Glioma Treatment in IsraelGlioma - a kind of brain tumor, originating in glial cells. These cells surround and support the work of nerve fibers, neurons, that are responsible for cognitive processes, mental activity, sensations, muscle control, coordination of movements. Today, the treatment of glioma in Israel, gives excellent results - is taken for treatment of cancer patients at all stages of development of the pathological process.

In leading clinics of the country's team of experts working to create individual therapeutic protocols. Belongs to groups - neurosurgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, specialists chemotherapy.

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Glioma - inside a professional look

Glial cells are nerve cells supplying energy, nutrients, helping to maintain the blood-brain barrier. Gliomas - is an umbrella term used to describe various types of glial tumors: astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas, glioblastoma.

Gliomas differ in their aggressiveness or malignancy. Some of them grow slowly. glioma treatment in Israel this type of success, particularly in the initial stages. Other fast-growing, invasive tumors are more difficult to care, prone to relapses. Astrocytoma is the most common form of glioma, it may appear in various parts of the brain and nervous system.

The Israeli hospitals doctors treat people with all forms of glioma, including the most complex types. Cancer centers in the country have been cooperating successfully with leading hospitals of the West, put into practice innovative methods and advanced equipment, the latest generation of drugs. In addition to traditional forms of treatment, doctors use the author's approach in creating a personal correction of health plans for their patients.

Facts, statistics

  • The annual incidence of malignant glioma is 3-5 cases / 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Exposure to ionizing radiation is associated with an increased risk of glioma.
  • Some hereditary syndromes increase the risk of glioma, including neurofibromatosis type 1.
  • Low-grade astrocytomas, as a rule, should be considered at a younger age (20-30 years), oligodendrogliomas typically appear in mid-forties.

symptoms of gliomas

Symptoms depend on the size, location, degree of tumor infiltration. The following are some features of exhibiting pathologies:

  • headache - usually worse upon awakening;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • seizures - especially in low-grade astrocytomas;
  • visual disturbances;
  • speech problems;
  • changes in cognitive and / or functional capacity of the brain;
  • acute intracranial hemorrhage.

Symptoms of gliomas may include chills, weakness, personality changes or mental confusion, convulsions. Based on the identified deviations held state diagnosis, then develop a treatment protocol of glioma - the whole process takes 3-5 days.

Diagnosis of glioma in Israel - evaluation options

glioma treatment in Israel, the pricesFor the diagnosis of glioma in Israeli hospitals, doctors first perform a physical exam, medical history study. Experts conduct a neurological examination, which assesses a person's mental state, reflexes, senses and motor functions. It appointed a number of other tests to clarify the clinical picture of the disease.

MRI scan

MRI - it's magnetic field, radio waves and a computer create two- and three-dimensional images of the brain. You can get an injection of a contrast agent to enhance MRI images. In Israel, advanced MRI techniques are used to better understand the nature of gliomas, including tumor grade. This information helps to predict the behavior of Oncology, serves as a guide and a neurosurgeon neurooncology in drawing up a treatment plan.

Computed tomography (CT)

Some doctors recommend patients to CT, which uses x-rays to create cross-sectional, three-dimensional images of the brain. These scans are used to diagnose rare gliomas, but they can be useful if a person is not able to undergo an MRI scan if a person has a pacemaker.

functional MRI

It used to measure the tiny metabolic changes that take place in an active part of the brain. These are important functional areas, such as speech or motor area. During functional MRI the doctor asks the patient to speak or move in a certain way, it can help with surgical planning.

perfusion MRI

The perfusion MRI the doctor sees the amount of blood flowing through the different parts of the brain and tumor. A rapidly growing tumor usually requires more blood flow to power. During the test the contrast agent injected into a vein to improve MRI image. This gives the doctor an idea of ​​the blood flow in the brain and tumor. It can identify the area for biopsy. Perfusion MRI used after glioma treatment in Israel to help the doctor distinguish between tumor tissue and scar, evaluate the response of tumors to treatment.

PET Scan

PET scans detect tumor growth using a small amount of radioactive glucose or sugar which is introduced into the vein. This material is collected in the tumor tissue and detected by a special camera that allows to determine whether cancer is present. PET scans helps to identify whether or not low-grade or high-grade tumors. Israeli clinic equipped with cumulative scanners MRI / PET. The equipment combines the advantages of both technologies, in order to better understand the behavior and nature of the tumor, to reduce the evaluation process.

stereotaxic biopsy

A surgical procedure in which the doctor removes a small amount of brain tissue using a probe directed dimensional computerized navigation system. This allows you to detect the tumor and nearby structures in the brain, in order to avoid damage. A pathologist conducting the histological analysis. To determine the treatment strategy of glioma in Israel to perform complex analysis of genetic mutations in a tumor in order to better understand the type of tumors and to predict the response to different treatments.

glioma treatment in Israel surgically

Glioma Treatment pricesIsraeli experts have extensive experience in surgery of glioma. They rely on advanced technology, including neuronavigation, computer use for the surgeon during the procedure manual and electrophysiological monitoring of sensitive electrical testing of the affected nerves. At the clinics, doctors use a functional mapping of the important speech and motor areas of the brain to make the operation safer. Sometimes a person is awake during surgery so doctors could make sure that the motor and speech functions are not disrupted. Held craniotomy - craniotomy with maximum removal of the tumor. After surgery, the patient remains in the hospital for several days. At that time, doctors control the pain, check the functionality of the brain.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery

The Israeli clinics applied Gamma Knife ® to control tumor. It is used as an alternative to craniotomy for people who are unable to move the classic surgery. Gamma Knife ® - form stereotactic radiosurgery, noninvasive method for treating a glioma in Israel, malformations of blood vessels and other neurological disorders. It does not require a surgical incision in order to reach the tumor.

The affected area is processed a large number of small beams of radiation that destroy cancer cells. Thanks to its revolutionary equipment, the doctor can treat multiple brain lesions in a single session. The procedure does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Most people can return to normal activities the next day after treatment.

Chemotherapy and other methods

Drugs are used to kill cancer cells, delivered orally or intravenously. Depending on the type of glioma different selection of drugs, duration and number of cycles. Chemical administered intravenously, usually for several hours every 3-6 weeks. The interval between sessions allows your body to recover. The tablets are given on an individual schedule.

Other therapeutic methods include targeted therapy using monoclonal antibodies. To determine the effective preparation run laboratory tests to identify the genes, proteins and other characteristics of the tumor. In addition to the main course can be recommended teletherapy radiation from outside the body to control the glioma. Provide treatment tumor newest linear accelerators.

for the treatment of glioma prices in Israel

For the treatment of glioma in Israel, the prices are always democratic. To know the exact amount of diagnostics and therapy, give us a call, send the document to an email address. Sample prices for the diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Oncologist Consultation - $ 600.
  2. Blood tests - 80-280 dollars.
  3. PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  4. MRI - 1470 dollars.
  5. Radiosurgical ablation of the tumor - 12,600 dollars.
  6. Investigation biopata - 1170 dollars.
  7. Craniotomy - 34 thousand dollars.

Quick cost calculation based on data from clinical disease, will allow you to not waste time delays, enter into a contract with the official representative of the Association of Medical Tourism Israel companies and go for treatment immediately.

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