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What is a meningioma?

meningioma treatment in IsraelMeningioma occurs in 1/3 of the primary tumor lesion of the brain or spinal cord. Are benign tumors that arise in the age of 40-70 years. They are rare in childhood. Most often diagnosed in women than in men.

These tumors arise from the meninges, enveloping the brain or spinal cord, the protective membrane. Despite the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the brain structure, 90% of situations physicians determine the development of benign tumors. As a result, meningiomas rarely spread beyond the affected organ tumor.

These structures cause a number of problems, but they are treatable. If left unattended meningioma, it significantly increases in volume than the cause:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • loss of neurological function;
  • weakness, numbness of certain parts of the body.

Meningioma can provoke seizures, loss of hearing or vision, problems with balance. Symptoms of meningioma depend on its size and location. Even a small tumor that affects the optic nerve, cause loss of sight, while, as the formation surface of the brain for a long time may not cause any symptoms.

Doctors do not know what triggers the formation of meningiomas in the body, but some factors increase the risk of its occurrence. These include:

  • prior radiation;
  • genetic background;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • a history of breast cancer;
  • obesity as a high BMI contributes to the development of cancer pathologies.

The value of early detection has tumor, since there are many options for treating small structures.

diagnosis of meningioma

the cost of treatment of meningioma in Israel Arising in the head or spinal cord tumor usually grows slowly, so to reveal it in the early stages of a problem. Manifested over time the symptoms are often mistaken for the natural signs of aging are written off to fatigue and malaise. Sure way to detect abnormality ─ pass neurological examination followed by screening imaging techniques internal brain structures. These include:

  • Computed tomography (CT scan) ─ radiographs create transverse images. To increase the detail and use of iodine-containing dye.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ─ by a magnetic field and radio waves generated cross-sectional image of the brain structures. MRI provides a more detailed picture of meningioma.

In some situations, it may be assigned to study a sample of the tumor (biopsy). Obtained with the help of information makes it possible to exclude other diagnoses and to confirm the presence of meningioma. On the basis of the data available in Israel constructed an individual treatment plan for each patient. The clinics of this country does not use wildcard scheme. Only a personalized correction gives a favorable result.

Evaluation of meningioma

WHO classifies meningioma from I to class III, depending on the location, type and histology. Score is assigned tumor after examination by a neurologist. Depending on the class determined by the treatment plan:

  1. Level I ─ common type, which is 90% of meningiomas. Are benign tumors that rarely produce symptoms.
  2. Level II ─ atypical meningiomas, which grow faster than benign and have a greater chance for recurrence.
  3. Level III ─ aggressive type usually malignant. Characterized by rapid growth and a tendency to relapse. Make up 2% of all cases. Men with meningiomas III extent often have high levels of cell division, known as mitosis. These tumors can spread to other areas of the body.

Allocate meningioma of the following types: parasagittal, intraventricular, intraosseous, cavernous sinus, the olfactory sulcus, adrenal and others.

meningioma treatment in Israel: the methods, doctors, prices

meningioma treatment in Israel reviewsmeningioma treatment in Israeli hospitals is based on a personalized basis, so each patient developed its own correction and rehabilitation program. When its construction takes into account the following facts:

  • The size, location of the tumor.
  • the rate of growth, the spread of aggressive character of meningiomas.
  • The patient's age, general state of health.
  • The goals of treatment.

Immediate treatment of the tumor is not always the main goal when it is detected. If meningioma grows slowly, is compact in size, does not cause critical symptoms may be recommended medical supervision. The patient periodically scanning passes, meningioma evaluation to verify the absence of risks. If they exist, assigned therapy. It is determined by the cost of treatment of meningioma in Israel, based on recommended practices and procedures.


The purpose of surgeons ─ completely remove the possibility of meningioma. But because it can be located close to vital structures, sometimes it is impossible to resect the entire tumor. In this case, the excised maximum volume.

If you are unable to remove all of the tumor, a brain scan control is performed in the next period, to ensure that no growth of pathological structures. The residual tumor can be treated with radiotherapy, called stereotactic radiosurgery. If the tumor is malignant, radiation is required.

radiation therapy

How much is the treatment of meningioma in IsraelIf a meningioma can not be completely removed by surgery, doctors recommend radiation therapy after surgery. The goal of radiation therapy is to destroy the remaining meningioma cells, reducing the likelihood of relapse. Irradiation equipment is used with the function directional powerful energy beams on the tumor cells. The doctor may increase the dose of radiation for meningioma, minimizing the risk of damage to healthy tissue. Variants of radiation therapy include:

  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) ─ This type of radiation therapy, targeting a few powerful radiation beams in a certain area of ​​a doctor. Radiosurgery is not intended incisions on the body. Sessions are conducted on an outpatient basis. It is a good option for patients who are not recommended for traditional surgery.
  • Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy ─ delivers radiation in small fractions to the tumor for a predetermined length of time. Used for more education and for tumors located near vital structures. For example, the optic nerve.
  • Intensive-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) ─ uses computer software to change the intensity of the radiation. It is used in working with meningiomas located close to sensitive structures of the brain.
  • Proton radiation ─ uses radioactive protons targeting tumor, eliminating damage to surrounding tissues.

Chemistry and Alternative Medicine

Chemotherapy is rarely used for the treatment of meningiomas, but used to address the doctor. In Israel, the study of molecular-targeted approaches as a new method of exposure. In addition to the treatments here use acupuncture, hypnosis, massage, meditation techniques and music therapy.

Curious, how much is the treatment of meningioma in Israel, dial our number. Since the price is formed individually and depends on many factors, we find out the history of your disease, preference in selection of medical and related facts before forming a preliminary amount. On average, the price of the procedure are as follows:

  1. Reception and medical consultation - 560 dollars.
  2. CT / MRI - 560/1670 dollars.
  3. Blood tests - 80-280 dollars (depending on the type of analysis).
  4. Doppler blood vessels of the neck - $ 450.
  5. Histological examination - in 1180 dollars.
  6. Craniotomy methods of correction - 34000 dollars.
  7. The chemotherapy session - 1070 dollars.
  8. Radiation therapy - $ 10,000.

Among Israeli doctors distinguish Dr. Moshe Adoni, who is engaged in complex cases the treatment of benign and malignant meningiomas. The doctor became famous at world level operations on the pituitary gland, in the course of which proved his skills skillfully applied microtechnology neurosurgery. Attracted the attention of Dr. Margalit Nebo, conducting operations in the area of ​​the skull base, and Professor Zvi Ram ─ one of the most experienced physicians in the field of neurosurgery Israel. Deciding to undergo treatment under their control, please contact our consultants. We will without delay give a qualified answer.

Reviews for the treatment of meningioma in Israel

Nikolai, 61 years old. Voronezh

"I undergo treatment in Israel Dr. Adoni. A brilliant doctor, who helped me to cope with the terrible disease at a time when other doctors blame the despair. From the day of surgery, before I almost lost his eyesight due to the pressure of the tumor on the optic nerve, passed 2 years. I feel fine. the vision was restored. "

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