologyfeedback from patients is good. The who have the People treatment in Israel , Noted That the after the treatments have Felt Improvement in health and Stabilization. Minimally invasive interventions successfully replace surgical scalpel, combined if necessary with chemotherapy and radio emission.

PDT in oncology - patient testimonials about the procedure

photodynamic therapy priceIntroduction photosensitizing solution in body tissues increases susceptibility to the effects of the modified laser which irradiates tumor. Localize in malignant tumors, the preparation feeds atypical cells, and if the impact beam "blows" from the inside. The procedure does not harm healthy tissue, the physician manipulation aimed solely at destroying tumor threatening health. To understand more clearly the specificity of the phenomenon, we need to see some patients who had the procedure in oncology PDT, feedback is left to complete the course of treatment. The information will come in handy when you contact the clinic to the people who have to face the medical technology,cancer treatment .

"Photodynamic therapy is done to neutralize cutaneous basal on the advice of doctors at Hadassah Hospital. In Russia warned of adverse reactions during treatment and after it. Despite the warnings, he decided to undergo a session of laser irradiation in Israel. Feel good, there was no pain and discomfort passed, leaving a slight burning sensation on the skin. on the wound by burning the tumor soon appeared crust, which is delayed by the day. I think that soon will be a small scar, which will eventually become visible. I did not have a temperature, vomiting and allergies. I read the positive reviews in photodynamic therapy in oncology. I think that the impression of the procedure depends on the professionalism of doctors. Thanks to oncologists, to which I came, there was a chance for salvation. Ekaterina. Chita. "

"Today I have five minutes to the happy mother, my husband and I want to have a baby, tune in to a positive And two years ago, the world was collapsing before our eyes, when I was diagnosed with CIN3 -. Pronounced cervical dysplasia . I remember the horror of the long months of treatment, tablets, injections, a consultation that I've experienced. Her husband persuaded to undergo treatment in Israel. We began to look for a clinic appealed to the focal point, then Rabin clinic where did PDT. The results were harvesting itself. Today, tests are normal, favorable forecasts. I believe in the future. Doctors express gratitude for the thousands of saved lives, including mine. Tatyana. Stavropol. "

Among the advantages of the method call:

  • simultaneous diagnosis and treatment;
  • local destruction of tumors without damaging the healthy tissues;
  • organ-effect;
  • there is no need to use anesthesia or general anesthesia.

According to the doctor's decision the course is repeated. Technology is used at various stages of tumor development, in young and old age, with light, medium, complicated forms of cancer. PDT does not cause complications and side reactions, unlike chemical exposure, radiation therapy and surgery, the tumor is excised from the body by the surgeon.

Cons patients reported little. Among them, the high cost and the need to avoid sunlight after a session and a half months. However, if we take into account a number of success stories of the laser irradiation, these nuances are not comparable with the results.

exposure value of - life saved

Say for sure how much it will cost the photodynamic therapy of basal cell carcinoma, the price of which is determined by the number of sessions, it is impossible. It is not possible to identify the cost of the procedure to remove the tumor to other organs of the body. Call the amount the doctor after a thorough examination and determine the number of sessions that you want to go.

The total cost includes diagnostic procedures, preparations and solutions, laser irradiation, and other methods Oncology correction if carried complex treatment. In Israel, the price of photodynamic therapy on average from 12 to 50 thousand euros for the full course. Much depends on the clinic, accommodation in which it is planned, and the qualifications of the doctor performing the procedure. Get more information can be turned with the paperwork in a focal point.

Medical institutions, where they spend PDT

Find out which hospitals use photodynamic therapy in Israel, it is possible in the professional coordination center upon request. It's enough to contact a consultant and indicate what you are interested in. Is the procedure:

  • at University Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem;
  • in a public hospital them. Rabin in Petah Tikva;
  • Herzliya at a private hospital in Tel Aviv.

Local and out of town patients are receiving in these institutions world-class services. Photodynamic therapy is performed in a hospital stay. Applied technology as a means of self-treatment of cancers and as an adjunct in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation exposure. Cookies after two days the skin and eyes overly sensitive to light. Twenty-four hours after the session lasts little discomfort as a burning sensation in the laser processing. Such a reaction of the skin to the laser beam is considered normal. After 2-3 days the glow possible flaking and redness. By habitual rhythm of life it is recommended to return 48 hours after treatment. During 1.5 months need not be subject to direct light sources. Doctors recommend the use of light scarves in summer, when the outside weather is hot. Winter and sun exposure is not desirable, so neat to do with his rays necessarily comply.

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