Diagnosing brain tumor destroys the world of many people. Until the last person wants to believe in the destructive power of the disease. But reviews ofthe treatment of glioblastoma in Israel , Which leave patients to specialized resources and forums, offer hope for the lives of thousands of people from all countries facing a dangerous disease.

Daily en.thebestmedic.com Coordination Center works with people from Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries, helping them to reach an agreement with the leading Israeli oncologists and surgeons about the treatment in the best clinics in Israel.

Working in the field of medical tourism for over 10 years, we have worked through the technology of sending patients abroad, where occupational therapists, innovative equipment and extensive practice of the use of advanced therapies and technologies create favorable conditions for the treatment of cancer pathologies.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation because of the diagnosis, do not despair. Read reviews on the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel, imbues patients emotions, to believe that health is achievable. Call or write us to e-mail and you will get answers to their questions in up to 48 hours.

We have selected the history of the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel, real Russian and Ukrainian patients about their impressions of the Israeli clinics.

treatment of glioblastoma in Israel reviews

We hope that the real facts will allow you to believe in the success of therapy. Do not give up, tune into the favorable outcome of the treatment:

. "My name is Irina I am 40 years old, I come from Tomsk I want to share my story about that man -. The creator of his own destiny I worked as software engineer in a large company, maintain a healthy lifestyle, involved. in sports. I was invited to horoshooplachivaemuyu work in Sochi, with the provision of flats and higher salaries. I went, stressovala terribly, because wanted to prove that I am worthy and I can easily live up to expectations in the new project. in 2014 , sharply felt bad Guests my parents called an ambulance I was taken to the central hospital, put on the examination the result showed a tumor on the left side of the parietal lobe Our family have already been cases of cancer -.... his sister and grandfather. Both died in the year following detection of glioblastoma. the disease develops quickly, leaving no chance for life. No doubt a minute, examined responses about treatment of glioblastomas in Israel, won coordinators clarified all the details about the upcoming trip. In the Internet has found reviews clinic staff and doctors of the technologies of treatment. According to him, in fact, decided on the clinic. Lodging in Ichilov. Upon arrival he passed the required tests. Revealed a grade 4 glioblastoma. Program diagnosis of a brain tumor cost me a little more than 2500 dollars. According to a survey the doctor has developed a treatment. I experienced a craniotomy, an operation. The tumor was large enough -. 7 cm in the clinic after the operation I lay 5 days, then passed a rehabilitation program (even 2 weeks). Then he passed chemotherapy and radiation therapy in order to achieve optimal results. Medicines taken after discharge is not less than 2 years. Periodically go through scanning, to avoid complications. Every six months, get new prescribing. Having survived the terrible disease, I quit my job and decided to do what is pleasant. Now I teach yoga, massage courses held. Feel good, thanks to the doctors clinic and of course coordinators, who organized the operative treatment of glioblastoma in Israel reviews of attempting to communicate directly with patients medical institution did not inspire confidence. People complained that we had a long time to wait for an answer. And here a positive decision about the treatment had been received during the week. Do not despair if you are sick with cancer, treated, fight, go for it. Life is too good to give it up so soon. "

Feedback from staff of the Israeli hospitals confirmed - patients in Russia is really a lot. Come here medical tourists from all over the world. Here cherish the stories and reviews about the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel, because it is the best evidence of patients thanks:

"Several debilitating attacks in late 2013 led me to the survey in Israel. Since my childhood I suffered from epileptic seizures, so I think that the case of epilepsy. But it turned out differently. CT scan showed a large tumor in the left frontal lobe . I survived the craniotomy Seized material was sent to investigate A few days later he was diagnosed -.. glioblastoma The material was analyzed simultaneously in two independent laboratories, so that no error could not be Then he passed radiation therapy and chemotherapy I... think that doctors pulled me from the world the tumor was removed with care, treatment was competently But the most interesting -.. I have been epileptic seizures, which used to be 8 per year Thank you so much -. these are the words, but they mean a lot to me. Ivan, 40 years old. Astrakhan. "

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