glioblastoma surgeryOperation is almost always the first step in the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel. In most cases, craniotomy is performed in order to gain access to the tumor.

The goal of surgery is the most complete removal of the malignancy, which, according to modern concepts, provides the highest life expectancy. In addition, radiation therapy and chemotherapy (Temodal) show greater efficacy in complete removal of the glioblastoma.

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Due to the infiltrative nature of the tumor growth it is quite difficult to completely remove it. During the surgery, even with a microscope neurosurgeon difficult to identify the exact boundaries of tumors, as its individual segments differ very little from surrounding edematous brain tissue.

In order to improve the visualization of glioblastoma, scientists have developed a method for determining the malignant cells by 5-aminolevulinic acid. Introduced into the body it is converted into protoporphyrin accumulation which occurs in the glioblastoma cells. Certain lighting leads to the emission of cancer tissues.

During surgery to remove glioblastoma apply microscope having a dedicated source of blue light wavelength of 375-400 nanometers. This type of light makes cancer cells fluoresce, allowing the neurosurgeon to completely remove the tumor.

Previously, if the tumor is in the functional areas of the brain, glioblastoma was completely impossible to remove. Because of fear of developing complications such as paralysis, speech disorders, etc .., Neurosurgeons left part of the tumor.

At this time, the use of features such as fMRI, neuronavigation system, the method awake craniotomy, enable uncomplicated and fully remove the cancer.

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Operation with glioblastoma: fMRI

Preoperative functional MRI is a tool that helps neurosurgeons to avoid neurological damage.

FMRI accurately determines the location of the functional areas of the brain: the motor area and speech centers. For diagnosis using magnetic resonance scanner having a high resolution. During scanning, the patient performs all sorts of tasks: see the pictures, make a fist, to talk and so forth.

The principle of diagnosis is as follows: the blood flows unevenly in different parts of the brain, the active work of the functional areas increases blood flow. The tomograph captures intensive circulation zone, based on this information, the computer generates a map functional areas of the brain. diagnostic data allow safe planning surgery to remove glioblastoma and prevent complications.

surgery to remove glioblastomaIn this tumor resection application stereotactic navigation computer is a common practice. Before you make the first incision, surgeons say the infrared sensor anatomical landmarks to fix them on the preoperative MRI images load into a computer using a guidance system. Surgeons can mark the sensor area to see its location on the image. The navigation system helps to localize the critical areas and to perform precise surgical manipulations.

When tumors difficult-to-use intraoperative MRI. During surgery, neurosurgeons performing MRI helps to find and remove the remains of the tumor. The only drawback diagnostics: increases operative time to 6-7 hours.

One reason for the effectiveness of treatment of cancer in Israel is unique surgical technique. Tumors that are considered as inoperable in some countries successfully operate in Israel.

Operation with glioblastoma: awake craniotomy

If the tumor is located near the center of speech or motor area, the best way to avoid neurologic damage use a technique awake craniotomy.

Before the operation, while glioblastoma uses a special anesthesia, which in the course of operation, the patient remains conscious, able to speak and execute commands, but does not feel pain.

At the beginning of the operation the neurosurgeon uses a cortical stimulator device defining functional areas. With weak pulses from the electric probe made brain stimulation sites to determine which areas control certain functions. At this time, a neurosurgeon talking to the patient, inquiring about feelings. If during the stimulation of difficulties with speech, weakness in the limbs, the data area is not subjected to surgical manipulation.

Moreover, during the critical stages of the operation near the motor area or center neurosurgeon speech communicates with the patient to verify the correct action.

Awake craniotomy used for removing tumors (in most cases, glioma, brain metastases).

prices for treatment

When brain tumors are often treated by surgery. Most surgeons Israel carried out the most difficult operations with consummate skill. craniotomy cost in Israel is low, compared to other hospitals in the world.

Price craniotomy - 34 thousand dollars. This amount includes the brain MRI, payment of the fee anesthesiologist, the surgeon and the surgical team. Also included is the cost of stay in the intensive care unit and hospital.

procedures can be carried out if necessary:

  • Histopathological examination of biopsy remote - in 1170 dollars.
  • Blood tests - from 80 to 280 dollars.

Price may vary depending on the complexity of the operation. More information can be found by applying for consultant medical services

Medical centers in Israel have a large surgical experience with the application of advanced technologies - awake craniotomy, neuronavigation. Oncology is one of the most developed areas of medicine, its achievements marked OECD international organization.

When choosing a treatment in Israel, the patient receives the best chance of recovery.

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